Current Week: 10
2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Sassa made a column and one clan got the boot  030401  

Sassa made some impressions and predictions about NQR4 so far. Go check out the nice contribution HERE

Clan bodyjar has failed to play any games yet, we are in week 4, so they are kicked out because of idling, Lockup has asked for a final chance so they survive a little longer, for now.

These clans will also get kicked out if they dont start to play more games in the coming weeks:

Quadrangers - Maniacs - Campbusters Team 2 - Unidentified Quake Entity - Dybbuk - Gods of Hellfire - suicide commando - aut Vincere aut Mori - DvL


We also urge all the clans with only 3 games played to get moving, or else they will soon get the same warning.

  Monday night games  030401  

Division 6 was active tonight and got four games played, Swedish osams played two of them. They were up for a big challenge vs countrymen HOT, who is one of the division favorites. But nevertheless, they became the first team to inflict a map loss upon HOT when they took a convincingly victory on e3m3. HOT stroke back on dm2 and took the map with over 200 frags, and they did almost the same on decider map, e1m2.
osams second battle of the evening was vs another Swedish clan; fnu. Once again osams overpowered the enemy on their home grounds of e3m3 and took an easy map victory. fnu got revenge on their home map though, e3m7, but it was a close one; 165-152. Then on decider, dm2, osams were the stronger team on the day and secured 2 points.
The French clan Mais Quad Bordel faced off with Swedish promotion contenders OLW, and apparently it was a one way ride; dm3 and dm2 ended up with an easy 2-0 and 3 points to the Swedes.
The sunny clan from Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean, DvL, finally got a game played when they made their NQR debut vs division favorites Thangorodrim from Finland. It went as expected, but at least the Portuguese clan gave them a fight on dm2. Second map e3m3 was a one way ride for the Finns. Apparently the game was played on a server in Portugal so we have to give {T} credit for that, it's not every day you play vs a clan from outside the west coast of Africa :)

In division 3 the division favorites finally broke down when the Swedish battle between EuthanasiA and Quadrangers was faught. A very tight first map, dm3, went to QR after a thrilling 20 minutes: 121-114. Then [E] stroke back with a powerful performance on e1m2. On decider map, dm2, QR won convincingly and [E] had to realize their first defeat of the season. They are still in top spot though and are still looking good for that first spot, unless QR decides to be more active and win their games in hand.

In division 1 The Axemen from Norway had a very good evening when they collected 6 points by winning two games 2-0. First victim was the Swedish clan Campbusters. This was a prestigious match for both sides, no one wanted to loose this one. According to CB, they knew OEKS' home map, e1m5, pretty well, but that did not help CB much this time, as OEKS made their biggest victory yet on the map, with Janozh making a record high of 98 frags, a fragcount not ever seen on this map in NQR history. CB wanted payback on their beloved map, dm2, but OEKS made their first dm2 victory this season, and that made it all black for the Swedes.
The Norwegians second game this night, was vs Antiquad from Finland. OEKS won their homemap, e1m5, with just over 100 frags, but not without some good resistance from the Finns, according to the matchreport. Dm3 became a little "lame", because AQ had to play with three players only when one of their warriors dropped server. 2-0 to and 6 points for the norwegians this night. With 6 points they made a huge jump up in the table, to second spot, but when the division favorites get their games in hand played, anything else but below the playoff line will be a big surprise, you dont prevail to the playoffs with 5 games and 12 maps lost. You will probably need 20 points to make the playoffs as it looks now.


  Sunday is QW day as always - 9 more games  030331  

In division 1 euro clan Hyphen was quite active and played two games. First one was vs another euro clan, Miscellaneous Misfitz !, and Hyphen won first map, e1m2, after a good game. Then MM proved their dm2 strength and they won a close call with only 8 frags. On dm3 there was no doubt who would be victorious though and Hyphen cashed in 2 points.
Their second performance this evening was vs the Norwegian Axemen. OEKS' map e1m5 went as it usually does and on second map, dm2, it got more exciting than Hyphen wanted, but they pulled it off and decider map was needed. Yet again dm3 was a good decider map for Hyphen and they ended the night with 4 collected points. Not a bad night at all.

