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2006-06-06 The Gibbers vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 0-3 BSF details
2006-06-01 Team Freedom vs. Veterans 2-3 SSF details
2006-05-30 defs vs. Demolition Crew 3-2 BPF details
2006-05-28 BaconMen vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 1-3 BSSF details
2006-05-25 defs vs. Morituri 3-0 BPSF details
2006-05-22 The Gibbers vs. NoName 3-2 BSSF details
2006-05-19 Team Freedom vs. Hippushnik 3-1 SSSF details
2006-05-18 Veterans vs. Dies Ater 3-0 SSSF details
2006-05-16 Death Team vs. Satanic Slaughter Clan 0-3 GSF details
2006-05-14 Compot vs. Dies Ater 0-2 SSQF details
   Mutilator interview  060418  

It's playoff time, and that means it's also time for a bunch of new interviews. Here's the first of them, I've got a few more lined up for the next week or so (fingers crossed!).

Mutilator interview


   Playoff stuff  060416  

First of all, I'd like to remind you all of the following from the rules:

If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): The game(s) between the clans in question*, the map difference, number of maps won and finally the frag difference.

*This cannot be calculated by the website. The admins will clarify any issues before the plaoyffs have started.

We worked out all of the 'Premier' playoffs by drawing the 1st-placed teams against randomly-picked 2nd-placed teams. We made sure that teams could not match up against teams from their own group.

The Premier fixtures can be found on the playoffs page.

The 'Standard' playoffs were a bit more tricky.

There are 6 teams. We decided that the fairest (and easiest) way to do it would be to randomly choose 4 teams to play in the quarter-finals, and then the 2 teams that were left would automatically go to the semi-finals. These 2 teams are Easy to Kill and Elaintarha.

The fixtures for the quarter-finals can be found on the playoffs page.

There are 11 teams. We decided that the 4 3rd placed teams should get a bye to the quarter-finals. That left 7 teams for the qualifying round. We randomly chose 1 4th placed team to get a bye to the quarter-finals, and then drew the other 3 4th placed teams vs a randomly picked 5th placed team to make the other 3 fixtures.

No Pasaran! were randomly chosen to go through via a bye, and the other fixtures can be found on the fixtures page.

Again, there are 11 teams. The 4 3rd placed teams go straight to the quarter-finals.

As there is a bit of an imbalance in terms of which groups the teams are coming from (4 from group A alone), we decided to pair the other 7 teams randomly, with the team left over after 3 pairs were made being given the bye.

The bye goes to Apocalypse 2, Kurwasquad, and the rest of the fixtures are on the playoff page.

If you want to ensure that everything was done fairly and above board, you can download demos of the draws here.

All playoff rounds hereafter will be drawn randomly, with the exception of the Silver/Bronze quarter-finals, which will be 3rd placed vs teams that won in the qualifying round.

We had previously written in the rules page that all playoff games would be best of 5 - this has now been changed, and only the semi-finals and finals will be best of 5. All other games will be best of 3.

The deadline for the first round of playoff games is Sunday 23rd April.

//The Crew

   Tomorrow really is the deadline  060415  

Sunday (Easter day!) is the deadline for the group games. On Monday the admin team will decide which clans will go to the playoffs (i.e. some will be removed if they have not played enough games), and will then make the draw.

The cups will be called 'Premier' and 'Standard'. The Premier Cups will be drawn by putting the 1st-placed teams in one pot, and the 2nd-placed teams in another, and then randomly pairing them up.

The system for the Standard Cups will vary from division to division and will be finalised on Monday.

//The Crew

   Fakers  060411  

Sadly, the NQR Crew has to announce that the clan SuddenDeath and the player Nussi (registered with AntiQuad) are no longer allowed to participate in NQR9.

The reason for this is that Nussi faked as Sassa in SD's game against LegeArtis.

SD have stated many reasons as to why they went ahead with this, but none of these excuses forgive the fact that they broke one of NQR's most important rules.

SD have finished their group games, but will not be allowed to participate in the 'amateur' playoffs. They will be permitted to play in the next season of NQR.

The Crew hopes that the community will join with us by not condoning fakenicking, whatever the reason for it, and that the right-minded members of the QW scene support this decision. It is not a decision we have taken lightly, and hope that it will serve as a warning to any clans or players that have ideas of acting in a similar way in the future.

//The Crew

   Deadline extended by one week  060409  

The topic says it all. Because so many games still remain unplayed, we have decided to extend the deadline by one week. The new, FINAL deadline for group games is Sunday April 16th 23:59cet.

// The Crew

   Terror Forge removed  060406  

Terror Forge requested that they be removed from NQR. They have been deleted and all of their games, played or unplayed, have been voided.

I would like to remind all clans that the deadline for the group stages is SUNDAY. As things stand, a lot of clans are going to be deleted and won't get a chance to play in the playoffs, including the whole of Gold Cup group D.

//The Crew

   RSS feed  060320  

There's now an NQR RSS feed. It fetches the last 10 results. How handy!



   Zaq Interview  060319  

I've done an interview with Mr. Zaqson from DQM.

Go here to read it.


   nqr.nu  060319  

The nqr.nu domain is now fully operational again and it should be working as a functional mirror of nqr-network.com.


   Gamer interview  060315  

An a 2 day blitz, I've done a second interview with a big-name QW star. This time it's Gamer from clan KOFF.

Go here to read it.



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