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2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
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2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  NQR 6 Update! League Info & System  040117  

Hello Quakers, fraggers and fellow brothers in arms!
It's almost time to kick off yet another season of NQR, the 6th season! First of all we would like to thank all participants that battled it out in NQR 5, we sure hope all clans had a pleasent season. I know many players/clans voiced their displeasure about no playoffs/relegation games for divisions below 1. But all that's gonna change now :)

We have been very busy behind the scenes planning and discussing the 'new' NQR league system, maps, rules and a bunch of other stuff. We have now finally reached an agreement on all of the above. We think and hope that this new system will bring much fun and competivness for all clans/players involved, no matter which level of skill. We will now present you with the new league system, maps/map system, rules update; such as the updated rules regarding player transfers and nicknames.

League System

As you can see, we have chosen to stay with the 3-1-0 point system, divisional system will be same as last season, only lower number of divisions, and more clans per division, this is due to the changes made to the playoffs section. The big changes are in the playoff stages, where we chose to use an FA-stylish system.

Nations Quake Rank uses a "3-1-0" points system, split over a number of divisions. The divisions are skill-based and so, in theory, the better clans will be in Division 1 and the lesser-skilled clans in the lower divisions. Each clan will play every other clan in their division once, and only once (during the regular season).

The points system works as follows:

You win a game that ends 2-0: 3 points
You win a game that ends 2-1: 3 points
You lose a game that ends 1-2: 1 point
You lose a game that ends 0-2: 0 points

If teams are even on points in the table, the following will seperate the clans (in this order): 1. Map difference. 2. The game between the two clans. 3. Number of maps won. 4. Frag difference.

Playoff system:

After the regular season has finished, the playoff stage begins. NQR 6 contains a totally new FA-stylish playoff stage. The top 8 teams from each division will go into a knockout playoff where lower division teams also can climb and meet teams in higher divisions, because there are no defined limits. All playoff games exept semifinal and final will be played over 3 maps, (semifinals/finals are best of 5 maps). In best of 3, a decider can be agreed upon between the teams, else decided by throw-away system (first picker is chosen by random). In best of 5 (semifinals and finals) both teams pick a map each, after those 2 have been played they then pick again a map each (if 2:0 after first 2 maps, team with 0 maps pick first for 3rd map, when/if 4 maps have been played, the remaining map that has not yet been played should be played as decider).

For a more detailed look at the playoff system click here -> NQR 6 Playoff system.

Maps and map system

Official map pool: [CMT4 DM2 DM3 E1M2 xxx] (xxx map will be decided before season start by a poll. Each clan will get 1 vote when they signup. They can vote for either E2M2TDM or E3M6TDM).

This pool is to be utilized throughout the league, from division games to playoffs, all the way to the finals. You can select any map as your homemap for any given match.

Best of 3:
If the result is 1-1 after two maps have been played, a decider map will be required. If the same map has been played both first maps the decider will be that map as well. Else a map will be agreed upon between the teams, or selected by the throw away system (a team is chosen randomly to throw first map). Example: team1 picks CMT4, teams2 picks DM3 - a decider map will be picked from DM2 E1M2 xxx. Team1 is chosen randomly to throw away first map. Team1 throws away DM2, team2 throws away E1M2, xxx will be played as decider.

Rules updates

No fakenicking/aliasing will be tolerated. Please respect the league and the other participants by using your respective nicks. If we see this: FIRST time we will give you a warning. Second time, the player in question will be a subject to recieving harsh penalties such as a timed kick/ban or a permanent kick/ban from the NQR League.
If a player on the scoreboard is not listed in the members list his frags will ofcourse not be counted. Don't ask admins to add scores of players in your team that were using fakenick during games.

KFjump & other scripts
This is something that has been on topic for discussion in quite some time, on forums and QW sites. Jump scripts such as KFJump are allowed in NQR. We would really rather see some scripts banned, but we believe this is something that should be limited within mod/server/client - we don't want to play police on servers and walk through demos to see if ppl actually used scripts.

Player transfers:
During the regular season you will still be able to recruit 2 players. But we urge clans to respect the division they are put in, and not take in higher division players. As a natural step of player transfers admins have to approve every single request. It is admin policy not to allow playertransfers that will seriously compromise the 'levelness' of a division as it was originally constructed at the start of the season (as a starting point we will evaluate a player and decide what division we think he fits in. We will then not allow him to join a clan more than 1 divisions below).

