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2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  At long last - news from NQR!  031027  

Well, hello hello. I know that all of you update-hungry quakers out there are just dying to read some news, so here it is. Since it has been a very long time since the last update, and many many games have been played (actually 254 games now since the start of the season), I'll try to make a long story short for each division.

Division 1 also known as the ]SR[ Division, just had an update so no news here.

Division 2 also known as the American Division.
Chopstick Ninjas dominating this group so far with 18 points from 7 games thanks to their FF lineup and looking good. Second place going to FU and HF with 15 points each. HF still haven't lost a single game! Can't wait for CN vs HF some time soon :) Also Fragomatic have played only 2 games, both won and may still pose a threat to CN or HF. Both American teams in this division are doing unexpectedly well, despite high pings in the games. AG have won 2 games and taken a point in games vs CN and HF! Our friends from the other side of the Atlantic roam on their home map of CMT4. The other American clan, Fired isn't doing so well but they still have lots of games to play, and maybe we'll see some surprising results, as Fired have already beaten SSC! In the middle of div2 we have a lot of hassle going on with clans like the mentioned SSC, E1, AMD, MM, GTG and AG all fighting for better spots. Hixo from FUDOH now leading the fragrank for this division with 61.8 frags/map. gg :)

Division 3 also known as the Dag Division.
It's one of the more interesting divisions if you ask me. A lot of div2 potential clans fighting for the top spot here and no team left undefeated. Currently Vet's are in the lead with 22 points, and Exist right on their tracks. Euthanasia , which has Dag and Space in its lineup 'only' 5th with 16points. Kala are looking very strong this season on 4th place having taken a point against Vet's and defeated both Exist and [E]. Maybe Kala will still attack first place...who knows, would surely be interesting. The other finnish team in this division, Wiinax arent doing that good, and are in the lower part of the table having won only one game, along with PHC, Ax3 and Second. Come on ladies, you can do better than that! NRU close the lower part of the table, but only 3 games played so the points are bound to come rolling in soon. The Russians from BWL are still potentially dangerous so watch this division closely, because its bound to get hot :) Quite unsurprisingly Dag leading the fragrank for this division with a sizzling 76.9 frags/map.

Division 4 also known as the McParanoids Division.
Two clans clearly dominating this division - Hungarian Paranoids with 24 points and 8 of 8 games won 2-0 and Billy's Burgers with 21 points and 7 out of 7 games won 2-0. A short time ago Hell Patrol was still in contention with the leading two, but lost to finnish Lost BoyZ and then to Burgers and now are on 3rd place with 21 points but 2 lost games. Quite a large gap between number 3 and 4 in this group - 9 points to be exact. Nevertheless, Gamblers, Edge, OLW, Dybbuk and Thangorodrim may still well compete for 3rd place with Hell Patrol. I'd especially look out for {T}, because if they win their next 4 games they will overtake HP with the same number of games played. Dybbuk recently lost to the polish Hell Patrol and lost some chances :/ Suicide Commando and Quadaver are still looking for their first victories, with 3 and 5 games played consecutively :( I'd say that Radiant Nails are playing rather under expectations occupying 9th place, and they surely can do better than that! Billy of Burgers just leading the fragrank over Milamber from Paranoids with 68.3 over 66.9 frags/map, 4 BB and 3 Paranoids players in the top 10 of the fragrank! I wonder who will do better when those two clans clash at long last.

Division 5 also known as the Portuguese Division.
Yes, we have two Portuguese clans in this division: TAV and Def's, but they aren't doing as well as the Americans in division 2. In fact both clans from the land of Porto have lost all their games :( That doesn't mean that they didn't show resistance, but it just wasn't enough, combined with the fact that they lag a lot :( I'm quite confident we have a winner in this division already, clan Armageddon from Russia brutalizing their enemies in and taking 1st place with 8 out of 8 games won, looking really strong this season. There's still a fierce battle going on for 2nd place though between El?intarha, Ancient Gods from Finland and Clan Code from Hungary. Caped Crusaders (earlier the Stone Clan) from the USA are doing quite well too, having won two games already, one of them vs Clan Code. Shadow Minions are also underperforming a bit if you ask me, but maybe it's because their starplayer Terror didnt play in all the games, so 5th place currently. DoS from Poland have now won a really close games vs hHh-clan and another one vs Defs and may well be on their way to some higher rankings. The other polish clan, Illumination having some trouble and yet to win a game. Terror from SM leading the fragrank in this division with 68.5 frags/map (I'm not counting players with 1/2 maps played).

