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Battle Info  2006-05-10 Gold Cup Premier - final

Slackers 2 - 3 Clan Malfunction

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


DISCLAIMER: THE REPORT MIGHT NOT BE BASED ON FACTS (chill) Before the season we were wondering if there was any point playing in div1 and getting our asses handed back to us in every game. Even the supreme ruler of QW had this to say to fix: ?well, i know tvs and others wanted you, but you always said no, to play with cmf. but we know cmf will never even be close to top 4 with the teams this season (no offence) =P so, if you think about it, i still could use guy for first lineup :)? So, against all odds we find ourselves in the final, yeah :D The first round on dm3 was funky as we seemed to play ?ok? but too many individual mistakes cost us the round. It looked like we might win the round, but then a voice whispered ?comeon, let them have one map??. It was sajv from the woods of Ts?ping! Obviously we did what he asked. - by Clan Malfunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


The game starts with sr taking hi-rl and quad while we get lo-rl (well, sort of, I bored it before I could reach secret-ra :D). The manbearpig and his boys lock down the quad side of the map and sweep low rl with quad. This goes on for several minutes until we finally break through. We frag as quickly as possible and manage to reduce the gap to 20 frags with 3mins on the clock when angua times out. This one wasn?t planned so we mysteriously lost control and we got served :( - by Clan Malfunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Now we are mad as hell. Dare gets so upset he craps his pants and joins qizmo instead. Hlt steps in and it?s on! After a short struggle we are holding the important areas and never let them close. With five minutes remaining they accept defeat and give us what is rightfully ours, free frags. The scores don?t really reflect the game.. if they did, the scores would have been more like 300-50. - by Clan Malfunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


We choose e1m2 again, because it was quite fun the last time. This time they are determined to clinch the series right there and then. They apply more pressure on gl/quad area this time and it remains quite close for nearly 10 minutes. After that I and angua take turns having the map under control. With only 4 minutes left and the lead around 40 frags, it?s time to relax in sauna for the last round. - by Clan Malfunction



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


This time we are determined to play a little better than in the first round. It doesn?t work and the scores remain close the whole game. We manage to lose most positions right before the last pent and they obviously get it. It?s something like 150-135 at this point and they have ra and pent. With ~2mins remaining, we launch an attack to ra and manage to overtake it. After that, we are playing it safe camping ra with two dudes all the time. While we are hanging on, hlt says ?hey guys, if we are still alive in the morning, we?ll know we are not dead!? and everyone starts laughing because it?s so funny :D Oh, we did win the round and conquered NQR \o/ Thanks for the great final SR, we hope it was just as good for you as it was to us. - by Clan Malfunction


gaz - 84.12.72.*** 060510 @ 23:29:36
-insane- - 83.27.149.*** 060510 @ 23:31:06
gg`s cmf and no pingwhine this time B>
hetman - 193.136.66.*** 060510 @ 23:38:46
?ke Vader - 217.210.101.*** 060510 @ 23:39:41
Yeah, no whine, amazing games, top notch commentary and a shitload of spectators - can it get any better? :)

GG Murdoc move in the end of first DM3. :D
qmole - 193.108.218.*** 060510 @ 23:56:06
Only saw the last 6mins of dm3 but that was enough for the tense final atmosphere :) For me, the turning point was just before last pent. Para had quad lg and was tearing through cmf, he looked certain to get pent but cmf didn't make it easy and murdoc took him out :( That quad run from angua was astounding, how he managed to fend off the pented murdoc just long enough to get round the back of RA and use the last 5s of his quad to take back control. Stunning.

Sadly didn't get the commentary but I'm sure it was excellent as always. Credit to NQR crew, SR, CMF, cams, everyone in qwscene etc.
razor - 81.225.223.*** 060511 @ 00:00:05
cool games, the old powerhouse cmf is dusting off their skills and showing they are the bestiest of big games :) dragon seemed to give some rls on last dm3 wich was a bit crucial :( but sr showed some very nice teamplay and cmf showed uber skills :)
angua - 82.182.32.*** 060511 @ 00:02:15
razor, ye... first dm3 I gave the rls, last it was dragons turn :D
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060511 @ 00:16:27
nice games
always a pleasure with a 5 map drama
Mursu - 85.131.93.*** 060511 @ 00:16:38
Congratulaions CMF - awesome performance and a superb report too which lives up to CMF:s div0 reporting traditions \:D/
xer0 - 81.228.170.*** 060511 @ 00:23:17
Really nice games!
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060511 @ 00:40:02

Clan Malfunction have a 100% efficiency when siv plays.

George Sand - 85.226.214.*** 060511 @ 01:24:47
If someone had told me a year ago that a team consisting of murdoc, insane & dragon would reach the nqr finals I surely wouldn't have believed him. Their growth and performance over the past months is truly astonishing and deserves a standing ovation (clap clap). Cmf were clearly the stronger team tonight, but we should not forget to congratulate Slackers on their second place!
George Sand - 85.226.214.*** 060511 @ 01:29:47
I would also like to thank everyone that took part in the unforgettable wake prior to this game. Some great moment were shared, and a special mention must go out to TerMINatOr for his live [teamspeak] performance of the coldplay song "Fix You" - which he played with slightly altered lyrics in tribute to Cmfs starplayer Fix.
ragorismo - 130.230.1.*** 060511 @ 03:45:51
Good games! Surely a better team won. Team cMF has a strong experience in winning games compared to SR, which hasn?t really won anything during the years with that line-up. Murdoc, Insane, Dragon, none of them has won anything. Only ParadokS has some experience in the final games of different kind of leagues. As a spectator it?s hard to see a bright future with that line-up in SR, because there are very experienced div0 clans ahead of them.

