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Battle Info  2006-05-16 Gold Cup Standard - final

Death Team 0 - 3 Satanic Slaughter Clan

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


NQR9 Gold cup standard final. We started with dm3. DT got first rl and I took pent. Noone tried to resist me while I was waiting for second rl to come but after I got it, dt's first rl tried some div0 tricks with me but failed. I was able to sneak to sng but didn't get second quad I think. At some point skisso managed to steal a rocket launcher for himself and from there on things started to run pretty smoothly. Special mention for skisso for taking 2nd pent with some nice rl skills. In the end dt tried to get our fairly big lead down but didn't quite make it, although they took last pent really easily. //Milton - by Satanic Slaughter Clan

All Pov (MVD)


DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


And dm2 followed. DT got a fullstart and the first thing XN decided to do with his quad was to smack one of his teammates down. So nearly a fullstart it was. DT played really well for the first minute and took full control of the map with three rl-guys. Somehow I managed to kill two of them, got rl and third quad and it was gg. At one point it looked like that we would be able to get full maplock but niko decided to take a little swim at the lava with skisso so... //Milton - by Satanic Slaughter Clan

All Pov (MVD)


E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Everyone's favourite map was to be played next. Niko spawns at rl and dt takes quad but is killed before he gets to ya. I took second ya and headed for 2nd rl. I even manage to steal that rocket from the enemies but I die quickly in the water tunnel(without leaving a pack!). I can't really remember what happened after that, some more rocket stealings, slaughter running straigth to my quad rocket causing, not just the death of himself, but mine too. In the last five minutes it was skisso's turn to rule the map and correct my little(:E) mistakes. 3-0 for the most satanic group in the scene. GG. //Milton - by Satanic Slaughter Clan

All Pov (MVD)

Hagge - 83.233.145.*** 060517 @ 17:19:44
topfragger on all maps is ofcoz the inhuman milton! \o/
skisso - 130.233.16.*** 060517 @ 17:32:46
Nice tight game and imho 3-0 doesn't give the right impression about the game. GG. Milton=fragrank :E Milton for president!
Seni - 212.226.133.*** 060518 @ 07:19:10
Im the best.
Anonymous - 193.167.10.*** 060518 @ 09:47:19
NO WARNING??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
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