Division 6 also known as the Swedish Division.
Eight out of thirteen clans are swedish here, now that tells a lot about this division doesn't it? :) Swedish Osams in the lead just ahead of FNU in second place. Only FNU managed to beat Osams, but lost to other clans in this division, all this making Osams look rather comfortable. Only Gauntlet seem to be able to retake the lead with 4 out of 4 games won, but still to face Osams, so watch out for this game. Only two clans with no victories yet, Scapegoats from (yeah you guessed right) Sweden and the Kurwas from Jihad Warriors. Really hard to say anything more about this division with clans winning and losing against each other almost randomly (but hey it's a swedish division!) Gauntlet, Team MP, Morituri and FNU looking in better form than the other clans so far, each of them taking a point from Osams at least. Case from SKK leading the scoreboard with 67.1 frags/map so far.

Division 7 also known as the Miscellanous Division.
A lot of funny named clans here, some doing better and others worse, but no funny named clan can compete with The AssassinS in division 7 this season. 27 points in 9 games - can't do better than that. Hippushnik are in second place though, and managed to take a point away from ASS. gg :) Four clans without points in the back of the table. Let's hope all of them get some points soon! It's quite probable, as there are still quite a lot of games to play. FIPS are right on the track of Hippushnik having just won against them, so we now have a battle for 2nd place going on. The clans in the lower part of the table should get some more games played soon! We're all waiting to see what more they can show, and a nice place in the middle of the ranking is still possible for Mjoelktand and even The-Djibs or Twiddle. Clan 42 only played one game so far and won it, gg, but we're waiting for more! Maybe they can beat ASS at long last. Purity leading the fragrank with 57.7 frags/map here. GG all clans.

I'm sorry for all you who wanted this update to cover every division more fully but I promise that we'll try to write more often and more detailed updates. :)


  Division 1 Update  031020  

Division 1 has been chugging along quite well in recent weeks, so thought it was time for a quick update on what the top dogs are upto.

It seems some of the newcomers to Division 1 are settling in quite well, with both Four Kings and Earthquake raising some eyebrows with some excellent results...

4K have scored in each of their games so far, having taken out old-timers ToT with relative ease they then knicked a point against the mighty Clan MalFunction, losing 1-2. They followed it up with a flawless victory against the Finnish Qandrane. Meanwhile, eQ have been showing that its not all about tb3 in NQR by taking some big wins on their favourite map of CMT4. They've so far conquered both ToT and Qandrane, and taken a point against CMF. The only game they havent taken a point from was a 2-0 loss at the hands of the impressive Disorder.

Qandrane have shown great activty having played 7 of their games already - the highlight being a 2-1 victory over Campbusters. No doubt they'll be looking to push up into the playoffs positions in their remaining games. Fellow Finnish clan Antiquad seem to be building on last season's debut in Division 1 by already racking up as many points as they finished on last season! Keep it going chaps ;)

For the powerhouses of Div1, its been pretty much as you'd expect. Slackers, Clan Malfunction and disorder are so far unbeaten, with Firing Squad also showing up at the right end of the Division. Interestingly, they seem to be avoiding each other the time being...!

Hyphen seem to be adopting a tactic of playing the hard teams first. They might not have scored a point yet, but expect them to start climbing the rankings pretty soon as they start facing some of the "easier" opposition (if there is such a thing in the top Division!)

Campbusters are also yet to win in 2 games, but did score a point against Qandrane. They have good Div1 pedigree and I'm sure will start heading in the right direction before long.

Clan =X= are the only clan in Division 1 yet to play a game. Hopefully they can start to get active sooner rather than later. Time is running out!

Keep your eyes on this division, almost all the "big" teams are yet to face each other... and you just know there's gonna be some great games ahead!


  Demos Fixed?  031014  

It seems there was a server configuration error which was stopping the demos being uploaded correctly. I'm told its now fixed, so get uploading! Any problems, post a comment to this item. Remember that your demo won't appear straight away - it must be confirmed by an admin.

Update: A few demos have already arrived, so we are sure it is working now. In addition, if anyone found they had problems reporting games then this should now also work - the problem was that the server wouldn't accept any files larger than 500KB, so if you had a large screenshot this also wouldn't work. It is now fixed.


