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Battle Info  2006-03-21 Bronze Cup - Group D - Week 1 (3)

Morituri 2 - 0 Shadow Death

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned




mushi - 85.138.138.*** 060321 @ 23:50:17
i told nqr admins that would be better to create a bronze group for div9 teams...
fer - 86.131.164.*** 060322 @ 00:25:28
These divisions dont really seem fair for the newer clans, credit to sd though they keep on going :)
menth0l - 82.181.141.*** 060322 @ 00:36:27
One problem in quakeworld in my opinion is that there are to few "div0" teams to warrant their own division. A similar situation also exists among the (as mushi put it) div9 teams. Them's the breaks and there isn't much that can be done about it :/
xachariah - 85.138.70.*** 060322 @ 00:38:04
Well, it was expected...these guys are better than us. Maybe we wouldn't have had such a heavy loss if we hadn't rushed the game, but it doesn't really matter, i don't think we're ready to beat these guys just yet. ggs.

mushi ?s um ot?rio :/
konk - 213.13.239.*** 060322 @ 01:15:56
so no whine this time for playing against a laggy team?

xachariah n?o eras tu que tb achavas que vo?es n?o deviam estar nesta divis?o? l? bem aquilo que o mushi escreveu antes de o insultares.
xachariah - 193.136.128.*** 060322 @ 10:16:13
konk: sim, acho que n deviamos estar neste grupo, mas ? mais por n concordar com o modo como fomos ca colocados.
mushi: na altura que li o teu post fiquei com a sensacao que a referencia a div9 era para gozar com os sd :\ se n foi, entao desculpa a?...
mushi - 82.155.247.*** 060322 @ 12:13:39
andas com a mania da persegui??o... v? bem o que fazes e reconsidera a tua relacao com os defs

over and out
xachariah - 193.136.128.*** 060322 @ 13:01:11
por esse ultimo post fiquei com a impressao que pensas que tenho algo contra os defs?? espero que n seja por causa de uma ou outra boca que mandei ? n sei quantas semanas... parece que n sou o unico a ter a mania da perseguicao
Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060322 @ 13:30:59
Creature - 84.231.162.*** 060322 @ 15:41:39
My first official dm game! It was fun even though we lost.
konk - 82.154.249.*** 060322 @ 15:50:32
stop acting like we were brazilians hagge plz! :(
Nosfer4tu - 82.154.222.*** 060322 @ 16:42:53
Ep?, chateiem-se com os estranjas. Entre n?s n?o!
J? t?nhamos feito prac contra os morituri e perdemos sempre, mas por menos...
Com um pouco de sorte o nosso lugar ? o 4?...
Chill out mongos :P
bleh - 213.224.83.*** 060322 @ 19:41:28
yeah where is the whine about lag now lol?
fer - 86.131.164.*** 060323 @ 13:18:02
right here -> Why are we placed in the laggy group? seems every season we play in either eql or nqr we play in the laggy division, facing .pt and .pl clans who warp all over your screen. I would much rather have a ping disadvantage and play some swedes with decent connections cause at least they dont flash about on your screen.
mushi - 82.155.245.*** 060323 @ 14:15:22
oh wait... having higher ms is an advantage now? cmon... get real
Infest - 213.190.195.*** 060323 @ 14:46:29
damn... who lost the game? :|
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