We are certainly eager to get this season underway, and we hope you guys are as well. The signups will start pretty soon so stay tuned - this will be announced on IRC and here on

// The NQR Crew


  Good cheer at Xmas and some unofficial NQR notions  031224  

Merry Christmas and good cheer in the New Year from all of the NQR Admins!

I'd like those few of you who actually read this to think about what I write and to bear in mind these opinions are my own, xhrl's, and are by no means official NQR policy. I would like to offer the suggestion that in NQR 6 we use a five map pool through the regular season and then shorten it to the big3 for the playoffs. Please post your views on this in the comments. The five maps I want to see used are: dm2,3,e1m2, cmt3, and cmt4.

Very few are aware of e3m6tdm, but it has great potential, yet it is untried as far as I am concerned, so it needs to prove itself first in venue outside of NQR imo. But of course you get to offer your opinion on it and other maps, so there is no need to get uptight at this point.

Below I am pasting in my rather long and boring article concerning my views on a smaller map pool and why I reason it is better than a large or medium-sized map pool. So be forewarned that I am defending Ego and the old Villians map pool if you dare to read on:)

Usually the arguments for introducing new maps offer variants on these two positions: 1. They argue a revitalization in qw could be facilitated through the use of new maps; or 2. They claim the original id maps were not meant for tdm anyway and so others could be better used if they were "designed" specifically for tdm.

Respectfully, I reject both points of view in regard to qw tdm.

I will address the 2nd argument first: QW is the beautiful game by virtue of chance more than anything, not by sheer design. How it has arguably become one of the most challenging platforms cannot be attributed to mere human "design"; for there is something more than that at work imo, something like the fortunate caprice in the wonderful design in the natural world...QW has been slowly DISCOVERED and is still being discovered in terms of its gameplay: we are the fortunate inheritors of these discoveries and it is quite justifiable imo, to have an attitude of guardianship or conservation toward the maps which have the set the standards for excellence in QW's gameplay through the years. The maps dm2 dm3 and e1m2 are product of some design indeed...but mostly the product of very fortunate coincidence in all the layout and item elements; for more than anything else, these maps are not old or over played at all, rather they are still awaiting further discoveries and other turns of innovation -- for example as seen in the recent dag/def collaboration -- to yet again advance the gameplay of the beautiful game. These maps give each movement or "generation" of qw players some interesting grounds for comparison between each other and help to afford us our standards for what constitutes excellence in gameplay. Such grounds for standards must be removed only with a lot of trepidation and circumspect reflection on what will be lost...and if i am correct much would be. And this argument, if it has any validity, would apply quite logically to the idea of having a small map pool in duels and 2v2 as well. For duels I am very much in fair of dm2,4,6, aerowalk as being the basis for a standardized duel map pool. But this notion about duel map is a bit outside the scope of this present note I am writing, so I will drop it.

On the second point, regarding a revitalization through introducing new maps...this view thinks qw only needs good players to learn new maps and this will de facto, interject some new passion for the game. I grant that this may be so; though to my mind it is not in accord with what has transpired in qw over all these years. In my view, it has not been a passion for new maps to play on that has kept qw alive; on the contrary, it has been a on-going passion to prove oneself on the established maps that has kept qw alive. To be honest, I like some customs for duelling but i don't think of them in same way as i do dm2,3, or e1m2 in qw tdm. I know there are many who see these maps as setting a kind of standard for duel or tdm play...and there is no good reason not to. In fact, if for over 5 years other customs have not won the hearts and minds of qwplayers, this tells us of the difficult to define but yet very real enduring qualities of the maps I mentioned. Other maps, like cmt 3 and cmt 4 especially, have been played and enjoyed; but has there ever been a loud call by players at a major duel to play their finals on one of them instead of the standard Big Three? Nothing more than a whisper has been made...and a quiet one at that. The subleties of the game flow and the tactics in qw tdm are difficult to grasp and to execute, and still more difficult to master when they have to be coordinated by a team; the sense that these skills are easily transferable from one playing ground to another is only half true. Take hockey: would it alter the gameplay much if we re-designed the ice surface just a bit, for example just change the surface area of the ice to make ir smaller or greater? Any good Maple Leaf or Norsemen knows it would change the way the game flow dramatically. Though aim and movement skills cross the playing field boundaries to some extent, the salient point here is that by changing the standard playing fields of qw tdm, what really happens is the tactical dynamics of the game are watered down. Consider the time it takes to become a solid team player on dm2, 3 or e1m2; some players who have played tb3 since Villians 1 are still presently improving their teamplay on these maps; e.g., Paradoks has undergone subtle, and in certain respects, even radical development in terms of his teamplay on dm2. The standard maps are still waiting to be discovered...they are far from played out; it is a passion for these playing fields which has been a huge, integral part of qw's longevity. Most top players I know are NOT bored with the big 3.

