Nations Quake Rank 7


2005-01-30 Shadow Minions vs. Postal-Justice 0-3 D1-F details
2005-01-25 El?intarha vs. Veterans =V= 3-1 D2-F details
2005-01-23 Slackers vs. Clan MalFunction 1-3 D1-F details
2005-01-23 Postal-Justice vs. Easy To Kill 3-0 D4-SF details
2005-01-21 Shadow Minions vs. Be Evil 3-1 D4-SF details
2005-01-17 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-2 D1-SF details
2005-01-17 Suddendeath vs. Veterans =V= 0-3 D2-SF details
  News  050126  

Congratulations are in order on 2 fronts!

Firstly, the Division 1 Champions are Clan Malfunction. This is the third time they have appeared in the NQR final and the first time that they have been succesful. Following defeats in the finals of both NQR3 and NQR4, CMF beat Slackers 3-1 on Sunday night. Congratulations to CMF!

In Division 2, El?intarha ensured a Finnish double by beating Veterans 3-1 in the final on Tuesday evening. Congratulations to the boys from the Zoo!

There's just the Division 4 final left and then NQR7 is over! We hope that NQR8 signups will open mid February with the aim of starting the new season at the beginning of March.

Signups are still open for the Custom Map League. We have 26 teams so far so we would like another 10 or so before starting the league. Get your asses in gear people!

There's a few days left in the NQR end of season awards/map vote. I urge you to vote if you have not already (we have only received about 12 votes or something from around 80 clans) - the votes received in this will go a long way to deciding the map pool next season!!
Click here to learn how to vote.

Finally, signups are now open for the inaugural NQR CTF season. Click here to visit the site.



moris - 146.102.89.*** 050126 @ 20:56:19
ppl r lazy such as myself. if there's no point'n'click poll noone's willing to
write it in email.. thats the truth in the internet :)
Apollyon - 160.45.22.*** 050126 @ 21:16:14
nonsense! there are teams actually putting some thought into their votes. that
takes time.
phrenic - 81.229.26.*** 050127 @ 08:48:30
i did actually putting some time and i voted.


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