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2005-01-30 Shadow Minions vs. Postal-Justice 0-3 D1-F details
2005-01-25 El?intarha vs. Veterans =V= 3-1 D2-F details
2005-01-23 Slackers vs. Clan MalFunction 1-3 D1-F details
2005-01-23 Postal-Justice vs. Easy To Kill 3-0 D4-SF details
2005-01-21 Shadow Minions vs. Be Evil 3-1 D4-SF details
2005-01-17 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-2 D1-SF details
2005-01-17 Suddendeath vs. Veterans =V= 0-3 D2-SF details
  Update  050117  

A few things...

Firstly, congratulations to Bufflarna flyger i luften, who are NQR7's first confirmed champions. They beat Clan Cube Squad 3-0 to take the Division 5 title. Well done lads; I hope you'll be back next season for an assault on the next division up.

Thanks to all division 5 players and clans that participated this season and I hope we'll see you again for NQR8.

The Division 1 final will be played between Slackers and Clan Malfunction. There is no confirmed date as yet but expect it to be played this week. We will be on hand with Qizmo/Teamspeak coverage as usual.
Keep an eye out on for my big Final preview.

The Division 3 final between Veni Vidi Vici and Assassins will be played tonight (Monday 17th January). The time is not yet confirmed, so keep an eye on serv-u for announcements.

Xhrl has updated his coverage page with some thoughts on the SR-LA match. Click here to read his article.

Finally, we have a few ideas in the pipeline for NQR spin-off tournaments and leagues.

1) NQR-CMT will be resurrected to run alongside NQR8, with the intention of trying out some of the less-tested custom maps (and also to reintroduce some exmx maps into 4on4)
2) Romeo of the QWCL CTF league will be launching the inaugural NQR-CTF season soon
3) A 16 team "invitiational" knockout cup will be running between the end of this season and the start of this season. More details to come...

Watch out in this news for details on the end of season awards; it will include a preliminary stage of voting for the map pool for NQR8 so make sure you don't miss it!



FlePser - 80.60.182.*** 050117 @ 14:56:40
Speed - 81.230.176.*** 050117 @ 15:04:56
omg omg omg!! nice!
Apollyon - 160.45.22.*** 050117 @ 15:07:31
too bad i wont be able to play in NQR-CMT :-(
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050117 @ 15:12:45
How come?
Apollyon - 160.45.22.*** 050117 @ 15:23:09
my team doesnt hav enough time to practice new maps.
Apollyon - 160.45.22.*** 050117 @ 16:37:08
Btw will +70 teams have to wait till the ereet0r clans have finished their cup
before NQR8 starts? As the cup will take some good 4 weeks to be played i guess,
and 1-2 weeks of organisation before it starts. Methinks there is a very
stressful season ahead when NQR8 starts as late as march and want to be finished
with regular games, catchup week, break week and playoffs before the dreaded
summer (tm) appears.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050117 @ 17:06:37
16 team cup:

week 1: 1/8 finals

week 2: 1/4 finals

week 3: 1/2

We could shoehorn the final into week 3 or have a 4th week.
Anyway, it would run during February, and we would open signups for NQR8 around
the time of the 1/2 finals.

A March start was always the preferred
option for us, but now we have an extra comp to keep people entertained in the
mean time.
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050117 @ 17:07:26
Last season's playoffs finished in early June, we could easily make that again
with NQR8. I don't see any problems there.
dak - 213.113.123.*** 050117 @ 17:21:00
What's the current map-pool for the resurrection of NQR-CMT looking like?
gaz - 193.195.82.*** 050117 @ 17:53:28
Likely to be anything and everything really...

The remaining CMT maps
and the maps from last year's summer cup custom (cmt1b, cmt2, cmt5, ukpak2,
skteam, e3m6tdm), some new(ish) ones (schloss, grim, midcit), maybe a few
linktdm ones and a heap of exmx (e.g. e1m5, e2m2, e2m7, e3m1, e3m3, e3m7, e4m1
etc). Haven't looked very deeply into it yet :D

dak - 213.113.123.*** 050117 @ 17:54:55
Ah, so not sticking to the 5 map count? My bad, misunderstood :)
Speed - 81.230.176.*** 050117 @ 18:04:09
really dont se the point with all exmyTDM. Those who liked the original wont
like the remakes and the rest wont like them any way. (btw e3m3 with quad?? some
one was smokking some bad crack that day ;)
Link - 194.248.208.*** 050117 @ 18:29:04
e3m3 with Quad is fucking great, k? :) Havent seen so many bores in a long time
Apollyon - 160.45.22.*** 050117 @ 18:53:26
e3m3 is one of my favourite maps. e3m3tdm is just broken.
Purity - 129.125.102.*** 050117 @ 19:17:05
hahahah link :PP
blu - 193.158.170.*** 050117 @ 23:55:21
I`d like cmt1b (awesome map), ukpak2 (more awesome), schloss (uber-awesome) and
some others. however, I think 5 maps should be enough, since too many new maps
will just decrease the quality of the games. 5 maps are enough to be learned and
pracced in order to get decent level on it and along with that enjoyable games
as a spectator...

Horatio - 212.214.218.*** 050118 @ 12:45:49
e1m6 for the cmt cup!


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