In fact, such a great mapper as baby_roo believes that ONLY the big 3 should be allowed in big tournies like SD; his opinion is echoed by many very skilled players as well throughout the eu, na and au. Hence the great need for the re-establishment of Villians! I think the changes in the game flow that occur today are subtle...this old gnarled game, still the beautiful game imo, has the means for its own invigoration within itself. These old maps are part of the means, as they give us a standard by which to compare what is excellent or is still developing in terms of the gameplay or even to compare an individual player's skill development with other players in different time periods of qw history. From year to year one can see how the qw players have advanced and explored the old maps, and even now we can see them still being discovered and advanced in the recent movie collaborations. I think the only two thing qw needs is to re-establish the old clan system of loyalty, honour and mutual respect, as well as to keep the tournaments alive and publicized. The old gameplay, the old playing fields upon which this beautiful game is played, will sell themselves to anybody that is interested in trying it out. One of the worst things you can do is tell a new player that he has to learn the tactics of a multitiude of maps rather the standard big three; not only does this water down the tactical subtleties for the advanced, but also it hinders development in the new player by laying out a weightier yoke for him. Clearly the case for a Villians style map pool has been made.


  Some thoughts on the NQR 5 Final by xhrl  031217  

I bet my hard-earned money on this match. Further, I thought as deeply as my pea-brain mind could about the possible tactics to be used in this match; I put my pre-match thoughts about this match up on this site and on I listened to HangTime do his usual splendid commentary on the 5 games in this series. I read Link's after match review; the powerful emotions exhibited in his writing even touched me much as the subtleties in the wording his fellow countryman, Ibsen, used in his plays to evoke passion. Impressive writing by Link over on

I should stop now because I have nothing to say as honorable as what Link said about this NQR Final over on But I refuse to let this series go away, I just feel somehow numb or cheated; I wish the series could have been longer or something. No, it is not me losing my 500 euros or me making shitty predictions. Of course I had predicted DS to win because I thought they might have slightly better chance on dm2 with all other variables being equal. Of course, the godlike players of SR did prove me wrong. Even with mrl harshed out by lag, he was such an incredible force in that game on dm2. Nevertheless the dm2 game was the stuff of legends, even if what happened in the next two great games had not happened at all. For those last few minutes on dm2 through akke's pov were as memorable for me as some the greatest FF memories akke has given to me in past years. "The greatest comeback ever," as HangTime referred to that game, is precise. However, as you may well guess what I am driving at, had a few things gone slightly differently on that last dm3 game, 'the greatest comeback ever' would not have been just limited to that dm2 game; it would have been established by the series win. For me this Final will be remembered by me as the greatest series comeback that wasn't. What I liked best about this bitter defeat for DS fans is that, to be sure, it was very bitter indeed. These two clans respect one another but do not like one another: this makes for some heated pre- and post-game comments; it creates the atmosphere of a war, a competition with the glory of victory as the greatest honour. But the honouring of battling is also worthy of glory, especially when it comes to fighting in a closely fought series like this one was for the NQR 5 Final. I wish to state that both teams fought this great battle with strength and honour! We can learn what champions are like as much in defeat as in victory; and DS are by no means llamas; I hope we see some reformation of this squad again. I have never seen a team play e1m2 as well as this DS squad has. It would be a shame to never see it again.

