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  Mutilator  2006-04-18  
After a short (ahem) interlude since my last intervjue (sic), I posed a few questions to the latest player to join the ranks of Lege Artis - Mutilator.
1. 1. Hi Mr Mutilator. It's traditional to ask you about your real name and what you do in 'real life' as the first question, and I'm not one to buck the trend. So, what's your real name and what do you do when you're not playing QW?
My name is Martin Samuelsson and I’m 19 years old and live in Nacka, Stockholm. As for real life occupation I work as a chef at a restaurant in the outer part of Stockholm. Besides playing qw I enjoy cooking and reading mostly.
2. Please tell us a bit about your playing history. Many will remember you from Hellfire, but you have played for quite a few other clans I believe? Ever tried any other games besides QW?
At the age of ten I started to watch alot of demos and play vs bots. When I was around twelve our family bought a computer good enough for online gaming and I joined a clan called The cruel gibbahs or something like that. I played in a great load of various clans as a hpw until five or six years ago when I recieved DSL 0,5mbit connection, and ever since then I have played with 13ms merely everywhere. The old swedish hpwclan Spas had started playing again with their new connections and I joined up. Think I played for two weeks until they kicked me out when I tried out for hellfire. When hellfire died a few years ago I stopped playing 4on4 seriously. I played a few seasons with the hf2-division and with Vets before I quit. Hellfire was by far the best clan I had played with by that time, even though we didn’t contribute with much except heavy usage of the “B>” smiley and “quaden sög”.

Besides playing CS from time to time I never played any other game on regular basis. I still haven’t found any other FPS-games worth playing.
3. What made you choose the name 'Mutilator'? Any special inspiration behind it?
At the age of eleven i found it in a dictionary and it sounded kinda cool. I grew sick of it after a while and changed my nick a few times but I always returned to “mutilator”. Its so bad its actually good 8)
4. What setup do you use? Mouse, pad, GL/software, Fuh/EZ etc...
I use a MS Optical something, two buttons and a wheel. As mousepad I have a huge piece of treated glass that I got from sod at a qhlan. Its some kind of prototype for the corepad or something. As for software I use GL-Fuhquake.
5. You recently beat Reppie to in the final to win the QHLAN 1on1 tournament. Was that your greatest achievement in your QW 'career'?
I guess so. I think almost everyone expected reppie to win that QHLAN since neither dag or griffin attended. I did too since I hadn’t played for a while (in december i worked 241h) and reppie seemed to be damn hot at duels by that time. I was kinda surprised when I won the winnersbracket game and I really didn’t think I would win the final, but I guess I was the least nervous of us two. Looking at that dm2game I can’t help from laughing. Both me and reppie moves and aims like div5. On dm4 I were more calm since its more of a home map to me. Beating reppie four maps in a row with lan-conditions was big to me, but beating slackers in a prac and having ParadokS joined as a spec saying “who authorized this prac?” was somewhat bigger.
6. You're obviously pretty good at 1on1, how do you enjoy it compared with 4on4?
The great thing about duelling is that you don’t depend on anyone but yourself. You can play how much you want when you want and you don’t have to wait around for hours to get a decent prac. But playing duels is pretty lonely, since noone really cares about your game except yourself.
Nowadays I hardly ever play duels, I don’t play that much qw at all. Still is a whole lot of fun though.
7. How come you didn't participate in duelmania? How do you think you would match up against players like Griffin and Dag?
Online competition gaming such as duelmania is so much about adapting to higher pings. I get nothing out of playing in poland with 52ms when I’m used to 13. In 4on4 its ok, but playing duels with ping above 26 is just boring since you can’t pull off many of the stunts you usually do. I prefer playing duelcompos with lanconditions where its down to nerves and tactics and not ping.

