Current Week: 8
2003-12-17 Slackers vs. Disorder 3-2 Playoff Final details
2003-12-11 Slackers vs. Firing Squad 3-0 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-09 Slackers vs. AntiQuad 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-09 Clan Malfunction vs. Disorder 2-3 Playoff 1/2 Final details
2003-12-07 Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-07 EarthQuake vs. Firing Squad 0-2 Playoff 1/4 Final details
2003-12-03 Disorder vs. =X= 2-0 Playoff 1/4 Final details
  Playoffs  031205  

Just a short sketch on how playoffs table looks like:

[#1 CMF vs #8 Campbusters] vs [#4 Disorder vs #5 =X=]
[#2 Slackers vs #7 AntiQuad] vs [#3 Firing Squad vs #6 EarthQuake]

The deadline is Sunday 7th December. 24.00 CET. This is non-negotiable, and we request that clans get their game played as soon as possible just to be 100% sure we finish before Christmas. See the playoffs page for more info.
Be sure to notify and admin about agreed date/time.

// The NQR Crew


  Thoughts on e1m2 and X versus DS  031204  

I will let you in on something rather obvious: the e1m2 game is one of the best games I have seen. If you haven't had the opportunity to see vladich, rkr and akke_powaH in action yet, do yourself a favour and grab your favourite beverage and watch the demo and listen to the commentary. The commentary is top notch, though I sure wish we could get HT and para doing the commentaries as a duo. That ds didn't play with nbe is perhaps something ds fans will wonder at, especially now given the very tight frag_count in the game. Yet in many ways slime was the man for ds in this game; his unselfish tp and his intelligent decisions at key points in the game gave ds the few extra rockets or nails or armour needed by a fellow teammate. So much for just a few more frags; but ds worked well under the mighty work of the slim_master of e1m2. Yes, rkr had to play some ferious quake to pull off the victory; and he did deliver. Even though I think the whole team effort of ds was commendable, what really amazed me was the opponent, the men from X. If you haven't see vladich play yet, you are denying yourself a chance to see one of the best. His almost heroic performance on e1m2 will probably be the highlight of this round for me. Through this season X has been a delight to watch, and I think with this experience in NQR, they will be a force in the coming season.

With mrl and the ds crew rolling on dm2 the series was ended. dm2 was treacherous for X; and even more so than I or anyone else could've predicted. But as many well know: dm2 is a soft gentle lady one day, and cold hearted bitch the next. TVS and other clans have counted on her in the past to their ultimate demise: for dm2 is treacherous to those who count on her. Strive to know how to win on dm3 and e1m2 and consistency will be with your clan.....well, perhaps:)

Strength and honour to ds and the men of X!


  Some speculations on the first round by xhrl  031129  

Clan Malfunction vs. Campbusters:

CMF are so strong that I think it will be a triumph for CB if they can take even one game from shiva_the_destroyer_god and his manly finnish clanmates. CMF seem to have the desire to go down in QW history as one of the best squads to ever handle rocket launchers; utterly cutting their opponents to bits is all part of this. CB has one thing going for them: no one expects them to beat cMF. But I don't think cMF will go into the arena overly confident, they will just lubricate their manly rocket_launchers in a business-like manner and proceed to thrust them into any orifice on any CB player :p I hope that CB can prove me wrong, but I do expect this game to be a 2 game series for cMF. They seem to have that quiet confidence; and they appear hungry for battle and eager to feast among the spoils of their enemies! So watch out if fifi brings his fork and spoon... :p

=X= vs. Disorder:

X has the manly vladich playing; he is to X what pietro was for FF: a match_breaker. On dm3 this X squad must win. Then things will have to work out well in the lottery that is dm2; for I see no team taking down DS on e1m2 when they play with nabbe and aKKe_powah. If DS are to take this series, they will have to get a monster game from mrlame and riker on dm3; that is, I take for granted, that they will not relent on e1m2. X will be hoping that nabbe doesn't start to practice and that DS keeps to its rather lazy way of practising. DS will be in tough against X on dm2, for as mrlame once told me, "xhrl, dm2 is more of a 2on2 map". Which means of course that dm2 is a treacherous task master to play in 4v4 much like the sea is for a sailor, at one moment your crew seems in control of it, the next moment dm2 can be a blizzard_storm of activity all out of control. X is well aware of this fact about dm2 of course, but I think it is their best map to win this series on provided they can take dm3. I do think this series will be the most competitive and close of the first round match ups.

