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2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details
  NQR10 Gold Cup final will be TELEVISED!  070501  

With the finals of NQR Season 10 coming up, fix has arranged for the NQR Gold Cup Final to be streamed on www.gametv.fi and later broadcasted to two Finnish Digital television channels, Digiviihde and Diggari!

With an expected 10.000 avg viewers this is, needless to say, a fantastic opportunity for us to promote QuakeWorld to a broader audience and show all those gamers out there that QuakeWorld is not only still a fairly popular game, but has immensely evolved throughout the last decade.

GameTV will have their own guy, Teemu "wabbit" Hiilinen, commentating the game, along with "Jkova" and "mirage" doing the finnish co-commentary to give people a basic overview of tactics and game-play. This is something a lot of people have long hoped for; and now finally the moment has come! Further announcements will be made as we get closer to the date.

The Gold Cup final will be played on Wednesday May 9th 2130CET!

Update: Head over to quakeworld.nu and Sassa's news post for all the information you need to enjoy this highly anticipated final!

// NQR staff


murdoc - 84.245.6.*** 070501 @ 20:48:28
best news ever?
wabbit - 80.221.63.*** 070501 @ 20:51:15
Will be awesome, atleast I will do my best to give our audience a good view what QW is about. Before the match there will be 10-15 minutes preshow, a talk show with Jkova and Mirage who tells basics of QW.

If it works out well and our audience likes it, we will in future add QW to our program.
anni - 195.158.181.*** 070501 @ 20:52:18
Hopefully the commentary is in english and there are commentators who know what to do and say! Im looking forward to it. I will post the stream to german news sites if everything is arranged.
Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070501 @ 20:53:35
Very good job by everyone involved in this. I'm sooo looking forward to this. :)
wabbit - 80.221.63.*** 070501 @ 20:56:13
It will be in Finnish, cos it will be broadcasted to finnish digital televisions. No point to talk english for it. Sadly we cannot do same show in two different languages. We are planning that too, but for now we dont have resources for it.
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070501 @ 20:56:18
the commentary will be in finnish as it is finnish tv of course. however, we will most likely have english commentary feat. gaz and xerial (not 100% confirmed though)!
nih - 85.211.203.*** 070501 @ 20:57:50
Zalon - 217.198.212.*** 070501 @ 21:04:05
This is nice, even if it's in finnish :D
Dahmer - 213.65.9.*** 070501 @ 21:07:41
qw goes hd
fix - 88.192.210.*** 070501 @ 21:08:55
anyone who has nice dm3/e1m2 textures contact me on irc plz, need those to my fancy qw package for streaming purpose..
the-interceptor - 62.116.247.*** 070501 @ 21:12:17
wabbit: after the game it would be nice to have a poll for the audience, asking them what they liked/disliked. For possible future shows. Maybe upload an avi of the show with english text after its done.
wabbit - 80.221.63.*** 070501 @ 21:21:05
The stream will be uploaded to gametv archives. It is free to watch it from there any time.

The poll can be arranged for those who visit our web site, sadly its only like 2-3% of our total viewers. But it gives some data.
Mille - 62.20.218.*** 070501 @ 23:15:38
ajkon - 213.114.243.*** 070501 @ 23:44:36
great day. qw on tv and LIVERPOOL IN FINAL AGAIAN!!!!!!!
Defcon 5 - 85.124.4.*** 070502 @ 00:06:21
Nice news !
bps - 83.140.153.*** 070502 @ 00:08:14
veery nice!
ncr - 130.243.204.*** 070502 @ 02:19:10
Interesting news indeed!
stefan - 195.84.194.*** 070502 @ 11:39:52
\o/ gaz \o/ benny \o/
gaz - 195.72.182.*** 070502 @ 12:02:08
\o/ stefan \o/

I haven't even loaded QW for almost a year. Wonder if I can remember much about it :P
fix - 88.192.210.*** 070502 @ 12:04:36
yo gazzie, well dont be nervous now...even you havent started the game in awhile..all those dreams you have had bunnying around dm3 etc will make up for it
Spirit - 80.171.20.*** 070502 @ 15:27:25
"anyone who has nice dm3/e1m2 textures contact me on irc plz, need those to my fancy qw package for streaming purpose.."
Oh god, please no.
fix - 88.192.210.*** 070502 @ 19:19:34
ok..that was helpfull. thanks spirit.
Otto - 84.251.80.*** 070502 @ 19:26:08
Go teemu och ville hurraa hurraa hurraa !!!
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070502 @ 19:27:45
Interesting news indeed, I just hope we don't see any dvd-burning sessions before game etc :D
VVD - 91.192.83.*** 070502 @ 19:34:22
> Maybe upload an avi of the show with english text after its done.
Want it!!!

