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Battle Info  2006-04-23 Bronze Cup Standard - qualifying round

Fakin' Idiots 2 - 1 smackthatass

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned




lib - 213.100.62.*** 060423 @ 23:42:12
mIXu - 86.41.12.*** 060424 @ 01:41:43
woah indeed :)

Really weird games. Looking at dm3 we won by 10 frags, it certainly did NOT feel that close. Think Nielz and I had 70%+ effi, couldn't believe the score when I saw it.

DM2 even weirder. The game went real fast, only remember the last two minutes.

Last map was just as bad, we had a lead for ages then just let it go. They started slow spawning in the 17th minute :P
kingiz - 80.221.25.*** 060424 @ 08:42:01
dm3 was quite horrible teamplay, we simply didn't get the powerups. Specially quads were taken mostly by sta, and then they just went and killed our rl guys. I think this match was quite even until the last minutes, when sta had the map.

dm2 was a bit better for fak, we actually HAD some tp! whoa! Towards the end we lost control of the map, but then again, we had such a big lead that it really didn't matter. After 15 minutes mark it was obvious that round three would decide the winner, and what a round it was..

e1m2 for first 10 minutes was plain horror. I was SO sure that we didn't have a chance (score was something like 90-40, and they had the map). After that, something happened and I'm not quite sure what it was :P joonas had some quite good quad-runs, and suddenly we were only 15 frags behind! The last seconds were just horror, I was hiding and watching the scoreboard as my teammates got killed, but luckily they didn't have enough time :D

Quite a thriller!

Oh, btw fucu; you better start practising more ;)
Renzo - 88.113.232.*** 060424 @ 16:03:34
As a sidenote, we had commentary cam (or actually three as you can see from screenshots) using ventrilo. At some point of round 3 Fucu said that he's going to start playing 4on4 for 10 hours straight per day if FAK wins the match :)))))
Renzo - 88.113.232.*** 060424 @ 16:07:45
As for the match, it looked a bit funny. Autotrack was actually choosing sta players all the time and it looked like they had the upper hand all the time. But the reality was something else and the difference in frags was most of the time just minimal.

It certainly looked unreal if you actually followed the score and watched the game autotrack on.
nielZ - 84.41.135.*** 060424 @ 17:30:11
I don't really get why people are amazed by the score, sTa has zero TP ,10min games can be won without much TP and "better" skills but 20mins is most of the times, just too long...
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