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2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  NQR4 preliminary season is over, gg!  030430  

The NQR4 preliminary season is now over and only 35 of the total 347 scheduled games did not get played. Of the 312 games that got added to the played games list, 53 games were reported as WO. Taking into consideration that about half of those WO's was added as a result of that 3-4 teams were more or less inactive right from the start, we have to say that NQR4 has been a very active season indeed. Since the last match update, just after easter, 39 games have been added to the played games list, 13 of those were WO's, as expected when the season drew to an end.

Here is the rap up of the seasons last preliminary played games:

In division 1 the race for the NQR4 championship is on, two important games got played, that would decide the outcome of who would met who in the semifinals. Scandinavian clan Slackers, who had lost two games; vs Hyphen and Clan Malfunction, had to face the unbeaten Swedes; disorder. SR proved a point or two and won the battle 2-0, after an epic dm3 and a very close call at e1m2, finally DS was beaten. This meant that SR won the preliminary season, congrats!
One game remained to settle the semifinal setup; disorder vs euro clan Firing Squad. DS showed no mercy on e1m2, but FS stroke back with a nice dm2 win. On dm3 however, the Swedes were too strong for FS and DS secured #2 spot in the table. This means that SR faces FS and DS faces CMF in the Semis, best of 5 maps, good luck to everyone! Now get those games scheduled so that Sassa can spam it all over the place :) We expect some nice coverage from the cam/commentary team.
Further down the table Antiquad from Finland made a nice end to the season when they finally got some margins on their side, beating the two euro clans Lockup and Hyphen. Vs Hyphen they won first map, dm3, after a pretty tight game. Hyphen faught back and took e1m2 home with a little higher margin, but AQ secured victory on dm2. Three very good rounds from both teams.
Vs Lockup AQ got beaten up at e3m1, as expected. Then AQ won dm3 easy and secured another two points on decider map, dm2. Last two maps were played 3on3 :|

To sum up division 1 we can only say that things went as expected, the four strongest teams did their job and took the playoff spots. Hyphen looked very strong after beating SR early on, but could not manage to deliver the same goods in all games, or else we could have had a surprise team in the playoffs. The rest of the teams did as expected, but we have to say that OEKS and CB took a step closer to the best teams. MM showed nice potential as well and they are surely in division 1 to stay, and the season finish for AQ should really give them some confidence as well. Obviously the gap between the very best and the second best is not big at all, or how else can you explain that the team finishing in spot #7 beat the league winners?

In division 2 the question was if Danish Chopstick Ninjas would go through the season unbeaten, as they had two games left to play. First off they faced Four Kings from UK and 4K did an outstanding dm3, beating the best team in the division by over 100 frags, impressive. CN had to fight hard to come back, but they took e1m2 home, making dm2 decide it all. And luck is a skill; fullstart for CN and when 4K made the comeback it was much to late. A good game indeed.
Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat from Finland attempted to take CN's scalp too, and they got very very very close! HPR made and ever stronger dm3 game than 4K, and took dm3 home 220-69, very impressive. Then on dm2, the chips were down for CN, as HPR had an 29 frag lead with 3 mins to go. But CN made a strong finish and won it 143-140, very close to a 0-2 loss. HPR showed good moral and gave CN trouble again on decider map, e1m2, but CN showed why they are the top team of this division and they took it home with 38 frags. Congrats to CN for winning division 2 and they made it without a single loss. gg.
4K got another game played and they finished off NQR4 by beating Bored With Life from Russia with 2-0. First map, dm2, was a rather tight one, and they took a solid victory on dm3 (as always).

So to sum up this division we have to say that this was the most even division of them all, where every team had a good chance to beat everyone. A lot of 2-1 victories and a lot of close calls, all the way. Too bad a couple of teams went dead and made the division end with only 8 teams, but this divison sure was fun to follow. A big GG to all teams!

