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Battle Info  2006-03-22 Gold Cup - Group C - Week 2 (3)

Oblivion 0 - 2 Clan Malfunction

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


fix aka sisuking comments pretty much summons it; [22:09] got owned pretty many times [22:09] when running into your rls [22:09] they owned me more than i did them i think OMG. oblivion4diamonddiv?!? - by Oblivion

After being destroyed in prac against aq we held a meeting where we discussed how we could win in qw. Some hours went by until we realized that a man you could always count on is watching the sky in the woods of Ts?ping, so we called for him: http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/7422/sajv4wv.jpg He arrives immediately and it's ON! The first game on e1m2 was closer than the scores imply, mainly because sajv was feeding fix with rl's and armors and fix went on riker-like killing spree. After the round rumours start to float about siv joining sr, hmmh... - by Clan Malfunction



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


actually we held the map for the first 15 minutes, and had like a 70-50 lead, but then I fell to death when i jumped to pent (that's why i only got 11 :C). I think they won because of that, since I was STACKED LIKE HELL (ra/mega/rl/shaft/younameit). Good pack, who fifi obviously picked up, got like 90 simple spawnfrags while his poor teammates had a rough time since oblivion agreed on vent to "attack all but the ladydog (fifi)"... gg cmf. - by Oblivion

Game starts with vore getting first rl. He asks if siv would like to have it, but siv politely declines the offer because he can handle the situation with his bare hands. So vore decides to hand it over to me and I take map under my control and get like 83 frags. It might sound a bit rude to say that I would have won the round all by myself, but it's kinda true, me 83, oblivion 67. Thanks fix,vore and siv for keeping me company, though. - by Clan Malfunction


nas - 83.226.240.*** 060322 @ 22:03:03
fnosk - 130.240.202.*** 060322 @ 22:03:54
well played cmf!
quesus - 194.47.116.*** 060322 @ 22:16:29
nas with over 50 ping on e1m2?
Ofc they cant win when the starplayah has so high ping. =C
dje - 194.47.63.*** 060322 @ 22:22:33
nah, the pings was as in the second screenshot. good games!
murdoc - 213.84.248.*** 060322 @ 22:23:13
nice games!
moris - 146.102.98.*** 060323 @ 00:22:15
elite cmf report as always 8)
borch - 83.6.90.*** 060323 @ 01:54:57
fifi should write all reports in this league:)
twist - 81.197.97.*** 060323 @ 05:18:02
nice comments by fifi =J
fnosk - 130.240.202.*** 060323 @ 07:44:37
yup! lol@fifi
Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060323 @ 14:10:44
fifi's contract with his agent only allows him to write comments like these when siv is playing :(
lord - 83.144.87.*** 060323 @ 14:26:20
dr fifi and mr fix duet on fire :}
markku - 62.248.139.*** 060323 @ 23:02:12
moi fifi, voiks opettaa qw jekut ja sit viel enkkuu p??lle
sassa - 213.113.96.*** 060326 @ 01:27:00
fifi reports 4 the win
sassa - 213.113.96.*** 060326 @ 01:27:18
btw, why cant u start commentate fifi? would be like sassa but 10 times better
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