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Battle Info  2006-04-23 Gold Cup Premier - quarter-final

Firing Squad 0 - 2 Clan Malfunction

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


The evening begins with prac against our closest friends, SR, who are noble enough to let us wipe the floor with them so our confidence would get higher. It did, and we even let FS choose the maps. On dm3 we get a fullstart (rl,pent,quad,ring), but it doesn't take too long before we fuck it up :( One mistake at ra allows fs to get right back in to the game. The game remains close until the 10min pent with which we lock down the armors and start playing in sauna-mode. It worked and we managed to rack up the frags until they finally took over with 4 minutes on the clock. That was obviously too late and instead of going to sauna we decided to give them hell until the very end. - by Clan Malfunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


On dm2 we got high-rl and quad while they spawned low-rl. We quickly established control over tele and quad-area. For some minutes fs is just hanging in there at low-rl making our glowing dude bore :D 9 minutes into the round fs manages to overtake quad but their shoelaces untied at the wrong time and our boomstick dude steals some backpacks and the quad, and eventually kills the whole fs-team. "Sometimes, dead is better" says razor while fs spends rest of the game getting spawnfragged 8) Props to 1-2-3 for playing with such a high ping, I doubt many would do the same. - by Clan Malfunction


he - 81.88.14.*** 060423 @ 22:40:35
Grass - 81.197.112.*** 060423 @ 22:57:58
mutilator - 85.227.135.*** 060423 @ 23:42:18
hats of for fiffie B>
SamoN - 83.19.98.*** 060424 @ 09:31:23
so ez :/
procent - 83.16.238.*** 060424 @ 15:45:32
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