EarthQuake vs. FiringSquad:

FS will use the wooden_shoed_flying_dutchmen, that is blixm and reppie, to beat down these e2m7 experts.
I don't think the loss of blitz will affect FS on dm2 too much in this round. But I think drejfus will serve FS very well on dm2. EQ will not bring as much big game experience to this series as will these defending ClanBase Champions. Many I have talked to feel this FS squad is going to be in the final versus cMF. But I think FS has to settle down and just play each opponent on its own terms, EQ included. Listening to the cheering voices of the FS fans will not be a good thing; instead it will only inflat the FS sense of skill and perhaps lead them to underestimate an opponent. EQ is a worthy opponent and earned the right to stand among the elite; I think FS know this and will just go about its business with its feet snug in those wooden shoes, firmly on the ground. I should add that if EQ can take e1m2, FS may have trouble against EQ on dm2, the lottery map.

Slackers vs. AntiQuad:

ParadokS is out for the first round. That is what SR will have to deal with. I bet they will go all_Finnish against diki and the men of AntiQuad. I like AQ a lot. They play a solid game on each of tb3, though I fear it will not be enough to take down the Slackers even without ParadokS. My biggest concern about SR is their attitude of late as I witnessed it through the person of Goljat. When I questioned Goljat about playing X in the last regular season game, he merely answered, " no, it doesn't matter whether we finish 2nd or 3rd." Well this comment is exactly what guys like HangTime mean when they argue the playoffs devalue the importance of the regular season. What is more to my point here, however, is that this comment indicates a rather 'devil_may_care' attitude; and if this view is common among hib and the other SR players, then I can see SR heading out of the playoffs early. I used to think nerves were the SR_killer; now I am thinking indifference may kill the killer spirit of the most winning tdm "clan" over QW history. AQ may not realize it, but without a definite sense of purpose the Slackers, as it is the case with any clan, can easily be fragmented. Now, if I were one of those SR fans, I would actually hope that AQ gives them a solid series of games to rekindle that competitive desire and that sense of purpose in their victories. For if ParadokS' hand injury were actually serious, for example if his cut were to get infected or reopen, etc., then I think SR will need something to motivate them.


  Playoffs are ready  031128  

I've just added the playoff fixtures - the deadline is Sunday 7th December. 24.00 CET. This is non-negotiable, and we request that clans get their game played as soon as possible just to be 100% sure we finish before Christmas. See the playoffs page for more info.
Be sure to notify and admin about agreed date/time.

Good luck to all involved!


  NQR Playoffs  031127  

I wish there was a playoff in each division, and it does seem to be in the cards for the next season. My hope is that other admins and enough players will display their enthusuasm for the idea to make it a reality. Some don't find the playoffs exciting, often saying that the playoffs tend to devalue the regular round robin matches. This is true to a point, but the point of the regular matches will be to place your clan among the divisional playoff teams; the current thinking is to have the top eight teams face-off at the end of the regular matches. If you support this idea, then make note of it in the comments so the admins know what most desire.

In Division 7 the swedish Assassins are the clear leaders; except for a tough loss on e3m7 to the Pigs, these guys seem to have dominated most of their opponents quite harshly. That said, I found most the matches were close, though on specific maps clans had some serious ownage on their 'home' maps. FIPS with an interesting international set of players, lost to only ASS and quick omission; in my opinion, these guys played in some of the most entertaining games this season, especially the cmt4 game against the hippushnik clan. I hope next year that there will be no inactivity in this division.

