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2006-06-06 The Gibbers vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 0-3 BSF details
2006-06-01 Team Freedom vs. Veterans 2-3 SSF details
2006-05-30 defs vs. Demolition Crew 3-2 BPF details
2006-05-28 BaconMen vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 1-3 BSSF details
2006-05-25 defs vs. Morituri 3-0 BPSF details
2006-05-22 The Gibbers vs. NoName 3-2 BSSF details
2006-05-19 Team Freedom vs. Hippushnik 3-1 SSSF details
2006-05-18 Veterans vs. Dies Ater 3-0 SSSF details
2006-05-16 Death Team vs. Satanic Slaughter Clan 0-3 GSF details
2006-05-14 Compot vs. Dies Ater 0-2 SSQF details
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You may have noticed that there are now Google Ads at the top of this page. This is because NQR is now paying for its hosting. As a result, it should be more reliable than the old hosting on QW.nu, which went down more often than a Prague prostitute.

Clicking the ads generates a tiny amount of money which will go towards the running of the site. Any additional money will be given to a worthy cause.

There is also a Paypal donation link at the bottom of the menu on the right. If you are in a position to help us out financially then please do not hesitate :) Of course, it is not compulsory, but any donations would be gratefully received.

//The Crew


razor - 81.225.223.*** 060225 @ 13:52:41
im just curious
how much per month does the hosting cost? and how much does the googleadd give per click, etc :D
mushi - 84.90.50.*** 060225 @ 14:30:18
where is the ad? i wanna click it! i wont click the paypal button though :( I wish i win euromillions to pay the trip to sweden's qhlan to all qw players in the world.

that would be a personal victory :)
menth0l - 82.181.141.*** 060225 @ 18:21:21
Adblock removed the ads i think :/
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060225 @ 20:42:00
click click click
gaz - 84.12.156.*** 060225 @ 21:58:12
The hosting is just $20 a month, but I don't think it's unreasonable for me to want some other contribution to that fund other than from my own pocket :) I don't want to make a profit and if by some miracle we get in more than that amount a month I'll give the difference to charity.

I think the google ads generate something like a few cents per click - not much :P
son - 84.145.185.*** 060226 @ 01:39:10
cant see the ad either, firefox must detect it somehow :/ maybe you can just post a link one can click on?
gaz - 84.12.156.*** 060226 @ 03:06:59
It's right at the top, just above the login panel. It's a load of text links. I don't think I should paste the links as Google might tell me off for over-encouraging people to click them ;)
mushi - 84.90.50.*** 060226 @ 06:03:56
i just clikc them,,,,,,,,,
i close window
google will detect that im wasted drunk?
i mean
smoking j
coming from biatchzors
and more i wont tell
im tired of correcting errors from my keyborard
i mean
its all keyboard's fault
Mursu - 85.131.93.*** 060226 @ 11:13:41
Nice one Mushi :]]
gaz - 84.12.156.*** 060226 @ 11:51:05
how do i clicked advert
gaz - 84.12.156.*** 060226 @ 15:32:07
gaz - 84.12.156.*** 060226 @ 15:34:35
OK, now comments show correct time :P

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