Current Week: 13
2005-01-30 Shadow Minions vs. Postal-Justice 0-3 D1-F details
2005-01-25 El?intarha vs. Veterans =V= 3-1 D2-F details
2005-01-23 Slackers vs. Clan MalFunction 1-3 D1-F details
2005-01-23 Postal-Justice vs. Easy To Kill 3-0 D4-SF details
2005-01-21 Shadow Minions vs. Be Evil 3-1 D4-SF details
2005-01-17 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-2 D1-SF details
2005-01-17 Suddendeath vs. Veterans =V= 0-3 D2-SF details
  Tribe of Tjernobyl vs Hyphen coverage...  041012  

Check it out on my coverage page over to the right ----->


  WOs & week 1...  041010  

OK folks, here's the deal with walkovers.

We won't accept *ANY* walkovers until one week after the scheduled week... so for week 1 games, we won't accept any until next Sunday.

We will not be accepting ***ANY*** walkovers during catch-up week this season, so it is up to you whether you risk playing your game later on or taking the 3 points.

The following week 1 games still need to be played (or reported). After Sunday of next week, we will lock these games and void them. (they can be unlocked at a later date if you want to play it, but no WOs will be accepted)

Fallen Angels vs Just For Fun
Easy To Kill vs Gods of Hellfire
Slackers vs Firing Squad
Undisputed Paranoic Sensations vs Paranoids
Game Over vs KOFF
Tribe of Tjernobyl vs Hyphen
Ax3 vs Best Frags
Death Dealers vs mumS
New Wave vs MNY
J?garna vs Easy To Kill
Griffins Tappra Gossar vs The Axemen
Veni Vidi Vici vs Batida Swing
Shadow Minions vs Gods of Hellfire
Chopstick Ninjas vs knockback
Satanic Slaughter Clan vs Insanity!
HoLY vs Hippushnik
Justified Ancients of Menace vs Oblivion
Lege Artis vs Paranoia
PsychoHaloons Crew vs Fallen Angels
Kala vs Griffins Tappra Gossar
clan metally troopers vs Smackthatass
Death Team vs Fragomatic
Fraggers United vs Empire of Azeroth
OLw vs Pulverizing Mongo Strutsers
Smackthatass vs Chopstick Ninjas
Pulverizing Mongo Strutsers vs discharge
fnu vs Frutti Di Blazers


  Quick reminder on screenshots 2: Electric Boogaloo  041008  

Whyz has coded something nice for the match-reporting section so that all image files are auto-converted into PNG. So hurrah!

EDIT: In case you haven't noticed, I've written a preview of the upcoming SR vs FS match. Click my name under the Coverage section over there ---------->


  Quick reminder on screenshots  041005  

Remember to attach screenshots in GIF or JPG format only when reporting games. Any other format just won't work and you'll need to re-report the games. Thank you!

// JKova

  The wait is over...  041004  

Just as the dying echos of the whining over the last news post are fading into the past, it's time for another round of Europe's finest QW league.

NQR7 officially kicks off today, and I just know it's gonna be a good season. So play your games and have fun!


//The NQR Crew

  Rules finalised  040929  

We've had a meeting tonight concerning the rules. The meeting itself was a huge success because the rules are now finalised.
The following has been decided:

EzQuake: after a long discussion we came to a conclusion that the client is not ready just yet to be allowed in NQR.

FRJ and other scripts: will be allowed just like before. They are a part of the game and we see no need to ban them.

Fake/"fun"nicking and aliasing: will NOT be allowed. From the Rules section: "Please respect the league and the other participants by using your respective/known nicks."
What this means is that you're required to play with the nick the community, admins and other players know you by. From now on it's impossible to change the clan name or player names through the clan admin menu. Clan and player names not fulfilling these requirements will be fixed by the admin team.

This season we're also introducing a point deduction penalty system for repeated offences.

Please refer to the rules section for more information.

// The NQR Crew

  CMT3 & CMT4 Map Guide.  040928  

Hello folks, we have posted 2 images of CMT3 & CMT4 maps. In the Coverage/Articles section, not that much of a guide, but it gives you atleast basic information regarding the maps in question. We will try and update this section with more useful information as soon as we possibly can.

Click here

Thanks to Link who provided us with the CMT3-Guide and CMT4-Guide images.

// Legio

  NQR7 fixtures live  040927  

Hi folks,

After a very stressful evening of looking at divisions, seedings, conferences etc, we have finally published our "final" divisional lists and fixtures.

Trying to fit 50 clans into division 3 proved impossible so I'm sorry if you think you are in too high a division; you are placed there because the admin team has faith in your abilities, so frag on regardless and prove yourselves worthy!

We seeded the conferences like so:

We chose the top 8 teams and put them in order.
Numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7 were placed in conf. A, and 2, 4, 6 & 8 were placed in conf. B.

We chose the bottom 4 teams and put them in order (in case of div 1, for example 17, 18, 19, 20).
Numbers 17 & 19 were placed in conf. A, and 18 & 20 were placed in conf. B.

The other clans were drawn randomly "from a hat" (in some cases literally) by the admin team. If you think your conference is harder than the other... TOUGH. :)

Div 5 was done "geographically". There were 11 Scandinavian/Baltic clans though, so I randomly chose one of the Swedish clans (mjoelktand as it turned out) to join the other 9 clans in conf. B.

Week 1 begins on Monday 4th October and the final week of the regular season is at the end of November.

There are still some rules for the admins to finalise, and we hope to do this during the coming week.

Thanks for your patience and happy fragging.

//The NQR Crew

  First interview  040926  

I've added an interview with div 5 clan "sad troops". Go see!


  Signups are closed!  040925  

Hi people,

Just an update for yall...

Signups have just closed. We've clocked an amazing 105 clans, a new NQR record. At present we have 852 players registered; QW is alive and kicking!

The next thing we need to do is finalise the divisions and conferences. We will be seeding the top 8 teams from each division, and splitting them up 4-4. We've not decided how we'll do this exactly, but it will be either 1,3,5,7 in one conference and 2,4,6,8 in the other, OR 1,4,6,7, and 2,3,5,8. We will also be selecting the 4 weakest clans in each division and splitting them up. The rest of the clans will be randomly placed in a conference.

Before we can do this, we need all clans to have their homepages and player lists sorted out so please do that if you haven't already. We will be removing clans that are in breach of these rules.

The league will be going live on Monday 4th October. There are still some things that the admin team needs to discuss regarding the rules.

The rules page itself is half-updated but still needs to have some of the finer points reviewed.

Watch this space, as always!

//The NQR Crew


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