In Division 6, mixu and his manly Irishmen in the Gauntlet crew were pressed for the top spot by the swedes of SKK. Though fnu and the osams did show very well in this division, neither were contenders to unseat the Irishmen. The swedes of SKK were led by the case and brbo on dm2 and did hand out some severe beatings on that map. Yet on dm3 Mixu and his Irishmen imprinted what must be harsh memories for SKK. This would be a division where any of the top 5 or 6 clans would be able to take to the top place in the event of a playoff round; though any betting man would put his money on the wily Irish_drinking_Guiness: the men of Gauntlet .

In Division 5, the guys Elaintarha finished on top tied with Clan Code for points. But in my view any of the top 4 clans could be up there, too, had but a few close games gone slightly differently. Yet that is qw tdm and we rise by it or fall by it; and as such the Finns of Elaintarha are the top dogs in div5 according the present rules and point awarding system. In this divsion I have really enjoyed watching the ancient gods; though they are not going to blow away cmf or sr anytime soon, their players apollo and afrodite are surely up and coming stars. On dm3 they have impressed me the most, especially in their utter rampage of the shadow minions, who are no slouches themselves, though they are presently strongest on e1m2. Again, this division would have a very tight playoff race if there was one.

In Division 4, there can be no denying the championship to the undefeated Paranoids. They had a couple of 2-1 matches, but they went undefeated nonetheless. Led by Milamber and aken, these guys were tough on the big three. Perhaps the most telling match of this division was between billy's burgers and para: all 3 games were played out on dm3, and all 3 matches were not very close...well, perhaps the second was, but not as close as the score shows. The Poles of Billy Burgers are a fun clan to watch, and I am sure they could actually upset Para on a good day; also, i am confident next season BB will advance, especially with flesper and billy and the dudes getting more and more of a routine on the big3. i think they would do well to improve on 2 maps other than the tb3 in order to put their opponents off-guard. Well what the hell, it can't but hassle the opposition to play on less comfortable or familiar territory?

In Divsion 3, there was a lot of talk about space and dag playing for E with hixen. Note there was a lot of talk about it. It did not amount to much, however. As dag and space weren't that active E, ended up somewhere in the middle of this division. I reason that dag and space shouldn't have been playing in this division at all, but I don't set the regulations; because dag is clearly one of the greatest all-round players in qw ever, he has attracted a lot of attention to this division; I am just pleased that his presence here didn't amount to anything significant in terms of the standings. For consider it like this: would anyone actually doubt E would win the division if both dag and space had played seriously for E in every game and had really tried? Of course not. Both of them belong among division 1 players where they have proven their worth many times before, and must continue to do so. A lot of the old hf guys I used to know were playing in Vets. Arguably they also were too good for division 3 and this has been decided by the standings as well: next season they will fight in division 2. The Finns in MNY will advance next season; especially as they are strong on two 'weirdish' maps e3m7 and cmt3. If they can get better on one of the tb3, they will be truly manly in division 2.

In Division 2, a few of my qw-heroes were seen at times roaming around. The sportsmanship in this division was second to none. If I had to admin just one division, I would pick this one; non-existent whining, players who play for fun, and players who know the game and can even laugh at themselves in certain situations. All of this exists in division 2 and makes it a great division to be around from an admin pov. CN has the Wayne Gretzky of qw in pietro; though he doesn't play much anymore, it is still a delight for old guys like me to see him frag around on the big 3 and even see him wander the likes of cmt4 against the high_pinged men of AG. I am sure pietro would rather play on tb3, but it is fun to watch his tactical instincts on a different playing field. But with exile and foppa playing most of the CN games, this was a very fine crew. However, HF, fudoh and fragomatic were all better in terms of points. The late season push by HF really astonished me, almost as much as the skill AG exhibited playing with those high pings; but it seems as though it was just enough to one up manulito and rfx of fragomatic. This is clearly yet another division that needs a playoff, especially with the regular season placing the top 5 or 6 teams quite tightly.