I never played Dag at his peak but he is by far more experienced when it comes to competitional gaming, and people doesn’t seem to understand how important that is. In prac games I would probably stand a decent chance but in compo I think he would have won. I did play griffin in WBgame at a QHLAN. I lost with 1-2 in maps (i won dm6).
8. In EQL1 and 2 you played with Oblivion. It was perhaps a little surprising to see a player of your standard playing in a lower division. What made you decide to play with the boys from O?
I hadn’t touched qw for merely five months when oblivion needed a ringer and madmax asked me if I could play. I did a few games as a standin with the nick coco and I really enjoyed playing with them so after a while I joined. We played alot and had some good times with ventrilo, and one of the reasons why i played so well at the recent QHLAN was thanks to the big support I got from oblivion and especially clanleader nakoz.
9. For those that aren't in the know, please tell me a little about Oblivion's 'BGSD' stage ;)
Oblivion and SD was (is?) big rivals and to annoy them we named up BGSD in a EQL-game. Sassa was furious and forced us to use BGSD as prefix for the rest of the season, otherwise he would kick us out for fakeprefixing. We found it pretty ironic and had quite a few laughs about it.
10. What made you decided to leave and join Lege Artis? I noticed you playing as standin for them long before you actually made the switch...
They were always short on a fourth player so they asked me to standin from time to time. It worked out well and after a while they asked me to join for nqr9 but I was planning on staying in O. But oblivion was very inactive at that time and I got pretty bored of the situation, so when LA asked me for the third time I said yes. The guys in O were pretty upset at first but they calmed down after a while, at least some of them did

I wanted to join SR and play with krab and cage, but I won't be a bitch and say I settled for 2nd best with LA. Whatever teams will form outthere, we will take the challenge head on 8)
11. In Oblivion you were the main quad-runner and the most aggressive player. Now that you are playing with Lege Artis you seem to take more of a back-seat and play a lot more defensively. Is that because of a team decision or because you don't feel up to playing aggressively at the top level?
As far as I know, Lege Artis doesn’t have any form of tactics or team decisions, we just join the server and type ready in the console. Rock always goes “remember the first rls, and quad also” in countdown, but that is pretty much it. In div2 it was alot easier to be a key player and running quads all the time, but playing in div1 is completely different. You can’t make mistakes really because you can fuck a game up pretty bad by giving away an rl and since everyone has low ping and topnotch aim theese days you have to take it easy. But someone has to guard the armors too, and since neither riker or nabbe is too keen on doing it I have to do it myself. Perhaps I will be less anonymous in the future.
12. What would you say are the main differences in terms of gameplay between division 1 and division 2? What tips would you offer someone who wished to make the move up?
I’ve noticed how people doesn’t stand in the way all the time when you quadrun in div1. In div2 I could spend half the game shouting “JAMEN AKTA DÅ JÄVLA CP!!!!” (=step aside, please) in Oblivions ventchannel. Otherwise its pretty much the same; People stealing each others weapons and armors, making h0t axxion teamkills and giving away rls when they shouldn’t.

Practice is the only way to get better. Watch alot of demos, play alot of end. Atleast thats what I did and it kinda worked out for me :D
13. How do you think LA will do in NQR9? You have been drawn against KOFF in the quarter-finals, do you think you can take them down?
I think we have a good chance of winning if we start to play some practice games. It wasn’t necessary against tVS, but koff seems to be the hottest team around right now so I think we’ll face a hard time.

For some reason, people seem to think that we are using mm3 in Lege Artis. We don’t, but I don’t think thats a big con for us. Imo, mm3 is overrated. Its a heap of fun using it but it doesn’t help you that much as a team. Teamplay is, and has always been, a way of thinking or “a state of mind” if you want. It has never been about how good your teamsays are or if you use mm3 or not. Its knowing how your teammates play and doing your best to help them do so.
14. What are your main strengths and weaknesses as a 4on4 player?
My main strenghts are probably my low ping and my tactical play (moma didn’t raise no fool).
As for weakness, well, I can be very inefficient. Sometimes I spend minutes just waiting for the right moment to attack. Sometimes I manage to do a takeover and other times I just get killed making it all a waste of time.
15. Which players really influenced you and helped mould you into the player you are today?
At first, many years ago, I watched alot of clan hemul demos (mumins pov mostly, sometimes aKKes). The came clan Z, where I studied cable the most. And then lakerman of course, who defined how QW was supposed to be played for years. Then there was FF with pietro who still, btw, is worth watching. Nowadays I mainly watch valla, angua and reppie. They always seem to be involved where the action is.
16. Which clans and players have been the toughest you've ever played against?
FF perhaps. But the combination of reppie/razor is really tough to face. I always wanted razor to join HF because of his great tp-qualities and individual skills, and reppie, well.. He is probably the one I enjoy watching the most now adays. It always looks like he’s totally lost and in perfect control at the same time.
17. Who is the best 4on4 player you have played with in a clan?
Hard to say, someone from Lege Artis probably. Playing with people like riker, nabbe and mrlame can be very interesting. Just as you start to wonder if they have stopped playing because you haven’t heard from them in a few minutes, they show up with quad, ra and rocket launcher. I still haven’t figured out how they do it.
18. Are there any upcoming players in the lower divisions that you think will become the next star of division 1?
Not really since division 1 already have alot of stars and the step from div2 to topdiv1 is very big. But in the lower divisions I’d say djevulsk is as close to div1 as you can get.
19. What do you think of the current QW community? Do you enjoy listening to TeamSpeak coverage of big games?
The problem with the QW community has always been the lack of dedication among the really good players. In every interview I’ve read and every teamspeak coverage I’ve listened to there has always been too few relevant questions and expositions. Interviews are always fun to read anyway but the teamspeak coverage of big games can sometimes be awful. It often works just as an extension of the moreinfo command. “He picks up yellow armor and attacks quad.. no wait he turns back no wait he attacks quad” etc. The reason why the teamspeak coverage exists is to give the game bigger depths, but if theres noone there to explain why a certain player acted like he did, or what needs to be done to save the day, there’s just no use in listening. I do listen to your teamspeak coverage sometimes but you don’t have enough knowledge of the game to do it solo. I did enjoy the one you did with barnyard alot though.
Otherwise the community is full of dedicated players doing alot to help the scene survive and I own them all a big thanks.
murdoc - 2006-04-18 03:26:03
nice one ;)
JKova - 2006-04-18 04:44:57
nice intervjue
Anza - 2006-04-18 05:36:10
Toppi sucks and Hagge blows.
Mumin - 2006-04-18 05:44:35
ih! *whipes a tear from his eye* someone remembers the good old days

