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Group A
Group of death? Last nqr winners Fragomatic with the followers Firing Squad.

Death Team
This team has really impressed me, and belive me a few more.
Coming up to div1 from div2 eql, with players like band, gor, paradoks and xn
did a huge impact of the div1 teams. With their solid teamplay they managed to
win a bunch of maps in eql, versus clans like CMF, TVS and firing squad. But was
that one player clan, paradoks who changed it? Without paradoks playing as quadrunner
and building up the teamplay, can they really reach out for the playoffs?
Even with high activity from this clan, i don't think they got "IT".

Key player: XN
My prediction: Third.

Firing Squad
FS has shown us the past year, that this clan has the potential to go as far as
winning nqr, eql and smackdown with their superb lineup, razor, spoinka, reppie, gem
123, keyser and blixem. But with much inactivity from gem, spoinka, keyser, 123 and blixem
they will get a few rough games ahead, But with the merits they already got, they will
go far, top3 in this tournament.

Keyplayer: raz, rep
My prediction: First.

NQR 8 winners fragomatic, smackdown winners.
Solid great lineup for each and every map with players like: Xantom, Xterm, Valla and Manu.
Showing of some great skills, on each and every map, they have shown the qw scene that they
are the leading team, but with tight lineup on just 4 players since grisling left for suddendeath?
they are going for inactivity, wich will show up when they are taking the second playoff spot.

Keyplayer: Valla
My prediction: Second.

Satanic Slaughter Clan
Ranked #1 in div2 NQR8 with players like milton, ski, slaughter, stalk and my personal favorite.. blob! After milton taking an season of for some games with TVS in eql2, there has been some inactivity from ssc's side. But look from the brighter side of life, milton is BACK. They are up against some div0 clans for the battle of playoff spots, Sorry to say this, they won't reach it.

Keyplayer: Milton
My prediction: Last.

This clan has the potential to be good, with alot more activity.
Avenger leading the team following up by et, blaze, locktar, moltas, racer, tumult and myca they can really give death team and ssc a really ass whooping, if they pracced more, and locktar beeing inactive is giving them a huge impact as we will see on the scoreboard later on.

Keyplayer: Avenger
My prediction: Fourth

Group B
Now back with slackers and koff !

zoo did a really nice nqr8 and eql2, even tho they missed the playoffs
just by just a point to jokkmokk who just re-signed from nqr9. Our own
JKova and menth0l with backup with names as ananas, gizmo, mursu, myz, roadblock
and zimba might be to weak to even win a single map in this group, but everything
is possible and they might win versus Suddendeath?

Keyplayer: JKova
Prediction: 4th

YES, koff is back ! now with even better lineup then when they last contributed to nqr.
After taking a few seasons off playing quake4 they are now back.. Gamer, pkk, scenic, nicam
eh, jukka and wallu with their incredible teamplay can really impress this nqr season.
They are going to playoffs by taking the second place right after all might Slackers and krab.

Keyplayer: Gamer
Prediction: 2nd

YES, they are also back, but not with even better lineup then last time we saw them.
But i don't think that will stop them for doing a great job taking a playoff spot.
Paradoks in the front, with players like insane, murdoc, dragon, seese, ]SR[krab and
goblin behind him they will without a doubt get their asses to playoffs. Let's not
forget they got cage and jon as inactive and you never know when they get back.
The big is going to be KOFF, but they will come out as a winner after 3 awsome games.

Keyplayer(s): paradoks, murdoc
Prediction: 1st

Okey, here we go.
This (my clan) has the potential to take a few maps, that im sure of.
But due to inactivity from our top players Splash and Grisling we ain't going to do
that much of damage to the other teams, but with Votary, me, trashie, molle and sometimes
splash i think we have a chance versus El?intarha, taking it home with 2-1.

Keyplayer(s): Grisling, splash
Prediction: 3rd

Group C
Antiquad, Clan Malfunction, Easy To Kill, Oblivion

Anti Quad
This team has the teamplay, and has the potential to win a a few games versus the other
div1(real div1) teams, with players like Diki, nuss, mate, touppi, GL-harvester
Darkki, cougar, mega that's now back in aq since his season with cmt and Bamsen they
can.. They've got the teamplay that's needed.

Keyplayer: Diki
Prediction: 1st

Clan Malfunction
Since angua still is in army for a while more, and an inactive cmf i don't think they will
take the first spot in this group. But with superb players like, fifi, fix, angua, hlt and
a few more im sure they can do it. If they sometime started praccing like all the other div1
teams should do, they would for sure be top3.

Keyplayer(s): Angua, fix
Prediction: 2nd

Easy To Kill
Does the name stand for itselfe?, sure not hope so.
3tk did a longshot and signed up for eql div1, with the thougts that hangtime would be more
active then it showed up that he was. They still got the hpw guru Pericles backed up by Son,
Slabiuktki, Cia, Ayv, kat and tom. I think they ain't going to grab the second playoff spot.
They can, if they will.

Keyplayer: Pericles
Prediction: 4th

Our own djevulsk's clan. Won eql2 div2 Group play tight followed by Suddendeath? and are no up for some challenge in group c. cmf, aq will be to hard to beat, they maybe get a 2-1 game versus cmf by winning e1m2, otherwise they got a pretty solid teamplay with nice guys like nas, mutilator, djevulsk, fnosk, madmax, pepin, score and svante. Even tho madmax is inactive they are to good for Easy To Kill.

Keyplayer: Mutilator
Prediction: Third

Group D
tVS, Lege Artis, Suddendeath and Loser Squadron

Lege Artis
This is the team in nqr that has most potential in probably whole qw scene.
Just check the names: Akke, Dag, Memil, Nabbe, Riker, Rock, Slime, Space, inferno and striker. This clan has won nqr, smackdown, and why not... nqr9? This clan is it. There's only one thing. Memil, dag, nabbe, riker and space all beeing inactive they will get a rough time against tVS
and suddendeath, but i think they will manage to get throug those games with just one map lost.

Keyplayer: Nabbe* (most active div0)
Prediction: 1st

Loser Squadron
This is one of the weaker team on whole gold. But let's not forget that hixo is back.
PreMortem, TheChosenOne, Hixo, naille, TiMMi and bionic13 has the skills to might win a
map versus suddendeath, if they where on top shape. But just the same with this clan as
many others, they doesn't prac as much as they've might needed.

Keyplayer: Tco
Prediction: 4th

top3 dm3, top3 dm2, lex bps and ok98. This clan can impress if they are on topshape.
Giving both legeartis and tVS a hard time on all tb3 maps with their teamplay.
1-2 game versus both lege and tVS.

Keyplayer: Bps
Prediction: 3rd

the Viper Squad
This clan has played qw since i was a baby, no lack of merits.
Now with goljat replacing milton is this squad they will not be easy to take down.
Maga, mirage, ihminen, goljat and blAze is for sure an playoff team, as they will
reach. By winning against both suddendeath and Loser Squadron they will get their
loss versus Lege Artis by loosing dm2.

Keyplayer: Goljat
My prediction: 2nd

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