Will SR now disband after qhlan6? They have conquered most every tourney? Will para now go off and continue to do other things in qw? Will DS disband and come together again in LA again next season? Will xamp, golo, hib and gamer form the next unstoppable bunch? This NQR Final leeaves as many hopes, questions and speculations open for the qw community as it answered. One thing is sure for me: I owe SR my congratulations on winning the hardest fought series since SD1.

Bring on NQR 6!



Slackers has won the NQR5 Finals!

Slackers vs Disorder faced off in a great match that had to use all 5 maps available to decide a winner, omg what a great game! They got the victory with 6 frags on last map DM3. Many thought at first that this was going to be a 3-0 map game, but we all were to be proven very wrong in our prediction about this. Disorder did a heroic effort and managed a superb comeback, tie:ing the game at 2-2. All though they could not reach all the way they surly put some respect into Slackers, who got away with a 6 frag victory on the tie-breaker; DM3, GG's!! GG's goes out to Disorder for a well played season, and outstanding play in the Finals, but Lady Fortune seemed not to be on your side this evening. Gather your strenght's and comeback next season!

As much as we would like to put up this game A.S.A.P on the NQR site, we cannot just yet im sorry to say. We are working on this, and the game will be reported as soon as humanly possible, accompained with demos offcourse.

A larger "Aftermath" match report will follow as well, tomorrow perhaps. NQR Crew would like to thank the Crew for an outstanding comentating service during the NQR 5 Playoffs, THANKS GUYS!

Game Stats:
Slackers vs Disorder: 3-2

Maps Frag Count:
DM3: 191 - 149 [1 - 0]
E1M2: 228 - 196 [2 - 0]
DM2: 160 - 167 [2 - 1]
E1M2: 158 - 185 [2 - 2]
DM3: 150 - 144 [3 - 2]

Due to the reason of our page failing atm, we will provide you with a temporary link for the screenshots, NQR 5 Final Screens.

A big CONGRATS from the NQR Crew goes out to S L A C K E R S the NQR 5 CHAMPIONS!

// The NQR Crew


  NQR 5 Finals TODAY! Slackers vs Disorder.  031216  

It is yet again time for a great battle for the NQR Trophy! The combatants for this game is Slackers and Disorder. Disorder will get a chance to redeem themselves after loosing the CB Semifinal earlier this week. It will be a fight you do not want to miss! Offcourse the great Crew from will cover the NQR Finals, with lots of cams for everyone. The now legendary commentator duo of Hangtime & Sassa will bring you live commentating during the game. There will also be some pre-game talk before the game. Below are some info for all your spectator needs.

Qizmo Cams:

Swe: [ ] - 64 slots
Swe: [ ] - 64 slots
Swe: [ ] - 64 slots
Swe: [ ] - 64 slots

Fin: [ ] - 100 slots
Fin: [ ] - 100 slots
Fin: [ ] - 100 slots
Fin: [ ] - 100 slots

Nor: [ ] - 128slots

Need help to be able to watch the game? No problem, just head on to this Qizmo Guide, courtesy of EQuake.

TeamSpeak info: The broadcast will start 21:00cet.

Server: Not decided yet.
Channel: #NQR, #NQR Finals
Commentators: HangTime, Sassa.


Also you probably would like to check out Xhrl's great pregame coverage he has done on the site.


Slackers vs Disorder
Time: 22.00 CET.
Best of 5 maps.

This will be a game to remember, don't miss this game! Good luck to both of the clans, from NQR Crew.

// The NQR Crew.


  dm2 as the crucible; fs bows out  031213  

Some more junk from xhrl; if you care for it, read on.

I was not impressed by fs' teamplay in the semis. Now I am a big fs fan, of course; but even so, it was disappointing to see them play so poorly on dm3, a map I have always thought of as reppie's playroom. And on e1m2, the performance by drefjus and razor, though quite good, was not matched at all by my hero, the_flying_dutchman, reppie. I am not sure it was just because fs teamplay decisions were questionable in places or that they had connection lameness or that just plain luck didn't spin their way: I reason beyond all these factors, it may well have had to do with the fact that sr stepped up to another gear after their very close match against antiquad. FS can't blame AQ, but it is true that AQ did nothing less than wake up the sleeping slackers. Whatever the reasons for this rather disappointing loss may be, I hope the best for fs in NQR next season! Notwithstanding this fs loss, I must admit one very obvious factor that pertains to the finals: the slackers and their sr_good_fortune are alive and well.