SR needs more experience by recruiting sp,e decent div0 players, otherwise they will continue their joruney as staying losers. That?s a cold fact, but sometimes you just have to be realistic.

ragorismo - 130.230.1.*** 060511 @ 03:47:24
(Sorry about my typos, it?s so late now)
zanne - 195.198.202.*** 060511 @ 08:03:13
Great Games, the teamspeak preshow, commentary and after the match talk also turned out nice. Paradoks showed that he's a good sport and came for his promissed interview after the game. Nice work CMF, congratulations and GL in EQL!
knast - 84.147.1.*** 060511 @ 08:38:57
murdoc was always div1 but he never got the right team, now he got it, gg murdoc!:)

I think cmf could win dm2, aguna timed out at tele, and tele was safe and ya and high rl was there. But i dont care so we got the full nqr final about 5maps:)
gg cmf, btw did not know that cmf also playing with voice. Since when?

thats the evidence for the div3/4noobs that saying mm2 is the better way for a perfect teamplay because topclans like fs playing with mm2! newbies!:))
I want the voicerecord from sr and cmf :)
gaz - 84.12.72.*** 060511 @ 09:01:09
CMF don't use voice.
Renzo - 193.167.44.*** 060511 @ 09:26:05
Great job CMF!
murdoc - 213.84.248.*** 060511 @ 09:27:42
hehe nice reports again fifi ;) very nice played by both clans with some little fuckups from both sides, that first dm3 was so deep, we where like little kids on ventrilo after we won it :P i also wanna thank the nqr crew and commentators for this nice season. Was real fun to play with cmf in the finals good games boys. cya on eql ;)
ZkilfinG - 217.208.93.*** 060511 @ 10:33:42
good games and grats cmf
oldman - 82.195.186.*** 060511 @ 11:34:24
the after-game teamspeak interview was indeed interesting and also had some funny moments

<sassa> ... you know... the silly season?
<paradoks> i don't know what you are talking about :(
Seni - 212.226.133.*** 060511 @ 12:02:14
:D Sassa <3
HighlandeR - 150.254.194.*** 060511 @ 13:10:08
murdoc is definitly div0 player along with paradoks.
With div1 dragon/insane it is much enough to be a top clan.

really ggs.
especially first dm3 was a thriller. Final attack on ya by murdoc was a true 'wow' factor.
Anonymous - 81.182.123.*** 060511 @ 13:11:12
How about making a movie of this final.

With commentart+demo+introducing the players. That will be hot?!
murdoc - 213.84.248.*** 060511 @ 13:26:27
Yes this was the first big game for dragon me and insane (allthough insane has some more expierence with hgc). Dragon and me are always nervous before these big games.. while para and insa are chilling in the sauna
HighlandeR - 150.254.194.*** 060511 @ 13:28:34
dragon was nervous you could see it in the game, but mur insa and para seemed quite chilled :D
murdoc - 213.84.248.*** 060511 @ 14:03:37
just a smooth config :>
henri - 81.197.123.*** 060511 @ 14:03:50
imo that murdocs last attack to ya in first dm3 was sr luck, didnt die himself, as others would've. And like 5times para or his merry men was shot to 1hp, as others would've died like years ago!
Rage - 213.10.218.*** 060511 @ 18:34:10
Ragorismo, a player like dragon is 'fairly' new to this game. I mean he's a rising star more or less so he can only become better.
Same with murdoc, who's been on top for a while, but not much in div1. Now that they both play in div1 they can only get better. Wouldn't it make sense that if they become better SR gets better and thus are a serious TOP div1 clan?

Well that's just my opinion:)
Gamer - 193.166.235.*** 060511 @ 21:25:36
agreed with Rage, sr will only get better if they keep playing. As gaz said in the commentary they have a good mix of 2 offensive and 2 defensive players.

Looks like cmf will be the favourites for next season if they prac at all. Their win is very impressive considering that they hardly practised compared to all other div1 teams.
HighlandeR - 193.219.28.*** 060511 @ 22:30:01
any chance for avi/wmv of the final games ? (with commentary of corse)
i know a few ppl not into qw that doesnt have q but would like to watch it to see how it works.
it's quite a good thing to promote qw, so that cs-noobs and other can see the REAL game :D
Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060511 @ 22:34:01
feel free to make the avi of the game yourself highlander :E
HighlandeR - 193.219.28.*** 060511 @ 23:30:47
i feel free to wait for someone else to do it :D
mutilator - 85.227.135.*** 060511 @ 23:57:56
"aaaaaooeou game over" (C) Sassa
def - 64.229.5.*** 060512 @ 07:48:00
"the manbearpig"
FlePser - 80.60.182.*** 060512 @ 11:28:44
amg amg, najs najs!
hixen - 82.182.138.*** 060512 @ 12:45:44
can't belive you guys are still playing.. great to see so many old names.. keep it up
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060512 @ 13:15:34
start playing hixen
mush - 88.214.156.*** 060512 @ 14:29:55
someone do the movie plz. ggs
Dahmer - 195.196.107.*** 060512 @ 14:32:40
Fucking Hirvi'd
ruskie - 83.250.219.*** 060513 @ 03:18:46
omg hixen
mawe - 83.226.96.*** 060513 @ 04:12:48
omg ruskie
gaz - 84.12.79.*** 060513 @ 21:24:11
Demos + commentary:
http://quakeworld.nu/commentary/index.php?path=2006-05 -10.SR.vs. CMF.NQR9.Gold.Premier.final/
lib - 213.100.62.*** 060513 @ 22:41:21
omg lib
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 060515 @ 19:17:28
Hooray! Our team won!
xorcist - 83.227.76.*** 060519 @ 13:26:53
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060529 @ 09:59:02
omg xorcist
Anonymous - 81.182.174.*** 060530 @ 19:47:59
nqr4 payback? ez.
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