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Current Week: 8

2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details
  Schedule your games and let us know!  070412  

Regardless of whether you're in Gold, Silver or Bronze playoffs, we urge you to schedule your games and let us know about your arrangements asap so we can get some cams and coverage going. The specs are hungry!

Tuesday, 17th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Slackers vs SuddenDeath

Wednesday, 18th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Antiquad vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys

Thursday, 19th of April 2007, 21:00 CET:
Freedom vs Koff

Both teams only lost 1 of their games in group stages. Freedom lost to Slackers and Koff gave away 2 maps in a real tight nail-biter vs Clan Malfunction. This is going to be a thriller!

Clans: This news post will be updated whenever you give us your arranged time and date! And we're still looking for people willing to do live commentary!

// NQR staff.


djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070415 @ 19:24:52
Ballistic vs NO! 2200CET Sunday (tonight)
fix - 88.192.210.*** 070416 @ 14:09:34
With these two games being scheduled now, we are still way behind the schedule folks.
Its already second week for Quarterfinals to be played and we need to get these finished before next monday. So hurry up - Get your games played .

Following games have to be scheduled/played ASAP.

Antiquad vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys

Core vs. Demolition Crew
Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS

Boomstick Ownators vs. O CLA
Mean Machine vs. Mori2ri

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