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Current Week: 8

2006-06-06 The Gibbers vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 0-3 BSF details
2006-06-01 Team Freedom vs. Veterans 2-3 SSF details
2006-05-30 defs vs. Demolition Crew 3-2 BPF details
2006-05-28 BaconMen vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 1-3 BSSF details
2006-05-25 defs vs. Morituri 3-0 BPSF details
2006-05-22 The Gibbers vs. NoName 3-2 BSSF details
2006-05-19 Team Freedom vs. Hippushnik 3-1 SSSF details
2006-05-18 Veterans vs. Dies Ater 3-0 SSSF details
2006-05-16 Death Team vs. Satanic Slaughter Clan 0-3 GSF details
2006-05-14 Compot vs. Dies Ater 0-2 SSQF details
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The following games are holding people up, please play them ASAP:

Satanic Slaughter Clan vs Easy to kill
Compot vs Dies Ater
Hippushnik vs No Pasaran
Da Quaking Manjakks vs BaconMen
Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad vs paramedics

//The Crew


Ĺke Vader - 217.210.101.*** 060504 @ 23:54:16
I wonder if the silver cup teams are around any more. Haven't seen them prac in a while. :\
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060505 @ 16:43:21
I wonder if Ĺke Vader is around any more. Haven't seen him prac in a while. :\
Ĺke Vader - 217.210.101.*** 060506 @ 10:27:16
No need for prac. It all comes naturally for me. :(
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060506 @ 13:05:47
the pektopah of #hippushnik - 193.167.10.*** 060509 @ 12:16:16
first of all i've slovinsky admit that due to stolishnaya we've had our prac if not ere be (or how do english men speak?)
after all the trouble, ghu3bzolicz trouble, we were at the channel #noposoranocz! and nobody there? no answer. we say "poœwięcona udziału zwierzšt w życiu człowieka oraz propagowania pozytywnych" it is not polite not doesnt answer. mr oyf dispointed, nad bezpieczeństwem. we are the hippushnik, no joy. khba.
so, i hope #noposaran will content us.
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060510 @ 13:30:16

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