//Mumin #hemul
anti - 2006-04-18 05:47:32
mumin 4 president
nakoz - 2006-04-18 05:57:29
haha... kram! ;)
Grass - 2006-04-18 07:02:34
ui - 2006-04-18 07:10:47
“JAMEN AKTA DÅ JÄVLA CP!!!!” (=step aside, please)

sassa - 2006-04-18 07:17:31
Oblivion and SD was (is?) big rivals and to annoy them we named up BGSD in a EQL-game. Sassa was furious and forced us to use BGSD as prefix for the rest of the season, otherwise he would kick us out for fakeprefixing. We found it pretty ironic and had quite a few laughs about it.

LOl wasnt even me who got angry over this, was SD2 but I told djevulsk (i believe) that u guys haveto have the same prefix during the whole season and u guys said yes, SD1 thought it was pretty funny and lagued about this whole thing aswell.. :)
bugsy - 2006-04-18 07:31:40
gaz - 2006-04-18 07:40:05
mogge - 2006-04-18 08:59:53
~~--|> NQR ride's mutilators rocket o/

EID?!?!?!? 8))))
Åke Vader - 2006-04-18 09:11:57
Nice interview as always by Gaz. I kinda agree with Mutilator's last answer though, even if it's hard to be the Arne Hegefors of QW. :)
Åke Vader - 2006-04-18 09:22:57
Btw that mousepad thingie sounds very techy and ancient. :D
hellsan - 2006-04-18 09:43:22
Mumin :] it's always fun reading about ppl who get inspiration from legends back in the days. it seems lots of todays top players were playing back then, how come lots of em were not in the top layer back then?
Mumin - 2006-04-18 10:18:38
Omg hellsan \o/

Dunno really :) I moved on when everyone else stayed. Still love qw though, will always be the roots. I havn't been totally inactive as gamer though and have amongst other a bf1942 eurocup title from 2003 ;) Still, qw was what built the l33t h4><><0r 5sk11lz

That the qwscen is still alive and kicking just proves how damn good the game really is!
lib - 2006-04-18 10:23:22
sd become bored with life

also, great interview!
menth0l - 2006-04-18 10:35:59
nice interview :}
raket - 2006-04-18 11:22:33
gaz - 2006-04-18 13:00:53
Well I always try hard not to just be describing the action, but sometimes it's hard to do anything other than that because the game isn't interesting enough. I try to give some tactical insight, and from what I've gathered from commentating with Xerial and a few other div 1 players, there isn't much they can input that I can't.

The most important thing for me is that the commentator has good English. Unless the English is 99% then it just frustrates me as I have to sit and listen to someone umming and ahing their way through some broken sentence.

Aside from that, I try to make it a little more entertaining for the spectators, not just by trying to give some insight but by being a little more colourful with my descriptive language and by trying to help egg on the enthusiasm levels.

