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Battle Info  2006-03-15 Gold Cup - Group C - Week 3 (2)

Anti Quad 0 - 2 Clan Malfunction

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


no ra-camper in playerlist - warning - by NQR Admin

nightmares about 4hour long kveikgame comes to our minds once again when nussi storms in to our priv.channel and demands for nqr game! but this time our superheroes were ready for challenge far more faster than lasttime, it only took 20-30mins 'till the countdown finaly started.. nussi and co gets away with better starts and they dominate the map for about 9mins having both armors undercontrol..but then we somehow managed to get few weapons rushed for 3rd pent, angua craps it and there we go..tables have turned. our fearsome Ra camper dare sets his nest to ra top and rest is history. walk in the park and randomly shooting some ducks at the pond near by... - by Clan Malfunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


vore craps low rl and angua high-rl/quad. we had some control here and there untill 8mins remaining or so..then they took the map but couldnt clean the low rl from weapon dudes.. we played few games of kimble @ ra back..turns out that fix won by forfeit victory. - by Clan Malfunction


Domin - 213.169.2.*** 060315 @ 17:29:33
panic - 212.181.130.*** 060315 @ 17:58:06
fix sucks :<
Anonymous - 80.186.154.*** 060315 @ 18:54:39
nicely crapped
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060316 @ 11:37:18
wzup with the warning?
there are no ra-camper in the screenshots 8)
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 060316 @ 12:11:54
I think jus was down as dare on the playerlist until we corrected it after the game. I guess calling him 'ra-camper' is manu's idea of a joke ;)
Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060316 @ 19:04:12
omg jus is back.. now noone can stop cmf!!!! :(
-insane- - 83.27.167.*** 060320 @ 20:55:07
Hagge with juniorbusters can ;<
hetman - 193.136.66.*** 060328 @ 10:46:59
JUSt in time :)
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