  Second week finished  031013  

The second week of Nations Quake Rank Season 5 has now been completed. The league has now started for real. This has been a really active week with lots of games played.

Let's start at the bottom in division 7 and 6.
Here we saw FIPS from the UK defeating the finnish TF-clan twiddle 2-0 on dm2 and cmt4. Twiddle did quite well considering this was their first DM match ever.
Then twiddle went on to play the Pigs of Fucking Fury from Sweden. POFF showed their strength by taking both e3m7 and dm2 with clear margins.
UK clan FIPS managed to get another 3 points by defeating the german clan smackThatass 2-0. The CMT4 game was pretty easy, but dm2 was more tense: 138-123 to FIPS favour.
Then sTa wanted revenge and played swedish clan POFF. The maps were dm2, e3m7 and e1m2. sTa managed to win all maps except e3m7, after good performances py Purity.
The brittish clan super-electro-chickens faced the polish clan Deadly Guns. This game was only played on one map, dm2, and in 3on3, the other map got WO. The scores on dm2 were 81-170 to SEC.
Unfortunately the game between SEC and Teamkill was reported WO as well.
The European clan Quick Omission is another clan that looks hot in this division. They started off by defeating swedish FRI convincingly on both dm3 and dm2, with the former UK team captain Acquiesce leading the way.
QO then also went on to play another swedish clan, The-Djibs. The-Djibs had a bad day and got spawnraped on dm2 with the scores 441-3. Second map was Walkover for some unknown reason :)
Mjoelktand were another clan to face Quick Omission, and got beaten on dm2 and dm3.
We saw a surprise when POFF managed to break the winning streak of QO and save the last pieces of the swedish clans' reputation in this division :) DM2 was pretty close but went to POFF. Then the swedes showed their strength on e3m7 by winning 70-202.
Then The AssasinS, also from Sweden, showed that they are a clan to reckon with by beating Quick Omission 2-1 in maps.
The russian/east european clan Hippushnik continued their winning streak by defeating the swedish clan POFF 2-0 on e3m7 and e1m2.
After that HIPS went on to play the dutch clan Teamkill. The first map, dm2, was a rape with the scores 5-335 to HIPS. DM3 went to HIPS as well, and this map was played 3on3 since some TK players had some connection problems.
The TF-clan Twiddle also had to face the wrath of Hippushnik, and got beaten on both dm2 and e1m2.
Mjoelktand from Sweden were another candidate to get raped by the russians. The scores were 224-43 on dm2 and 265-12 on dm3.
Finally, it was the same story for the polish clan Deadly Guns who got raped even worse on the same maps.
Hippushnik are now clear leaders in this division with 18 points and 6 games played, followed by Quick Omission on 10 points.

Division 6:
JihaD WarriorS from Poland played their first game in NQR against swedish Team MP. MP had some ping advantage and took home the victory on dm3 and dm2.
Morituri from the UK also played their first game this season, against JihaD WarriorS. MOR took home both dm3 and dm2 quite comfortably.
Next JW moved on to play Osams from Sweden. JW once again had some connection problems, and Osams had no problem at all taking home both dm2 and cmt1b. It seems that Allah and the pings weren't on JW's side this time.
But before the match against JW, osams played their first game this season against Morituri. DM2 was very close and exciting and osams won with only 6 frags! As always the UK people knew how to play cmt4 and took that one home with 171-70. Then on the decider map, e1m2, osams secured their first victory this season by winning 212-100.
Then again osams showed their strength by defeating FUDOH 2 from Norway on all tb3 maps except e1m2. Osams are now in the lead in this division with 12 points, followed closely by FNU on 11 points.
FUDOH 2 also played a match against Team MP. On e3m7 FUDOH 2 played well and won. However, on dm3 and e1m2, Team MP was the better team.
After that Team MP moved on to play polish Vampire Reborn. First VR won dm3 and then MP won e1m2. The decider map, dm2, was played 3on3 because VR couldn't field 4 players. That map was close but went to MP with the scores 112-101 after some hiding in the last minutes.
Swedish oldschool clan J?garna also made their debut this season by taking on Egentillverkade gigantiska dammsugare. All maps were pretty close. First dm3 was won by J?garna after a close game. Then on dm2 and e1m2 Lornelin pretty much dominated the maps himself and secured the first victory for EGD.
Two other swedish clans also played their first game this season. St?l-Kalle-Klanen vs scapegoats. SKK was definitely the stronger team on both dm3 and dm2 that was won by large margins.
Scapegoats then played their second game, against FNU, and got raped badly on both e3m7 and dm2. It's pretty obvious they have been placed in the wrong division.
FNU also played a a game against Morituri. Both teams won their respectively home map, e3m7 and cmt4, quite easy and decider map became dm2. This game was more tense but resulted in a victory for Morituri who stole 2 points from FNU.