Personally, I love commentating with HangTime the most, I think we've got the right balance of insight and enthusiasm, and of course we both have English as our mother tongue so there are no issues there.
fisto - 2006-04-18 14:30:58
"and of course we both have English as our mother tongue so there are no issues there."

Sluta njut plz \o/
Pyta - 2006-04-18 15:55:04
Hejja Martin hejja :)
Pastorius - 2006-04-18 23:25:08
Nice interview!
Funny too :)
"beating slackers in a prac and having ParadokS joined as a spec saying “who authorized this prac?” hehe

I kinda stopped playing 4 years ago but are happy for all the ppl doing stuff for the qw scene, so i can see all the big games and read interviews etc.. se how good ppl can get.

Now if my wrist could just heal sometime in the future (hope!!) i will start playing again, and then i hope there will be an active scene.

Hellsan, maybe the reason for some off the top players today wasnt top for 6-7 years ago is becouse they where too young then? Maybe its easyer to have top not tactics when u 19 insted of 13 years old..
Xerial - 2006-04-18 23:50:49
haha, moma didnt raise no fool.
Best interview I've read so far.

And imo Gaz is the best commentator there is. HT might be a bit mor insightful in many ways but Gaz is much more "colorful" (gay anyone?) and funnier to listen to. kram!
Xerial - 2006-04-18 23:51:29
And obviously HT+Gaz=Org4sm.
Hagge - 2006-04-19 02:13:56
yeah, a really great interview, topnotch questions with topnotch answers! anybody know what HT is up to? haven't seen him around that much lately.. maybe we should try to force him to comment some more games along with gaz? :D
gaz - 2006-04-19 04:12:08
Benny <3

Hagge: He did the EQL2 final with me :) He's around, just not as active as he used to be. I played in a mix game with him last weekend.
angua - 2006-04-19 04:56:21
hellsan/pastorius, there are actually quite a few players who were topnotch 10 years from now, and still are... The difference is, there weren't really any leagues which showed "who's the best?" back then. Just "official" games, which all got reported on the clanpages. This made it hard for those _not_ in the top to know who are good, and who aren't. Then there are the changes of nicks, which are quite inevitable in the timeline of 10 years. Lastly, quite obviously, old players get bored, new players come to give 'em hell.
nakoz - 2006-04-19 05:29:35
behind every successful mutilator stands a nakoz. ;)
hellsan - 2006-04-19 10:14:52
angua: yea, you're right about that there were not as much leagues etc to check results back then but you still knew pretty well who the top players were. pastorius has a good point, 10 years is a long time, lots of todays top players relatively youg. kinda hard to believe its been around for so long..! as for the hungry newcomers spanking the oldtimers, ofc, but i was thinking of players who were playing from the start. i hope qw the qw scene will be as active in 10 years from now
c - 2006-04-19 19:00:27
what about the sassa+hangtime coverage? it ruled, where sassa could ask hangtime how they should have played in a certain situation like 10 min ago. hahaha IT ROCKED! :p sassa+hangtime ftw...
Svante - 2006-04-20 10:43:33
Baconlindade äppelkrutonger med chévre!
:) - 2006-04-20 11:33:12
This really was a great interview!
("step aside, please" & "moma didn't raise no fool" had me rotfl :D)
bugsy - 2006-04-21 03:40:37
the interview wasn't that good, but the answers were interesting
Hagge - 2006-04-23 06:48:03
stop whining bugsy :(
indey - 2006-04-27 07:28:36
nice interview.
i enjoyed reading it very much.
Fogn - 2006-04-28 06:18:04
Verkar ju gå bra för dig martin, kommer ihåg när jag läxade dig på dm4 var dag. :) J Folbäck (Wexew)
forced sex movies - 2006-04-28 07:09:27
Fill free to make more posts. It is interesting.
flinty - 2006-05-01 05:54:19
hehe all the 1337 quakers are named martin! valla, mutilator, silver fang... maybe some more! =)
rape porn - 2006-05-02 11:21:59
Get more images from ours site...
[u]Ra - 2006-05-23 05:26:40
It's a hilarious interview, I've read it through at one sitting. May I set a claim? I can't understand a shit in any coverages. It's not my native language though, and not majorities' of qwakers either. So I suggest to make coverages in estonian, so nobody won't fairly understand a thing ;). Actually I want you to add subtitles... or... or not to swallow words at least it's not a... mm... I'm bad at english and at overall. ^^
Pastorius, what's wrong with your wrist? Hard masturbation made it fall into disuse for 4 years? ;DD j/k, I like you all :)
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