In Division 1, CMF rules. SR is back a bit in second place in terms of points, followed closely by FS and ds. Just behind ds are the men of X with the manly man Vladich. Vladich is man to be tied up and put out of a game if you are his opponent. I think X will be dangerous in this season's playoff run. No, I don't predict that X will win; but i do think they could give trouble to ds on dm2 or dm3, with whom they will likely meet up in the opening round. The campbusters have edged out the hyphen squad from eighth spot but i think fifi, shiva and the other manly_cmf-ers will quickly dispatch cb 2-0. DS is the squad with the wildcard; if they can get nbe playing and practising, then i think they will never lose on e1m2 and they will be ever so harsh on dm3. SR will go undefeated on that shaft_spam cmt1b; I don't think I have ever seen them lose that map and I wouldn't expect it to happen now. But SR is vulernable for I am given to understand that Paradoks may not play for SR due to a slashed hand injury. With UL gone from SR, they may have to go all Finnish to get by their first round opponent; and i think that will suffice for the first round. FS are in many ways my favourite squad because they have blxm, reppie_the_flying_dutchman, and the great swede razor. But i think the loss of blitz on dm2 will be tough for fs to overcome; I hope that drejfus will be of great help to fs. EQ has played some strong quake this season and i think they have done very well to finish in a playoff spot; though i do not expect to see them advance to the second round....that is, unless all the games are played on e2m7:) Look for X to surprise or even go out in a close series; SR will advance as will CMf. I predict another SR vs Cmf final. I also think the finals will go to a fifth game. But more on that later.

-strength and honour to all who have struggled in the manly man's game....and to all who will yet continue to do battle!


  NQR Playoffs soon to start.  031125  

The NQR Crew will go through the Division rankings to see if they are correct, and it will take some time to do that ;).

And only after we have confirmed the Division 1 rankings to be correct and official we will announce who will face who in the upcomming NQR Playoffs.
A roundup of the lower Divisions will also be posted after this "check" has been done of all Divisions.

Stay tuned folks..

// The NQR Crew


  Deadline Reminder  031119  

Remember the deadline for playing your games is Monday 24th November. We are currently in 'catch-up week', so get catching up if you still have games to play!


  Short notice  031105  

Players on scoreboard not listed in ur clans roster will not get stats - and don't come whining to admins after telling them to add your stats cause u used nick MEN_LOL_HPW_KNULLA. Respect the league and the other participants by using your respective nicks.

Thanks in advance //NQR Crew.


  Week 4 round up  031103  

We are now on for the 5th week of NQR5, so here is a little round up of the week that has passed.

In Division 1 we have seen some interesting clash of the titans. Disorder have faced their probably two toughest oppenents; SR and CMF. CMF showed their strength on dm3 by taking it home rather easy, however e1m2 was a closer call but after some l33t hiding skills by CMF in the last seconds they managed to win with the scores 158-155! A very strong performance by CMF considering Disorder's good lineup on that map.
Disorder then tried their luck against their arch-enemies Slackers. The former CMT-champions had no problem at all winning CMT1b. Disorder striked back on e1m2 but on dm2 they couldn't keep control of the map despite fullstart.
The division 1 newcomers EarthQuake also put up a good fight against Slackers, and even managed to win e2m2, however not on dm3 and e1m2.
Firing Squad looking good as usual, taking 4 points against Qandrane and =X=.
Clan Malfunction continued their winning streak by defeating ToT, Campbusters and The Axemen. ToT seems a bit out of shape as CMF quickly gained control of the spawning points on dm2 and managed to win with the eyerising scores 567-0!
CMF are now clear leaders in this division with 30 points, followed by FS on 16. They have only one battle remaining in the group games: against Slackers. Hopefully we will see this great battle in this week. Memil (aka shiva) is leading the fragrank in this division with 70.4 frags per map!

In Division 2 the HellFire clan shows some good results, taking down big guys like Chopstick Ninjas, GTG, SSC and FAPPERS.
The norwegians in FUDOH are also looking in good shape. They have gained some points by defeating FAPPERS, Fraggers United and E1.
HF are now in the lead in this division with 24 points, followed closely by FUDOH and CN on 22 points.