Division 3 saw a game when griffin's tappra gossar met the Russian clan New Wave. Apparently there was some server issues, but GTG kept their head cool and pulled off a convincingly 2-0 win. Both maps were close games but the Swedes had that extra edge on the evening and took dm3 and dm2 home. 3 points for GTG and they moved up to a promotion-playoff spot.

Division 5 got four games played and three of the clans were involved in two games each. The Artists from Poland kept up their perfect record with their fourth 2-0 victory in equal many games, and this time it was Clan Edge from Hungary who had to face Billy the Kurwa's wrath. Dm3 was a very tight game but ART took it home, by 23 frags. E1m2 was exciting too, but the Pole's were too strong.
The Hungarians got another shot at points though, when they played vs another division favorite; Swedish Super Cops. EDGE should bring SSC up on charges for police brutality on e3m3, this was a clear miscarriage of justice! Anyway, after that shock EDGE pulled them selves together and performed much better on dm2, but SSC showed no mercy this night and was simply too strong for EDGE this time.
SSC's second game this night was vs UK clan Bleed, who even got worse treatment on e3m3 than EDGE got. We really got some bad bad cops in Sweden! However, Bleed showed class and strength on dm3 and took the map home with 21 frags. Bleed would not go down easy in this game and SSC had to use all their dirty cop-tricks to win this series, but eventually they arrested the lads and got away with it after a tough battle on dm2.
Bleed's second game tonight was vs the old'n'grey Swedish clan; Vet's. In this game the Brit's proved just how strong they can be, they did not only beat Vet's, they got them 2-0 as well, quite surprising considering Bleed's newly loss to the ploughed candidate DOS. But qw is qw, it is not maths, and Bleed took home to very close games on dm3 and e1m2(!). So now this division looks even more open than before.

Finally we had a couple of games in division 6, Swedish Shadow Minions faced off with the German clan hannovers Head hunter. The Swedes were too strong for the Germans this night, taking e1m2 and dm2 home with clear margins. SM's fourth 3 point'er and they are going to fight for a promotion-playoff spot in this division.
Swedish St?l-Kalle Klanen met countrymen OLW and it was a 3on3 game :| This did not help SKK much, and OLW took 3 points without breaking a sweat. OLW is also going to fight for a promotion-playoff spot in this division.


  Saturday night games  030330  

In division 5, the Polish clan Dreadful Offensive Squirrels faced off with UK clan Bleed. Prior to this game they had six losses and zero points, but finally, in their seventh game, they managed to pull off a victory. It would not come easy though as the UK lads won the first map, dm3, after a tight game. Bleed's first point of the season. But on dm2 DOS showed strength and took the map home with almost 200 frags, their first point of the season also. Then DOS took revenge on decider map, dm3, and secured their first points of the season. DOS still got some games to go and they will manage to get their heads above water with performances like this one.

In division 4 we saw the seasons first walkover when Finnish Kala claimed WO vs the Russian team aut Vincere aut Mori. This result has not been updated in the division table yet, but will so asap.

Division 3 saw a nice and tight game when Swedish division favorites EarthQuake played vs their countrymen griffin's tappra gossar. Dm2 was GTG's choice of map and GTG showed how strong they are on that map and won it with a fairly good margin. Then GTG showed strength again by almost taking out EQ on e2m7, but lost the underwold by just 7 frags! Then a thrilling decider on e1m2, and GTG once again showed that this was their night and took home their second victory in a row. More strong performances like this from griffin's brave boys and they might end up in the promotion-playoff when the preliminary season is over.

