Current Week: 13
2005-01-30 Shadow Minions vs. Postal-Justice 0-3 D1-F details
2005-01-25 El?intarha vs. Veterans =V= 3-1 D2-F details
2005-01-23 Slackers vs. Clan MalFunction 1-3 D1-F details
2005-01-23 Postal-Justice vs. Easy To Kill 3-0 D4-SF details
2005-01-21 Shadow Minions vs. Be Evil 3-1 D4-SF details
2005-01-17 Slackers vs. Lege Artis 3-2 D1-SF details
2005-01-17 Suddendeath vs. Veterans =V= 0-3 D2-SF details
  Signups update...  040921  

Hello folks,

We have now reached 100 signups and all divisions are pretty much full to breaking point! We are still accepting more signups and we'd welcome a couple of division1-level clans too... :D (a bit optimistic, I fear).

CMT3 is winning the map vote by a long way, in fact it has more votes than E2M7 and E3M7 put together. I can safely say that CMT3 will be NQR7's 5th map, so get practicing.

A reminder that signups close on FRIDAY.

If you haven't already done so, please login and add players to your squad to help us decide on divisional placement. As usual, we will be removing clans that have no players in their rosters by the time we get to the latter stages of the fixture generation process.

With any luck we will be able to finalise the conferences by the end of the weekend and issue the fixture list to start the league next week. This is not definite though, so please don't come in #nqr asking when it will start :)

UPDATE: Oh, and one final thing. The NQR crew welcomes our latest member: JKova. Greetings Mr Kovalainen, I hope your time with us will be prosperous and fun.

UPDATE2: ALL clans need to have a working homepage with member list shown, doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a page with Clan name and Members will do. Offcourse we allways welcome nicely done homepages ;).

From Rules Section: "Your team needs to have a working homepage with updated info about all active clanmembers. There are no limit to the number of players in one team. Teams not fulfilling theese requirements can be forbidden to enter the Nations Quake Rank." / Legio

//The NQR Crew

  Signups update  040918  

EDIT: Click here to sign up for NQR7.

Signups are going well but are slowing down now. To fill the current structure we need 90 clans (currently 79).

1 more @ div 5 level
1 more @ div 4 level
3 more @ div 3 level
4 more @ div 2 level
2 more @ div 1 level

So if you know of a clan that hasn't signed up yet, badger them into it ASAP! I guess we'll look at closing signups next weekend whether it's full or not.

A quick note to those people who are complaining about their divisional placement: Due to the size of the divisions in nqr7, the following divisions correspond to the following NQR6 equivalents:
NQR7 div 1 = NQR6 div 1 + top div 2
NQR7 div 2 = NQR6 mid-low div 2 + top-mid div 3
NQR7 div 3 = NQR6 low div 3 + top div 4 + top div 5
NQR7 div 4 = NQR6 low div 4 + mid div 5
NQR7 div 5 = NQR6 low div 5 + beginners to 4on4 TDM

The plan is to have the signups finished by Friday, then we can finalise the divisions over next weekend and launch the fixture list in time to start the league on Monday 27th September. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Div 5 is now full and overflowing, div 4 is full and div 3 needs 2 more teams; div 2 needs 4 more and div 1 2 more. We will create space if need be but things are getting rather tight at the bottom!

UPDATE2: So many Div 5 clans have reg'd that I've split it into 2 divisions like the others. There is therefore more space down there \o/


  NQR7 signups now open  040913  

Click here to sign-up for season 7.

Please note that the rules page has not been updated yet as the crew are yet to finalise the details of the coming season.

The map pool will be
One from CMT3/E2M7/E3M7

The 5th map will be chosen during signup.

EDIT: Please only signup ONCE. If you wish to change any clan details then ask an admin, do not keep hitting the submit button or signup again.

  NQR7  040913  

Hi Brothers-in-arms,

There?s been a lot of speculation about when the next NQR season will begin, and we can finally reveal that we are aiming to start NQR7 at the end of this month.

The main reason for the delay is that we were hoping to launch a brand new site for this season. For one reason or another, we have been unable to finish the site in time and so we are sticking with ?ol? reliable? for another season.
We would however like to recode the site during the Autumn so that a new site, packed with great new functionality, is ready for NQR8 in the Spring. If you are a PHP/MySQL demon, then get in touch with the crew ASAP!

In terms of the league itself, things are going to be a little different. For the first time, we will be using an American-sports-style ?conference? system. This means that each division will be split into 2 conferences (e.g. 10 teams in each conference, meaning a total division of 20). These conferences will theoretically be of equal skill.
Teams will play the other teams in the same conference (one match per week), and at the end of the regular season, the top 4 teams from each conference will go into the divisional playoff championship.
So, if we have 4 divisions, we will have a Division 1 playoff, Division 2 playoff, Division 3 playoff, and Division 4 playoff.

As for the map pool, it seems likely that we will be sticking with a 5 map pool of DM2, DM3, E1M2 and CMT4. The fifth map will be chosen by a vote by clans during the signups, with 3 maps chosen by the admins for this vote. At this stage we can?t confirm which maps they will be, but they will be the ones voted most popular during the end of season poll for NQR6, the better maps from the summer cup, and those which have appeared popular from forum discussions. Watch this space!

//The NQR Crew



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