That said I do not believe that chance will play very much into four of the five games that I expect to see played in the NQR final. Put succinctly, I expect sr to take their 2 dm3s, and for ds to win their 2 e1m2s. I presuppose a big thing here: that neither team will be upset. Yet that is not a huge stretch to see happening, for it already has between cmf and ds.

So if this plays out as I suggest, the map to watch closely will be the very map no one can completely put their faith on: dm2. For she is a treacherous strumpet to those who have loved her and have placed their faith in winning on her: just think of how far she took TVS; yet bear in mind just how she betrayed TVS in critical playoff games. The break down of skill on dm2 is not terribly revelant to my mind, as both ds and sr match up closely on it. I might give a slight advantage to sr in running the big Q on dm2 because they have the extremely manly one, hib. Hib is one of the finest dm2 quad runners around right now, of course; but I would go one step further and suggest he is one of the best ever. But ds has rkr and mrl, who are "teh shitnitz" as well. I am not sure what that devious saying means, yet i mean by it that they are both proven experts at doing damage with the big Q on dm2 --- if you doubt me, just recall rkr's last minute quad run in the previous nqr final :P I am sure SR is aware of those two guys when they have the big Q. Yet it is not the Quad itself that will decide dm2; it is the teamplay decisions and support play. It is here that I think ds has a bit of an advantage. Did you see the performance by paradoks on dm2 against AQ and FS? I bet you thought the same as I did: para was not playing up to his highest standard. Correct me if I am wrong, but the bottom line is that paradoks will have to step up his dm2 support play to match that of slime, nbe or akke if SR is going to be able to take dm2. I have no doubt about this: that it will take 4 solid performances to win the dm2 game, not merely 3 or 2 very solid players in a clan doing all the work. Yet all my junky speculation aside, dm2 will be probably decided by something as simple as "whoever makes the fewest rl_pack turnovers" gets to reel in the NQR trophy.

I wish strength and honour to those about to battle!


  NQR Finals scheduled  031213  

We finally made it - it's time for another NQR Finals.

Slackers will be facing Disorder and the game is scheduled for this Tuesday at 22.00cet. More news will follow regarding coverage of the event.

There will be lots of Qizmo's and live TeamSpeak coverage aswel.


  mrl's 14th frag and sr vs fs  031210  

If you haven't seen the demos for the ds vs cmf semifinals yet: you should remedy this by downloading the mvds from chtv. I highly recommend the last e1m2 game as it is what tdm is about for many players; a close, tactical game. The commentary by HT was perspicuous and full of interesting insights into particular events; he is for me the_commentator beyond all others, even the eso2 crew. I like the way he gets somewhat emotional about the game and even curses when certain players leave a pack or miss a shot; you'd think he was talking to his own hyphen teammates at times. It is his passion for the subtleties of qw tdm strategy and gameplay that make him the_commentator to have around for any tdm matches.

Anyway I have digressed. The main point about the series is that ds showed its great strength on e1m2; with nbe and akke in the lineup on that map, they won't fall: I said that a while ago and i still hold to it. In the pivotal 5th game ds went with slime instead of using akke. There was a lot of talk about this decision, but at bottom jovo_cop was outstanding in the game, so I can see no point in discussing ds' reasoning. What strikes me as important is mrl's 14th frag in game 5 against shiva. Upon getting some more life, after the rather surprising frag, mrl went and took the big Q on two consecutive runs that brought ds back into the game. Yes, nbe's frag count and rkr's amazing control over the ya at important points were pivotal, too. But to me ds won because of mrl's efforts right around the mid-way point in the game.

That ds didn't win on dm3 should concern every ds fan. The reason I say this is because ultimately it means that dm2 becomes the "real" decider map. For if in the final ds can win its two chosen e1m2s, and fs or sr can take their two dm3s, it leaves dm2 as the lottery map it is to make the real difference in the series, assuming here that no clan gets upset on a home map choice. And, as mrl has said himself to me, dm2 is not his favourite map for 4v4 with ds or any clan he has played for; I can easily understand why. dm2 is a treacherous taskmaster for those who place their hopes on it against equally skilled competition. For ds fans, you have to hope that they maintain their excellence on e1m2 and that they refine some of their teamplay decisions on dm3 before the finals; I think hoping to win a dm2 in a finals is like tossing a coin for the game.