Division 3 hasn't been that active this week, except for swedish EuthanasiA and russian Bored With Life getting two games played each.
First BWL was knocked down by EuthanasiA's star players dag and space on dm2 and e1m2. But against finnish Wiinax BWL had some easier resistance and managed to win 2-0.
PsychoHaloons Crew also claimed Walkover against E, when E couldn't manage to schedule the game after several attempts.
The finnish powerhouse MNY, featuring superstars like wallu, Adler, pkk and pai, also had a rather easy victory against Second.
Vet's, who also defeated E, are in the lead in this division with 22 points, followed by MNY and Exist on 19 points.

In Division 4 we didn't see any surprises, as Billy's Burgers and Paranoids are still dominating here. BB took 3 points against Dybbuk and Paranoids gaining 3 points against Dybbuk as well.
Also Thangorodrim defeated OLW and Edge won against Radiant Nails.

Division 5 has only had 3 games played during the week, Gods of Hellfire from Belgium and german hHH-clan being involved in all three of these. First hHH-clan was brought down by the polish Dreadful Offensive Squirrels. hHH-clan had no luck against GoH either, but at least they managed to win e1m2 with 11 frags. DM3 was as close as it gets; 127-126 to GoH's favour. Clan Code from Hungary then did a good job by beating GoH and are now on second place in this division. Only russian Armageddon are ahead of them.

In Division 6 we saw 4 games getting played.
St?l-Kalle Klanen won against their swedish mates in JBR and Team MP. They definitely look stronger this season compared to NQR4, maybe because of their newly recruited players case and pepin.
Oldschool RQ-clan J?garna also defeated Team MP.
Scapegoats didn't have much of resistance to put up against irish Gauntlet, neither did JW against FNU.

In the bottom division, Division 7, super-electro-chickens from the UK were the most active clan with 2 games played this week. Unfortunately their activity didn't pay off since they lost all of their games. Better luck next time guys, and keep up the good spirit!
The AssasinS are still looking like the strongest clan in this division, as they had no problems winning against Mjoelktand. ASS are leading this division with 30 points, followed by Hippushnik on 26 points!

Finally, we have now also added the first interview for the season, starring fix from Qandrane. So head over here and read it!


  Voided games  031102  

I have the impression that some clans avoid getting games scheduled according to the fixtures NQR provided because we have something called "catch up week". I'll paste what rules say about this issue:

"Obviously we don't like to see Walkover or Void games, so at the end of the regular season there will be a single week of "catch-up" games where the reporting system will be opened in order to allow any games that could not be played to be completed. However, please note the following important rules:

1. No Walkover results can be submitted during this week.
2. Don't rely on this week! You are obliged to play your games during the period that they are reportable. If Clan A wants to play Clan B in the alloted timeframe, Clan B cannot refuse and assume that they can play the game in this final "catch-up" week - Clan A will be within their rights to report a Walkover win! The "catch-up" week is for games that *both* clans failed to arrange.

Additionally, the NQR admin team will consider moving fixtures to another week provided that the clan(s) have a good reason and that they give plenty of notice! This will be done entirely at the admin teams' discretion.

So what I'm trying to say is. Schedule and play your games, preferrebly according to the fixtures. They are very flexible and give you a period of 2 weeks to settle the game. You CANNOT claim walkover in catch-up week - why? Cause we can't be bothered with 50 clans whining about WO and we have to play Sherlock Holmes 24/7 to figure out who is right or wrong.


  • Unplayed matches older than 2 weeks will be voided (reported with no points to either team). Voided games can be played during catch-up week.
  • Catch-up week is only for voided games - no walkovers can be claimed in this week.
  • Walkovers can be claimed for games when opponents failed to show up for 2 scheduled games or failed to schedule the game within the allowed timeframe despite your effort to do so. Msg an admin in a civilized manner and he will try and sort it out to the best of his abilities. Please respect his decisions.

    Don't be afraid to play your games in good time, it will benefit us all in the end - I wish good luck to all for the remaining of this NQR season!

    Admins preserve the right to change the rules and make exceptions .... egd.




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