Current Week: 5
2005-04-11 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. qw.ger 3-0 D2-SF details
2005-04-11 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots 3-0 D1-SF details
2005-03-24 American Idiots vs. Kerels onder Invloed 2-1 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Lege Artis 1-2 1 details
2005-03-22 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. KOI 2-1 1 details
2005-03-20 qw.ger vs. American Idols 2-1 2 details
2005-03-14 Lege Artis vs. American Idiots 2-0 1 details
2005-03-14 American Idiots vs. The Hellraisers 2-1 1 details
2005-03-13 Pigs Of Fucking Fury vs. SSC 2-0 2 details
2005-03-09 Satanic Slaughter Clan vs. Maffia 0-2 2 details
  Predictions on the semifinals  050411  

Romeo has written his predictions of the upcoming semifinals. You may argue that he is a bonehead for writing this hours before the first semifinals are about to take place and publishing this after they have been played, but anyway, here you go. ;)


  Playoff-time  050330  

Hello boys and girls, we're back from Easter and ready for playoffs.

Both divisions will have separate playoffs, with the top four teams fighting it out in the semifinals and finals.

The playoffs-competition will be played using the best of 5 maps system.

Both teams select a map each. After 2 maps have been played, if the score is 1-1, the team that chose their map 2nd must choose the 3rd map. The other team will then choose the 4th map, and the remaining map from the pool will be used as the decider. If the score is 2-0 after 2 maps, then the team losing 2-0 will choose the 3rd map. If a 4th map is required, the team winning 2-1 will choose it.

Bases will be decided the usual way, with the team that did not pick the map selecting the base. If a 5th map is required, the team with the higher regular season-rank will select the base for the decider.

The brackets look like this:

Div 1 Semifinal

Lege Artis vs. The Hellraisers
Da Quaking Manjakks vs. American Idiots

Div 2 Semifinal

qw.ger vs. Pigs Of Fucking Fury
MPOS vs. Maffia

Good Luck and Have Fun!


  Catchup-week  050321  

The regular season is over and most of the games have been played.

We will give teams one catchup-week to play their voided games before we decide the playoffs-fixtures. When you wish to report your voided game you will have to contact the admins to get the game unlocked and reportable.

The deadline is Sunday the 27th 24.00 CET

The four top teams in each division will make the playoffs.


  New servers online  050218  

We have been able to get a hold of serveradmins willing to host additional servers for NQRCTF and for that we are very grateful.

The new servers are: - Germany - United Kingdom

Here follows some clarification of the rules:

If a fair server cannot be found, minping can be set to bring the AVERAGE ping of the lower pinging team to the same as the opposition, up to a maximum value of 45 (unless agreed otherwise).

In case of a decider map, the team that won their map with the best Frag-difference is the team that choses which color they would like to play.


  Signups closed, fixtures live and rules finalised  050207  

We are happy to announce that NQRCTF1 has breached the 100's. 12 clans have signed up, with 102 players playing in two division, which is more than we had hoped for.

We have had reactions and discussions from alot of players, and this is what we have decided:

CTF8 has been replaced by CTF2M1 in the div1-pool, since 4on4 on such a small map is really too tight for division 1-players. However, CTF8 is still in the div2-pool, so no changes there.

In a decider situation, powerups will still be turned OFF, however if both teams agree then powerups can be turned ON for the decider. Teams still decide their own powerup-settings on their own map.

Fixtures are live now, so check out your division and start playing!

The deadline for the first week of action is February the 20th.

The IP for the ctf-server in the UK will be announced in the upcoming days, so stay tuned. We are still looking for someone interested in hosting a ctf-server in DK or DE.


  Signup-period extended  050131  

We have decided to extend the signup-period another week, since we haven't been able to solve the server-issue, and we have some other arrangements to take care of before the league can start.

Signups will close at February the 6th 24.00 CET and the league will commence the week after that.

We still want more clans to participate, so signup now!


  Rules updated  050130  

We have decided on the rules and map pool.

As the poll showed, there were interests in EXMY-maps, as well as CTF-maps. Considering this, we tried to respond in the best way possible, with maps that are easy to learn and still satisfies the savy, oldschool-player.

The map pool consist of E2M2, E3M6, CTF5, CTF8, CTF2M3.

Teams will be able to decide the powerups-setting on their selected map. Quad, Pent and Ring can either be kept on or turned off. In a decider-situation however the powerups will be turned off. We hope that this will allow teams that want to play CTF in a way it was played earlier, where defense mattered and teamplay was required to be able to get the flag, to do that. But still keeps the option open for teams that wish to play it the TDM-way (get armors/weapons and then everyone on quad).

You can read the rest of the rules here


  Welcome  050123  

Welcome to the NQR Capture the Flag League Season 1.

Signups are now open.

Please be aware that the rules have not yet been fully updated and that the map pool is not yet decided.

You may place your vote on the map pool here.

EDIT: I've just written a CTF-readme at the, check it out here!

Right now we are aiming at three divisions, div1, div2 for the TDM/TF clans participating in the QWCL and div3 for those new to CTF. The number of signups will determine the use of conferences or not.

Signups for CTF1 will close at midnight CET on Monday 31th January





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