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2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details
  Gametv.fi stream available  070524  

Gametv.fi's stream of the NQR10 Gold Cup Final is now available on their website. We strongly recommend you to check it out! Finnish commentating by Wabbit, Jkova & Mirage.

Here's the URL:

There's been a few reported issues with VLC and Winamp so trying Mplayer/Windows Media Player/RealPlayer might do the trick.

The Silver Cup Final has also been played. Congratulations to the champions Ballistic who beat Core 3-1! Details can be found here.



Lakso - 85.228.224.*** 070525 @ 20:40:43
So now only subtitles missing then :)

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