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Current Week: 8

2007-05-28 Mean Machine vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-F details
2007-05-19 Core vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-F details
2007-05-17 Mean Machine vs. smackthatass 3-1 BC-SF details
2007-05-09 Clan MalFunction vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 0-3 GC-F details
2007-05-06 jokkmokk vs. ballistic 1-3 SC-SF details
2007-05-02 Clan MalFunction vs. Team Freedom 3-1 GC-SF details
2007-05-02 EnemyQuad vs. O CLA 0-3 BC-SF details
2007-05-01 Core vs. JUGS 3-1 SC-SF details
2007-04-29 Slackers vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys 1-3 GC-SF details
2007-04-26 Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS 0-2 SC-QF details
   Playoffs are live!  070409  

NQR10 playoffs are now officially live! Quarterfinal fixtures have been set for all divisions and you're welcome to play them anytime up until sunday! Please post your scheduled games here in comments!

Quarterfinals will be best of 3 games but both semifinals and the finals will be best of 5.

Gold Cup Quarterfinals

koff vs. Team Freedom
Slackers vs. Suddendeath
Clan MalFunction vs. Death Dealers
Antiquad vs. Dota-Allstar-Guys

Silver Cup Quarterfinals

Core vs. Demolition Crew
jokkmokk vs. Bear Beer Balalaika
Hell Gloom Crew vs. JUGS
NoPasaran!* vs. ballistic

* The website shows A2K as the 4th placed team. However, NO! won the group game vs A2K and therefore advance to playoffs.

Bronze Cup Quarterfinals

Clan Cube Squad vs. EnemyQuad
DOT vs. smackthatass
Boomstick Ownators vs. O CLA
Mean Machine vs. Mori2ri

Good luck all participating teams, and to all spectators; enjoy!

// NQR Staff

   Interview with CORE  070406  

Right in time before playoffs Soma has done an excellent interview with one of the candidates to take home the Silver Cup, CORE. Go here to read it:


Comments are disabled in the interview section, so feel free to comment on this news post instead.

// NQR staff

   Catch-up week and playoffs!  070402  

Catch-up week has begun and there's still A LOT of remaining games. We urge all clans to try and play ALL their games this week.


1. Walkovers will not be handed out lightly. You need to have good 'case' before submitting one.

2. The standings in the groups are not final until playoff fixtures have been generated. Teams might still be removed and some WO's might be permitted so don't go celebrating before that.

On the more bright side of things; quarterfinals for all divisions will be played next week!

   Playoffs  070325  

The playoffs in Gold division will be limited to four teams from each group, exactly the same as in Silver and Bronze, even though the dividing line suggests otherwise. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused. After tonight, only week 8 and the catch-up week will remain. Playoffs will commence the week after that.

Some teams have been removed due to inactivity, and unfortunately more will follow. We urge all clans to try and play all of their remaining games as soon as possible!

// NQR Staff

   A few words on inactivity  070312  

This is the seasonal inactivity warning. Clans that haven't shown signs of activity before next week (7 of 8) will be subject to removal. If you however feel that you have a very valid reason why you should be allowed to remain in the league, contact the crew before sunday.

Some clans haven't played a single game yet, and they are of course very likely to be removed. But this warning also goes out to the clans with only one or 2 games played. If your clan is one of these you better shape up.

Also, to those who have been wondering; information regarding playoffs for all divisions will be published here soon.

/NQR Staff


   First Interview is up!  070308  

Check interview section for the article.

And if you feel like commentating on something, leave your notes to this news articles comments. Sadly the interview section still lacks the spamfilter-feature and there for comments are disabled.


// NQR Staff

   EQL up for another season!  070307  

Thats right EQL 5 is coming soon, for those who just cant get enough of 4on4 action this is great news.

If you havent yet signed your team up we strongly suggest you do it soon as possible!


keep on gibbing boys

// NQR Staff

   Vote results  070206  

Here are the results from the map votes:


TB3 - 15
TB3 + CMT3 + CMT4 - 5


TB3 - 14
TB3 +CMT3 + CMT4 - 6


TB3 - 15
TB3 + CMT3 + CMT4 - 9

About fakeshaft, since the votes include all divs the results are as follows:

Allow - 33
Disallow - 31

//NQR Staff

   Kick off  070204  

Hey guys. The groups have been set up and you can now start playing your games!
Keep in mind that you will have to play quite a few teams stronger or weaker than yourselves. For some clans it will obviously be quite tough, but on the other hand you could see this as a great experience and a worthy challenge. And as we all know, the best way to improve is to play a superior clan.
As you can see, the teams were spread into 3 main cups, each one being subdivided into two groups rather than four; Every clan thus gets to play quite a lot of games. Having said that, we wish you all good luck! If there remain any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us on #nqr on Quakenet.

The map-pools are as follows:

Gold: TB3 Only
Silver: TB3 Only
Bronze: TB3 Only

Fakeshaft is allowed in all of the divs.

// NQR staff

   Comments  070201  

News comments are now working again. Hooray.

Please send me flowers & sweets to say thanks.

On another note, please STOP sending me emails about editing clan details or whatever. I am no longer an admin, I am just the mechanic fixing the engine of the website.




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