In division 2, Swedish team Second got their third game played this season when they faced off with the strong Russian team; Bored With Life. First map, e2m7, went to the Swedes as expected, but strong performances by the Russians on dm3 and dm2 secured a safe victory for BWL. BWL is apparently not giving up the top spots in this divison, it will be a close race all the way to the finish in division 2.

Division 1 saw a top game this night when euro clan Firing Squad faced off with the Slackers from Scandinavia. Dm3 was a tight one but ]SR[ managed to pull off a strong victory here. Then ]SR[ made it clear to the table leaders, disorder, that they are challenging for top spot when they took home dm2 as well, with a clear margin. No doubt a strong performance to get 3 points vs Firing Squad.


  One game played Friday night  030329  

Division 2 saw a game when euro clan EnslaveD faced Bored With Life from Russia. Dm3 was first map and it was really close one, but ED prevailed with a 11 frag margin. Then we got another tight one at dm2, but yet again ED had margins on their side. Taking a 3 point'er in this division really makes a difference now when it is so even in the table, ED moved up to a promotion-playoff spot.

  What maps do you want in NQR5  030328  

If you want to have an impact on what maps NQR should choose for NQR5, then we suggest you read THIS article. If you dont, then I guess it is the same for you what maps you play.

  ...and seven more games Thursday as well  030328  

Division 1 got two more games played tonight. First off euro clan Firing Squad took on Antiquad from Finland and FS showed why they are one of the favorites to win NQR4. They won the series 2-0, with clear margins. Dm3 was not much of a contest, dm2 was more of a fight, but FS had no problems with securing 3 points.
Another NQR4 favorite; Finnish Clan Malfunction, got a little tougher fight vs The Axemen from Norway. Dm3 was first map and CMF did no mistakes and took the map home with over 100 frags. They also fought bravely on OEKS' home map, e1m5, but had to lay down their swords with a 28 frag margin. No doubt on e1m2 though, when CMF gained twice as much frags as OEKS' and secured victory. The Finns are now in second place, trailing disorder by 4 points, with one game in hand.

Division 2 saw a game this night and the Swedish clan EnslaveD faced off with Finnish Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat. HPR was convincing on dm2 and ED did not stand a chance. Dm3 was much tighter but the Swedes are strong on this map and they secured map victory with 25 frags. On decider map, e1m2, Valla was a one man team for the Swedes and ED captured 2 well deserved points. After a good start to the season, HPR now got three straight losses and will probably need to produce a win in one of their last games to avoid bottom spot, the division is so tight that it is impossible to predict anything.

NB! Pumphagel from Sweden dropped from NQR4. This leaves division 2 with only 9 teams, meaning no teams from the division will go directly down. The bottom team however, will play relegation/promotion playoff.

In division 3 Swedish clan EarthQuake will not let go of EuthanasiA as they took yet another 3 point'er when they beat the Norwegian clan FUDOH. As usual they had no problems with their home map, e2m7. On e3m7 they showed FUDOH that they also master this map and left the Norwegians with zero points this evening, taking 3 points home and they continue to breathe upon [E]'s neck.

In division 4 the Beastie Boys from Sweden finally won a match after loosing three close battles in a row. The Polish clan PsychoHaloons Crew's great start to the season has turned around and they did not receive any points after their battle vs the Swedes. 2B played very well on PHC's choice of map, e3m3, and won it after a close fight. Then the Swedes chose their old homemap, e2m7, and had no trouble at all winning the series 2-0.

Division 5 saw a game too and UK based clan War Hammer took on the Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland. Sadly, first map, dm3, was played 4on3, in favor for WH, so that turned out to not be a very big contest. On dm2 the Pole's managed to gather up four players and it turned out to be a pretty close call, but WH clinched the 3 point'er home winning it 131-113. DOS now got six losses in six games and got zero points, they really need to start pick up some points to avoid relegation.