I wish strength and honour to ds as they have proven themselves worthy of the finals! As well I say the same to cmf, for they were the team to beat in my view....may be one of the strongest on dm3 ever?

I am looking forward to the fs vs sr semifinals. I fear for sr fans. If sandyman hadn't timed out, I think every sr player knows that series would have likely gone to 3 games. Both games were closer than the scores show. Yet, paradoxically, I think this is just what sr needed to kick itself into another gear; so I believe sr fans can be glad that aq gave them a damn close run. For aq fans it must be lame; so close yet kicked in the nackers by lag. Well, shit happens in qw tdm as elsewhere, but still it leaves a bitter impression to be so close...yet not there.
FS is looking every bit the powerhouse they are; though a revitalized sr squad is not good news for the hardcore fs fan. The flying_dutchman reppie and his mates are looking tough on e1m2 and dm3; that would make them ds' toughest opponent for my money. But we shall see if a regrouped sr squad can push fs around a bit or a lot. I suspect it will be a lot; but also I suspect the flying_dutchmen blxm and reppie will kick back with their hard wooden shoes. The fs vs sr semifinal is going to be a close call; though I favour fs in it because I think they the right combination of skills and tactics to create problems for even a focussed sr squad. Besides this, fs has grit and they are determined to win against sr. I leave it to the sr fans to boo and piss on me when and if I am proved wrong :p

Strength and honour to those about to battle in this semifinal!


  fs rumbles against the e2m7_experts: EQ  031207  

Too bad that nqr playoffs do not allow for maps outside tb3; no, not for my sake, but for the sake of EQ. Outside of cmf and those slackers, I think this crew is among the very toughest on the non-standard maps such as e2m2. Now the sad news for EQ is that fs is well versed on maps such as e2m2 as well. Though during the regular season these two clans had one of the most entertaining match ups on e2m2 I have seen. That this is idle talk because, as I said above, no non-big3 maps are used, so there will no hope of seeing another brilliant come-from-behind victory on e2m2 by fs. On the big 3, fs is just a more proven clan. If EQ hopes to win, jezaja and his men must prevail on what is arguably the best of fs' maps: dm3, though fs has been impressing me on e1m2 throughout this seasonm as well. But to beat fs on the map where the flying_dutchmen fling off their wooden_shoes and call it home is going to be a tall order. I think the best chance for EQ is to try their luck on the dm2_lottery map; fs no longer has blitz to fight off on that map. But with drefjus in their line up I think on e1m2 fs is very strong indeed; yet EQ is a good e1m2 team. But I believe that fs will take this series 2-0.

I wish strength and honour to all of the competitors who will be doing battle!


  CB faces_off against cMf  031207  

Some are saying that this is just going to be a massacre; that CB will be discombulated and that cmf will merely have to appear on the server and CB's hope will vanish as wisp of smoke does in a breeze. Admittedly the sight of fifi and shiva and the cmf_men might cause even longtime veterans to experience fear and and trembling. The respect I have for this batch of cmf players is extensive; I think this particular crew could go down in qw history as one of the most powerful ever. I do expect CB to lose, but I have been wrong about CB before. In fact if you examine the regular season standings, a slightly more objective view on this game is available: in those matches CB lost 1-2 to cmf. Winning on the treacherous lottery map, that is dm2, may not mean much to some, including me; but playing cmf to within 30 frags on e1m2 is commendable and does mean that, had a few rl packs gone CB's way and may be another decent run with the big Q, the game could've been CB's. Again, I know that this is merely "should have, would have, could have" talk and that CB has the big job putting out the raging fire that is cmf. I hope for the sake of cmf fans that Cb doesn't show up with a high volume firehose:P With due respect to CB and their fans ---yes, they do have noisy fans--- I believe cmf is determined to win and that nothing will stop them from winning; my only question is whether CB will push cmf on e1m2 and will take dm2. I think on dm3 CB has no chance against shiva_the_destroyerGod and his manly crew. An interesting bit of info about cmf is that _|anne may attend the qhlan; one can only imagine how tough cmf could be with in the line up if his qw interest holds into the next season of nqr.



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