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Battle Info  2006-03-12 Silver Cup - Group A - Week 1 (1)

clan metally troopers 2 - 0 Dies Ater

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




soma - 134.130.50.*** 060312 @ 23:14:02
DM3: CMT started with PENT/RING/QUAD and played well enough to keep somewhat of a mapcontrol throughout the entire 20 minutes. Well played CMT!

DM2: Joke-game of the year. Having watched the demo after the game I came to the conclusion that we actually played quite well, but theres not much you can do if all borepacks go to enemy and enemy quad manages to get away with 3h, 3h, 5h, etc. When finally we got the long overdue mapcontrol that we deserved, game was almost finished. incredibly annoying.
whine - 84.147.58.*** 060313 @ 11:45:41
Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060313 @ 14:32:40
omg.. apparently there was more to cmt than mega!
knast - 84.147.40.*** 060313 @ 14:33:54
the whine was me:)
soma - 134.130.50.*** 060313 @ 15:25:56
yes, you are whine!
knast - 84.147.40.*** 060313 @ 16:34:44
soma u never wrote a matchreport without insult enemys that they have luck
(look eql etc)
soma - 134.130.50.*** 060313 @ 16:59:22
knast: First of all, I complimented CMT on their dm3 game. And I fail to read any insults; Please enlighten me! Maybe the language gap is simply too wide for your poor english skills, so perhaps you should simply write in german. Or we could move on to Plan B: shut up!
Anonymous - 84.61.174.*** 060313 @ 17:07:01
Eventhough knast is a stupid cunt and i hate him from the bottom of my heart, he has a point. Stop whining, you lost. Accept it.
son - 84.145.149.*** 060313 @ 17:13:39
looks like cmt are big mean bullies...they really could of let DA win since they are new and it was cyr's birthday a few days ago!!

anyways all kidding aside, i was kind of surprised by the result, especially because cmt's lineup lacked fortu and whoops
soma - 134.130.50.*** 060313 @ 17:32:09
Hmm? Why exactly do you think I'm not accepting that we lost? I wrote a matchreport which said that the opposing team played really well one map and was lucky on another map. For me the story ended there, so what's your problem? And why even write anonymously?
knasti - 84.147.71.*** 060313 @ 18:25:38
take it easy, i just want read the comments after my post:)
i took plan B:p

and cmt hate me( i think the faker is a cmt guy) because i pld with dyn some months ago against cmt and they dropped after 2 games because we pld a very boring 2on2:D
knast - 84.147.71.*** 060313 @ 18:30:08
but its really funny camping in corners if u play with mm3:)
with mm2 its boring and u start jumping etc
mipa - 80.186.154.*** 060313 @ 19:26:54
only 2 rounds of 2on2 = anger? and as for the dm2 i think the gap would be much bigger if we would have started hiding more about 40-50 frags in the last 2min?
cyrax - 84.132.43.*** 060313 @ 22:49:43
i was just too drunk to play due to the party the day before. B<
anyways, cmt played well. gg!
Ari - 84.251.170.*** 060314 @ 22:39:13
Nice to see that there are other ones besides me whose alcohol drinking is a problem when playing qw ;>
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