In division 6, Finnish clan Thangorodrim continues on their journey to division 5 with another 2-0 victory, but they got really close to their first map defeat as Swedish clan Shadow Minions fought bravely vs the division favorites. First map, dm2, was not a problem for {T} though, as they won it with almost 200 frags. On e1m2 however, the Finns were saved by the bell when they took the lead with 30 seconds left of the match, winning the nailbiter with just 4 frags. {T} has yet to play HOT and OLW, but anything less than promotion for the Finns will be a major upset for sure.


  Seven more games on Wedensday  030327  

Division 2 got three more games played tonight, and who is going to stop Chopstick Ninjas? The Danes took their third victory in three games and they are the only team in the division who has not lost yet. Tonight they played Fraggers United from Finland and both maps, dm3 and e1m2, were won with clear margins. Hellfire is still at the top of the table, but CN got two games in hand. This was Fraggers United fourth straight loss after their first game and victory over Second.
FU also met countrymen Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat this evening, who got a much better start in NQR4 than FU. But statistics in this division don't matter at all, and FU did not only win this prestigious battle, they won it 2-0. FU really showed strength in this match, winning both dm2 and e1m2 with vast margins, quite surprising actually if you consider both these two teams earlier achievements this season. This was an important win for FU and they probably need even more points to avoid those bottom spots.
HPR also played two games tonight and they faced off with the strong Hellfire clan from Sweden. HPR did a much better effort in this game but was unlucky on dm2 and lost the map with just 4 frags. Then on e1m2 HPR played a good game again but HF was as unbeatable as always on this map and that made the evening for the Finns black as night; two games and zero points.

In division 3 Swedish Maniacs grabbed their first victory after a convincing victory over the strong euro clan Cobots. After making an upset on dm2, winning it with over 50 frags, they secured their first victory and 3 points for the night by winning e1m2 with almost 200 frags. Nothing more than impressive stuff from [0].

Division 5 saw two games tonight, and J?garna from Sweden played in both of them. Vs Clan Edge from Hungary they made a strong performance when they took dm2 home with over 50 frags. Then they made an even stronger performance when they clinched the series home 2-0 by beating the Hungarians on dm3 as well. A well deserved 3 point'er to the Swedes.
Their second performance on the night did not go so well though, when they faced off with countrymen Civil Disobedience. HB put up a good fight at e1m2, but CD was too strong. And the margin was even clearer on dm2 when CD grabbed their second 3 point'er of the season. A few more victories for CD now and they will be fighting for those promotion spots.

In division 6, Polish Hell Patrol and osams from Sweden were both looking for their first victory. However there was no doubt who would win this one, and osams took a comfortable 2-0 win, winning on both maps, e3m3 and e3m6, with no problems at all. We suspect that the Pole's had some ping trouble though.


  Vertigo writes a community column  030326  

Finnish qw lover Vertigo wrote some nice stuff down when he talks about cmt, maps, nqr and duelmania.

Read all about it HERE


  Tuesday night games  030326  

In division 2 the Danish team Chopstick Ninjas played their second NQR game when they faced Swedish neighbors Enslaved. CN's lineup had some very known qw players this night and they showed that they still got it, taking dm3 home with a clear margin, ED is _not_ a bad dm3 team. Same story on dm2 and CN got a well deserved 3 point'er.

In division 4, Finnish clan Kala mounted the top of the table when they beat the division leaders numeric from the UK. First map, e1m2, was a tight one but the Finns won it. On dm3 Kala was superior and numeric seemed to give up, finnishing the game with only three players.

In division 5 the Super Cops from Sweden eventually lost their warrants when Hungarian/Czech team Paranoids got the better of them. On SSC's home map they got everyone arrested though, as usual, but on dm3 PARA ran away and took a strong dm3 win. On decider map, e1m2, it was a hard fight too, but the central europeans was the stronger team on the night and they captured the top spot in the table (even though the code displays it wrong; when same map difference, internal fight decides).



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