> The stream will be uploaded to gametv archives. It is free to watch it from there any time.
Finnish? Need English... And, plz, no stream video - avi is better. Want to download at work and see at home - have no internet at home and time at work. :'-(
soma - 134.130.50.*** 070502 @ 19:49:58
Well due to the fact that it's a Finnish TV channel, the commentary is obviously going to be in Finnish. Of course there will be another commentary during the game, hopefully by Xerial/Gaz, but that won't be part of the television thingie.
Anyway... We're EXTREMELY grateful that the the GameTV guys are willing to do this and it would be far beyond lame if we were to demand any additional stuff.
And any stream can easily be captured and turned into avi by whoever is watching it. Releasing an avi with english subtitles to commentary doesn't seem impossible.
manu - 83.233.156.*** 070502 @ 20:20:11
this is awesome =) now i can watch the game without qw installed!

eml - 81.209.35.*** 070503 @ 08:24:16
Wohoo, I have diggari! :D
anonym - 193.224.41.*** 070504 @ 00:19:15
dont think its such big news, who cares about qw will watch the game, who doesnt will say "well played, qw has evolved, wow fast game etc" and then return to his/her daily life...the only thing that will change that ppl will care more about this than the actual game and there will be no delay because of pingwhine for obvious reasons
all in all: nice one for making qw more acknowledged, but more than one show would be useless imo
//a qw player
razor - 81.231.125.*** 070504 @ 08:02:48
omg pessimist !... I think that all of the 10.000 finnish viewers to this channel will start with qw after this. And finland will have 3000 clans!
Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070504 @ 08:20:09
Yeeeh but it's the usual QW-is-dying-spirit i guess. Will be interesting to see what can come out of this.
EnginEEr - 193.226.212.*** 070504 @ 09:12:53
qw never dies! \o/
Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070504 @ 09:32:15
The equation as i see it is that the more viewers we can reach, the more probable it is that the game gets attention of someone who either want to a) play the game or b) support the game in any other way. Even if it's not actual players we can reach, the b) means we can reach even more people of the same kind, and it's the snowball effect.

I don't expect 300.000 players from this, but it's a step in the right direction as QW has been far too closed for newbies and stuff compared to other games. It's not just that QW is hard to start out with - many players don't even know that the game is still played in a competitive manner!

Getting QW semi-popular again can't be that hard. I mean, if we can send a man to the moon... :p
anonym - 193.224.41.*** 070504 @ 11:09:52
i get the point but i still think that it wont make much difference. i dont have the qw-is-dying-spirit btw :)
FlePser - 196.25.255.*** 070505 @ 15:45:51
Zomg wtf, awesome. success!!!!
moris - 62.84.129.*** 070507 @ 13:20:35
any time scheduled yet? i wanna watch/listen .fi tv B>
Sassa - 85.225.114.*** 070507 @ 18:17:57
no1 is even asking for sassa to commentate!
Now sassa is angry :<
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070507 @ 18:59:25
moris, 2130CET this wednesday!
moris - 84.42.163.*** 070507 @ 19:04:27
dje: and the stream will be available at gametv.fi?
what? - 84.42.154.*** 070507 @ 22:24:53
I assume they mean Wednesday May 9th??
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070507 @ 23:01:50
sorry, my bad. of course may 9th.
Candyman - 212.181.151.*** 070508 @ 18:56:04
Eh, which set ups and clients are the tv/stream going to use? what is the best way to display qw for newbs? : )
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070508 @ 20:16:04
The NQR admin crew has chosen a ezquake setup we feel is appropriate. It's not overkill (as in everything enabled), but it's not simplistic either.
whimp - 202.36.181.*** 070508 @ 23:51:15
Heya All.

Just my 2 cents regarding the upcoming televised event. First of all it’s good for the QW scene to be exposed to a larger audience. However, there is a potential risk that the audience will not understand what is going on in the game. I got to think of this while I was watching a 4on4 CPM game on CPM27 (SWE vs UK I think). I have played Q3 for years and I know what CPM is, so I would say that I should be able to understand (better than any non-quake player anyway) what is going on the map. But I did not! I lost interest after 10 min. I also used the multi view feature, which is very cool, but it just made it more confusing. Funnily enough I saw a 5on5 Counterstrike game the day after (game TV) and even though I never played the game before I immediately understood what was going on. The main reason was that while the game was going on the commentators explained what was happening in the map and as the team members were sticking together it was easy to follow AND the rounds were very short.

As you all know, in QW we do not always stick together and a lot of matches are decided by one or two players turning a map around and a “round” is 20 min. Therefore, it is crucial that during the editing of the program, that the mind of a completely QW-n00b is kept in mind. I have some suggestions and please pitch in with more:

History and development of the game
Present the over all purpose of the game (frags as opposed to flags etc)
Present the weapons
Present the maps (location of stuff)
Do not shift view every 5 seconds (try to “fly around” - god perspective)
Analyse the significant instances (stealing Pentas etc) in each game
Explain why the team won the game

I know that it is not a 6 hour marathon QW show, but it is important that interest is created around the game and not confusion.

I think the discussion around the game is as important as the in-game stuff. The reason being that no one, except for us die-hard QW fans, is able to keep up the spirit and watch a 5 * 20 min game. Everyone else will most likely be bored to death, unless the commentators are able to make the game fun and interesting.

Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070508 @ 23:57:17
"Analyse the significant instances (stealing Pentas etc) in each game"

That's actually a very interesting point to make. As the televised show will be broadcasted a week after the final is played (or so i've heard/read in these comments) there is room for good editing, rewind and slow-motion-sequences in crucial situations etc.

Would be something new even to the senior QW player. :)
wabbit - 80.221.63.*** 070509 @ 07:48:08
Actually we made yesterday 30 minute preshow, which has almost all you said whimp. Ofcourse in a nutshell, not opening everything up in a detail. Broadcast will start at 21 cet and the match itself at 2130 cet.

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