  Demos don't work!  031008  

For some reason the demo upload function isn't working. I can't for the life of me figure out why, but I will keep trying. In the meantime, keep saving your demos for when it does work :-|


  First week - Division 1-3  031007  

The higher divisions started to play their games a bit later than the others. In division 1 there have been 6 games played so far. In division 2 and 3 however we have only seen 2 games played. All clans in these divisions need to start to play their games really soon!

First out in this division were two well known european clans: FiringSquad vs. Hyphen. FS were simply too strong for Hyphen this time and managed to win both dm3 and dm2, with Reppie leading the scoreboard on both maps.
After that game, FS were confident enough to take on the mighty Slackers. This time however the roles were changed and Slackers dominated both dm2 and cmt3.
This evening we also witnessed a prestigious battle between the two finnish clans Clan Malfunction and AntiQuad. First AQ put up a little surprise and managed to win dm3 after a really strong performance. However CMF were back on track again on dm2 and e1m2 and won those maps rather comfortably.
This was also the evening when the mighty swedish clan Tribe of Tjernobyl made their comeback by taking on Qandrane from Finland. ToT were lucky and got good starts on both dm2 and dm3. Qandrane, with the starplayers fix and vana in their lineup, did everything in their powers to fight back but ToT seemed to have too much routine to loose the grip.
After that ToT went on to play another finnish clan, namely AntiQuad. DM3 was a very even game but in the end GHRU won with a 12 frags margin. On dm2 GHRU showed their strength again by winning 225-111.
Another very interesting game was played in this division as well: Disorder, known as the cmt-haters, versus EarthQuake, known as the cmt-lovers. Despite Disorder's lack of practice on the cmt-maps they did really well on cmt4 and managed to win with a 16 frag margin! E1M2 on the other hand was a more easy task for DS who took home the victory with 266-101.

In division 2 we saw an interesting game as well, between the American Gangsters and Chopstick Ninjas from Denmark/Sweden. CN, who had the old FF-stars pietro and exile in their lineup, pretty much dominated dm3. Despite their shitty pings, AG managed to do an upset on cmt4 and won with the scores 177-78. Well played guys! The decider map was e1m2 and here AG couldn't do much to stop the ff-ers. 3 points to CN.

The only played game in division 3 so far was between Justified Ancients of Menace from United Kingdom and the swedish clan Second. The first map, e1m2, was a pretty close one but Second were strong enough here to defeat the britts with the scores 194-135. On cmt4 however, UK's official national map, Second did'nt stand much of a chance. Then again JAMS showed their strength by winning the decider, dm3, with 191-55.


  Divisions 4-5 are off!  031006  

Along with divisions 6-7, the two higher ones also got some games played in the first NQR5 week. Division 5 got 6 games played and division 4 - 4 games.

In division 5 we may already have a real favourite to win this group. Russian clan Armageddon is storming through the first two weeks, winning 3 out of 3 games with the score 2-0. Their first victim was clan Shadow Minions which Armageddon defeated quite easily. Their next opponents, Defs from Portugal, put up a real fight but the russians still stood their ground on both dm3 and e1m2. In the first game of week two ARD played german hHh-clan and also didn't experience much problem. The germans known for their good play there only put up some resistance on dm2, which still wasn't enough. Let's see who can take some points away from ARD this season! The two clans which have lost to ARD played against each other in week 1: hHh-clan won in a close dm3 and not-so-close dm2 :P of Defs. GL to Defs, hope you guys get better ping conditions next time. Another portuguese clan which tried battling it out vs Euro's was Terror Ad Vincit. Sadly they didnt have much fun losing 2 games quite heavily, to El?intarha and Clan Code, both games with 0-2. Better luck next time!

