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2006-06-06 The Gibbers vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 0-3 BSF details
2006-06-01 Team Freedom vs. Veterans 2-3 SSF details
2006-05-30 defs vs. Demolition Crew 3-2 BPF details
2006-05-28 BaconMen vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 1-3 BSSF details
2006-05-25 defs vs. Morituri 3-0 BPSF details
2006-05-22 The Gibbers vs. NoName 3-2 BSSF details
2006-05-19 Team Freedom vs. Hippushnik 3-1 SSSF details
2006-05-18 Veterans vs. Dies Ater 3-0 SSSF details
2006-05-16 Death Team vs. Satanic Slaughter Clan 0-3 GSF details
2006-05-14 Compot vs. Dies Ater 0-2 SSQF details
  Schedule up until launch  060221  

Signups are going pretty well. 55 clans exceeds my initial expectations, so that's pretty nice. One or two more top clans wouldn't go amiss though (come on tVS, sign yourselves up!).

Here's how things will work once the signups close:

Sunday 26th February @ 23CET: Signups close (changed from midnight to avoid confusion...).

Monday 27th -> Wednesday 1st March*: The admin crew will finetune the tier placements and agree on the seedings.**

* This is the deadline for clans to freely add players to their roster. Any additions after this deadline will be subject to admin approval.

** 8 clans will be seeded in each tier. Each group thereafter will contain 2 seeded clans.

Thursday 2nd March @ 21CET: Clans will be randomly drawn and placed in groups A, B, C & D, live on TeamSpeak (details soon) and in #nqr!

Friday 3rd March: Clans will be placed in their groups on the NQR site and the fixtures will be generated.

Saturday 4th March -> Sunday 5th March: The NQR Crew will be on stand-by to make last-minute rule changes and deal with any emergencies ;)

Monday 6th March: NQR9 is live!


blAze - 130.230.1.*** 060221 @ 12:52:10
Milton seems to be with SSC so I don't think we have a team for this.
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 060221 @ 12:54:06
I'm sure he'll play with you if you ask nicely ;)
diehuman - 213.13.213.*** 060221 @ 19:38:00
ermm.. alive!!! :P
drama - 130.235.34.*** 060222 @ 15:11:32
its easier to shine in lower divs i guess?
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 060222 @ 15:42:47
SSC with Milton are in the Gold cup anyway :) They will probably go down to Silver if tVS signup and Milton plays for them.
Azazel - 83.226.243.*** 060223 @ 03:33:32
Where is the top team GTG? I want to see more just play for fun games!
Blob - 194.157.163.*** 060223 @ 12:23:41
Well our contract to lease Milton expired after EQL. But SSC in Gold Cup even with Milton? Have seen our performance in div2? We have superstar menestyjšt like Ski but still we have won only two matches. Well dunno, we probably won't be in the same level as in last NQR.
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 060223 @ 13:31:49
Gold cup is div 1 + top div 2, SSC with Milton are certainly top div 2 in my opinion. In theory you'll end up in the Gold 'B' playoff where you will play against other div 2 clans.
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 060223 @ 13:32:34

^^ There for more details on the split-level playoff system.

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