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  semifinals  060504  
Holy shit It sure will be BIG game tonight,
long waited NQRsemi between Paradoks's powerhouse Slackers and Dags blind followers Lege Artis.

Both teams are well known and highly respected,
well maybe not in the same way but does it matter if other one is just Deticated to win at all coast,
and other one presents some mystical swedish ffa skills.

Since angua didnt bother to take much of a wild guesses of the outcome and instead did some nice nonsense about paras new job at flower delivery, i step up for the challange.

With Riker and Nabbe doing the shit work, and muti/rock guarding the fort for them, SR shouldnt be much of a problem for LA.
Rikers godlike playing at ya-water alone is more than enough to secure the vitory. Tho if the mainly mans riker/nabbe fail to do their normal ownage,
i see muti taking care of the infidels just as nicely as the dynamic nr1 duo should. Just dont let dragon get the grandelauncher and keep para out of 13ms and it will be ez.

Here things should get more twisted as you all know in dm2 everything can happen, slackers biggest asset will be their mm3 communications, if they can claim the upper hand of the map
their playerbase sure is experienced enough to hold the map undercontrol. Then it comes down how much of lower rls they can steal from la/or how strongly they can defend their positions there.
Paras quadruns are imporant here, and im expecting to see few nice bores. Why i write this in sr favor way is becoz, ofcoz they will get the typical SR fullstart. other than that and mm3, predictions work both ways.

T?h AbondeD BHase.
for this ill only hope to see murdoc living up for all the hype he has got lately.
valla jr, your team is counting on you. Specs arent.
La win most likely :D

These should not be taken too seriously, as i didnt realy give these much thought, just some shit for the boss gaz. he says you write, you indeed write.

eb - .*** 060504 @ 10:10:10
:>>>>> valla jr ftw
murdoc - .*** 060505 @ 00:26:15
rofl, i still don't get it why everyone thinks la is the best team on dm3, they are one of the weakest in div1 look at the facts ....
sassa - .*** 060505 @ 06:59:30
hehe!! I was so correct... sr win 3-1
fisto - .*** 060506 @ 23:45:34
Hur ofta har du r?tt d?? Du gissar ju p? alla matcher, inte konstigt att man tippar r?tt en g?ng. ?ven en blind h?na kan hitta ett fr?

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