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  Dave's Slackers vs Riker Artists  060504  
Hot stuff coming up this night...
The second semifinal between arch-enemies slackers and lege artis. The winner will meet clan helena in grand final. Both clans have went with a quite softcore approach to this game sif it wouldn't matter2much. But for like the first time ever, la actually has an official prac(eql) before the nqr game. And I would be very surprised if dave hadn't practiced his shafting just4this game.

When watching the teams, lege artis looks (as usual) like the best one. rikerlina, nabbe, muttan & rocco all in good shape. Even tho the veterans nabbe & riker haven't played much - guess they're trying to get as good as fifi&helena.

Slackers on the other side pracs as often they can, which isn't2often. And will most probably consist of Big D 'Paradoks' Larssen, whinedoc kurwasane & teendragon.

So what are my thoughts on this mighty hot game ? on e1m2 i feel lege artis will be unbeatable. dm3 and dm2 could be very open. MM3-clans in control are _so_ much more difficult to overtake. So if SR still have their luck legeartis will face a difficult time, especially on dm3. Dm2 is the standard lottomap and could go either way.. One thing that could make lege artis' nqr-semi a living hell is the probable pingincrease. SR which have been playing on same pings all season while LA have been chillin' with 12 & 26 ms.

I won't even try to say any numbers, it'll be a gr8 match, that's4sure. But I think the routine of lege artis will bring it home.

error - .*** 060504 @ 08:50:59
I think LA has to win both e1m2 and one dm2 to win this series. SR are quite good on dm3 with Dave.
xpr - .*** 060504 @ 08:55:18
hehe, but who is helena? fix? :)

p.s. LA4tehWin
angua - .*** 060504 @ 08:57:52
<fix> HLT aka Holotna Hukardof aka Helena the russian gogogirl
ui - .*** 060504 @ 17:10:08
Too bad Big Bore (uh. I mean Big D) didn't quadbore more than two times on dm2. :)
fisto - .*** 060506 @ 23:50:13
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