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2006-06-06 The Gibbers vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 0-3 BSF details
2006-06-01 Team Freedom vs. Veterans 2-3 SSF details
2006-05-30 defs vs. Demolition Crew 3-2 BPF details
2006-05-28 BaconMen vs. Apocalypse 2, kurwasquad 1-3 BSSF details
2006-05-25 defs vs. Morituri 3-0 BPSF details
2006-05-22 The Gibbers vs. NoName 3-2 BSSF details
2006-05-19 Team Freedom vs. Hippushnik 3-1 SSSF details
2006-05-18 Veterans vs. Dies Ater 3-0 SSSF details
2006-05-16 Death Team vs. Satanic Slaughter Clan 0-3 GSF details
2006-05-14 Compot vs. Dies Ater 0-2 SSQF details
  work on the site  060218  

I'm going to be doing some work on the clan panel this evening so I am disabling the clan login. The only way for me to do this while still being able to login and test it myself is to mark all clans in the database as being unconfirmed. This means that they'll disappear from the site temporarily - don't panic, I'll reverse it when I'm done.

UPDATE: 22.24 CET - this work is now finished and everything is back to normal...



fisto - 81.236.232.*** 060219 @ 21:30:28
ioaiohahioaihoaha JAG ÄR FÖRST!!
Hooraytio - 212.214.218.*** 060220 @ 23:34:04
spokz - 81.168.155.*** 060221 @ 00:28:34
i must say that I <3 new divs :> gold/silver and bronze r like champions league/uefa and intertoto :P really nice, 4-6 clans in 1 group -> every single match and even point will count! finally every clan can make a surprise! :)
and if some1 says its smackdown i would say that it's not coz i won't play LA/l0 etc :P
really looking forward to it
menth0l - 82.181.141.*** 060221 @ 10:01:10
I will play them and let me tell you something, th

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