Current Week: 13
2005-01-30 Shadow Minions vs. Postal-Justice 0-3 D1-F details
2005-01-25 El?intarha vs. Veterans =V= 3-1 D2-F details
2005-01-23 Slackers vs. Clan MalFunction 1-3 D1-F details
2005-01-23 Postal-Justice vs. Easy To Kill 3-0 D4-SF details
2005-01-21 Shadow Minions vs. Be Evil 3-1 D4-SF details
2005-01-17 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-2 D1-SF details
2005-01-17 Suddendeath vs. Veterans =V= 0-3 D2-SF details
  Stuff  050110  


I'm back from qhLAN with some news for y'all. If you're interested in reading about qhlan, then you can read my review and some other stuff over at this page (click here).

Secondly I've put up some predictions for the remaining playoff matches on my coverage page over there --------------->

Go read :)


  GTG-fOm commentary  041227  

I have posted my GTG-fOm commentary package on my coverage page over there


  Schedule for rest of the season  041227  

As the original quarterfinal deadline has been met now there still are too many unplayed playoff games and wo requests. That's why we among the crew have decided to move the deadline of the quarterfinal round to Monday January 3rd 2005.

After that date there will be one week each for the semifinals (4th-10th january) and finals (11th-17th january). If you know your opponent for the semifinals you are allowed to play the semifinal games already, though.

For the benefit of the whole scene please inform us the admins and those who are interested in spectating about when you're planning to play the games on this thread. Thanks

// JKova

  it's that time of year  041222  

You know the playoffs are here when our resident Canuck-nostradamus is writing predictions; that's right, xhrl has written another of his famed playoff prediction articles.

Check it out on his coverage column over there


  It's playoff time!  041213  

The regular season is now over and the playoffs have officially started. You have 2 weeks to play the first round matches (deadline Sunday 26th December), so get going!
You can use this thread to post your scheduled games and the crew will try to arrange qizmos for the more exciting match-ups.

All playoff fixtures are displayed on the playoff page. If you have java you can view the brackets for each competition on the bracket page. Quarter-final matches are best of 3; semis and finals are best of 5.

Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to all clans who have played in NQR7. The activity level was well up on last season and although there are some unhappy people, I think this season has been largely a success. With one or two tweaks, this structure will be back for NQR8, along with our new website.

Good luck to all clans in the playoffs (except to any clan that I have to play against ;D) and to everyone else, watch this space; we have a special Christmas/New year treat for you coming up soon... ;)

EDIT: Playoff round 1 predictions on my column ---->


  Put that calculator away!  041207  

I've written a short piece looking at who's definitely in the playoffs and who is still in with a shout of sneaking in. So put that calculator away and put your pen down; let me show you just what your clan needs to do to get to the playoff places ;D


  Ketchup  041206  

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in catch-up week. The playoffs will begin on Monday 13th December.

At midnight CET next Sunday, NQR will close down its regular season. If you play any games this week, including Sunday, it is highly advisable to submit results ***BEFORE*** this date, and if you are likely to be playing matches beyond midnight (e.g. they start at 2330), please let an admin know.

All unplayed matches (except week 9) will now be voided; if you wish to play a game that has V-V next to it, please notify an admin AFTER the game and we will unlock it for you.

I would also like to remind clans that where teams are level on points, the separators are as follows:

1) Map difference
2) Result between the clans
3) Number of maps won
4) Frag difference (only if 2nd option is n/a due to void)

The site PHP scripts can't handle option 2 so in some cases clans are the wrong way around (e.g. div 4B, CMT and DQM are currently the wrong way around). Please bear this in mind!


  New coverage thing  041201  

There's a new coverage article on my column over there

Go read!


  Voided games  041129  

I've had a few questions about voided games, mainly along the lines of "Our game is voided today, please can we play it next week?", so I thought I'd make a short post about it here.

If one of your games has been voided it means that neither team can claim a WO for that match. You can however play that match at any time up to the end of catch-up week.

If you have played a match which shows up as V-V on your clan page, then ask an admin in #nqr to "Activate" your game, stating the names of the 2 clans involved.

Secondly, you may have noticed a few clans going missing. Last night we did "phase one" of clan deletion, focusing on clans that have played less than 3 games. We will take another look next week, and another look at the end of catch-up week, and any clans considered to have played an insufficient percentage of their total number of games will be removed, and ALL of their games will be voided.
This means that if Clan X beats Clan Y, and then Clan Y is deleted for inactivity, Clan X will lose the 3 points. So bear this in mind when working out your playoff spot! You have been warned.


  Playoff structure reminder  041124  

Hi folks

Just a quick reminder of the playoff structure. In each division it goes like this:

1/4 finals
QF1: 1st Conf. A -vs- 4th Conf. B
QF2: 2nd Conf. B -vs- 3rd Conf. A
QF3: 2nd Conf. A -vs- 3rd Conf. B
QF4: 1st Conf. B -vs- 4th Conf. A

1/2 finals
SF1: Winner QF1 -vs- Winner QF2
SF2: Winner QF3 -vs- Winner QF4

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2

Also, I would like to remind all clans that we will start to remove idle clans on Sunday. So if you haven't played as many games as you should have, you better start playing!



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