Now to division 4.
Only 4 games played here. People start playing! Clan Edge won their first battle against Quadaver from Germany. Quite unexpectedly too if you ask me. DM3 was quite close, but Edge showed their domination on dm2. Billy's Burgers showed most activity and played 2 games on sunday evening, both won 2-0. In the first one , BB got a convincing victory over OLW on dm3 and dm2, where the scores reached over 300. Their second opponent, Radiant Nails from the Czech Repubic, showed to be a more demanding team. Not demanding enough for Billy's Burgers it seems as again they win on the same 2 maps, though with a bit smaller gap on dm2. BB looks really confident as a leading team in division 4 now. In the fourth game in division 4, the german clan Dybbuk with Apollyon in their lineup defeated Gamblers from Sweden. Gamblers seemed more confident on e1m2 than on dm2, but that night Dybbuk was just too good on both levels. I cant really say much about this division based on these games. I'm still waiting to see clans like Paranoids, Hell Patrol and Thangorodrim get their games played. GG to all clans and GL in next games :)


  First games played - Division 6-7  031006  

After a somewhat sluggish start, the first games in NQR season 5 have now finally been played. First week is already over, and not even half of all week 1 games have been played. But don't worry, you will have plenty of time to finish all your games before deadline. You will have both this week plus the catch up week in the end of the season to play these games.
There is of course also the possibility to play during the autumn vacation. But now let's move on to the games:

For some reason the lower divisions have been by far the most active so far. Let's start with some coverage from division 6-7.

The first game in division 7 was played between the german newcomers in SmackThatAss and the swedish clan F?reningen r?dda igelkottarna (which means something like "Save the Hedgehogs Association" in english). After some pretty even games on dm2 and e1m2, FRI ended out victorious and gets 3 points!

Another game in this division was played between the russian clan Hippushnik and the UK-clan super-electro-chickens. SEC also had one player from Portugal and one from the U.S in their lineup so their pings were pretty high. But despite the pings they managed to do pretty well and on dm3 they lost with only a 20 frag margin. The score on e1m2 however was 255-67 to Hippushnik.

We also saw a close battle between two swedish clans in this division: mjoelktand vs. Pigs of Fucking Fury. The first map was e3m7 - The Haunted Halls. POFF seemed to be really good on this map and won with 225-93. Let's see if any other clan in this division will beat them on this map. DM2 however went to MT and e1m2 was a close one, 195-127 to POFF's favour.

Next it was time for mjoelktand to take on the brittish clan FIPS. This game was pretty one sided and both dm2 and cmt4 went to FIPS with clear margins. Apparently FIPS was placed in a too low division, we apologize for this.

Now let's move on to division 6. Here we saw a battle between the polish clan Vampire Reborn and the norwegian clan FUDOH 2. The norwegians fought bravely but couldn't stop the kurwas on neither dm3 nor e1m2. 3 points to VR.

Another game in this division was played between two swedish clans, the battle between the funny clan names: J?tte Busiga R?var ("Very Rowdy Foxes") vs. Egentillverkade Gigantiska Dammsugare ("Selfmanufactured Gigantic Vacuum cleaners")! Lornelin & Co didn't seem to be able to stop the foxes today and JBR won on both e1m2 and dm2.

Another swedish derby was played between Team MP and fnu. fnu were simply too strong for MP on e3m7 but e1m2 was a bit closer even though fnu won that one as well. Apparently one of MP's keyplayers, clox, was away 15 minutes of that map due to IRL issues.

After that fnu went on to play FUDOH 2 this evening as well. As always fnu dominated e3m7 with an outstanding performance by Empezar. Then the norwegians took revenge on e1m2 in a close battle. DM2 became the decider and was pretty close as well, 137-107 to fnu's favour.

Finally a big GG to all active clans, and good luck the rest of the season!


  Two New Additions  031006  

Welcome Gods of Hellfire (Division 5) and The Assassins (Division 7) to the league. They are slightly late additions, so teams in their division should note the minor change to their fixtures. Good luck to both teams!


  Date/fixture errors.  031002  

There is a slight error in fixtures and schedule.
No clans should have 3 games scheduled in same week, but 2 games pr week all the way. Also we will have a game free week plus a catchup week. I expect Kryten to fix this asap so there won't be too much confusion about dates and such. However, it never hurts to play games when you can, and not always when you have to. So do what you do best - frag each other, and we'll try to keep up adding the games =)

As soon as fixtures and dates are fixed we'll post a full overview of season schedule so all can plan ahead. Sorry for the delay in that department, but we actually just missed to tweak that before the season start =)

You can check first weeks game overview @

Bredbandsbolaget QW 4on4 servers are back to normal, check more at
- NQR crew.



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