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  W.O. - Walkover  
Times Played 26
Total Frags 26
Avg. Frags / Play 1
Most Played By Wunderbar - 5 times
Best Efficiency Suddendeath.project, Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad, Wunderbar, The Gibbers, Triada, Dies Ater, Demolition Crew, Hippushnik, Fragomatic- 100%
Worst Efficiency J?garna, ax3, Da Quaking Manjakks, paramedics, Satanic Slaughter Clan, Fakin' Idiots, Compot, Death Dealers, Veterans, Death Team, No Pasaran! - 0%
Biggest Ownage Hippushnik 1-0 No Pasaran! @ W.O.
Closest Game Hippushnik 1-0 No Pasaran! @ W.O.
Average Winning Margin 1 frags
No demos available for this map.
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