Division 3 had an exciting and intense finish to the season. Swedish clans Quadrangers and griffin's tappra gossar finally got all their games added, and as it turned out, GTG played countrymen Euthanasia for the division 3 title in the very last game, can't be more exciting than that!
But first things first; QRNG played countrymen The Fighting Foes in a prestigious matchup. If TFF could win this one, they would have finished above QRNG in the table, but QRNG took the first map, dm3, and TFF then chose e3m1 as their map. However, QRNG showed strength on this map as well, and took it home by over 30 frags. Nice challenge by TFF but it was not strong enough this time.
QRNG also played polish clan Ax3, two times on dm2. The Kurwas showed dm2 skill again and won the first one with pretty clear margins, but QRNG took revenge on the second one. Dm3 was decider and QRNG won that as well. So a nice finish to the season for QRNG.
Ax3 also faced the Swedes that was hunting for spot #1; GTG, but this time Ax3 got a very bad dm2 start and GTG used that advantage and made it look easy. Ax3 then faught bravely on e1m2, but GTG had margins on their side again and won it 179-168.
GTG continued vs countrymen Maniacs, and Sassa's crew could not do much about it. Dm2 went smooth for GTG, [0] put up a good fight at e1m2 as usual, but came up short. 3 more points to GTG.
FUDOH from Norway also tried to stop GTG but they could not do it either, though they did a good attempt. GTG once again won dm2, and once again the Norwegians secured a point on e3m7 (stop whining dak) :D On e1m2 it was the same story as dm2, and GTG took home yet another victory.
Now only countrymen Euthanasia was in GTG's way for honour and glory, and this last match would decide which of these teams who would win division 3. Dm3 was a tight one, Hixen did a very good match, but he could not prevent map victory for GTG; 154-139. Then on dm2 GTG took a strong grip on the map and never let it go, [E] tried and tried but this time they did not had what it took to come back. Congrats to GTG for winning division 3!

To sum up this very exciting division, the first five teams were within 5 points of each other, so anyone of these could have won it of course, with the right result on the right day. FUDOH and Maniacs proved that they are division 3 material and we expect improvements from these two clans. QH was a little inactive (Lorn: get a grip) but they can do much better with the nice lineup they got. Polish clan Ax3 got a lot of potential as well, but apparently they did not have margins or pracs on their side this season. Glad's new project, New Wave from Russia, played well too, considering they were a brand new team and that they got certain connection issues to deal with. CB2 also looks good now with their new lineup. Division 3 was a nice one!

Division 4 saw one single game and Kala from Finland secured a well deserved division victory when they beat Gauntlet from Ireland. To sace wins on dm3 and e1m2 took care of that. Congrats to Kala for winning the division, they clearly was the best team.

Division 4 was the "idle" division if we compare it to the other divisions, it is kind of sad when a team WO's its way to third spot etc. Kala and PsychoHaloons Crew should get some extra kudos though, for showing good activity. It is hard to say how this division would have turned out if everyone had played their games, but it sure would have been much tighter if so had happened. Lets hope the some of these teams will be more active next season :)

Division 5 also reached a thrilling climax, when Irish clan Frag Shack, Swedish Super Cops and Paranoids from Hungary/Czech faught for the top spot. Paranoids got some help from "countrymen" Clan Edge, when they stole a point from FS, denying them 3 points. Bad luck for FS here as the first map, dm2, had to be replayed due to a server crash. Before the server crash FS had full maplock, and when the game was replayed Edge won it with over 100 frags. FS might wanna send IRA to central europe on a little field trip :) The last two maps, dm3 and e1m2, FS took home, securing them those vital 2 points.
Swedish Super Cops did not run into any server problems when they did their job vs countrymen Feske Gobbah. E3m3 was as secure as a state penitentiary, but Maso and Wigorf made major problems for SSC on e1m2, SSC got away with it though, with 3 frags! So a _very_ important 3 point victory for the cops there.
Frag Shack now had to face their first big challenge for the crown; Paranoids. It was a three map game, all games on dm3. First one goes to FS; 118-96, then PARA takes revenge; 123-108. FS shows division 5 title hunger and takes the decider 143-122. A very good game indeed (a boner for HT).
Now then, before the decisive matchup between FS and SSC, this is the situation; PARA got 26 points, all games played. SSC got 25 and FS got 24, and one game to go. Now, if FS wins this game 2-1, all three teams will have 26 points (!), but FS will prevail because they have then beaten both PARA and SSC. That is how close these three teams are! To the game then;
SSC secures an easy point on e3m3, as usual, nothing else was expected. But FS is hungry for glory and shows dm3 skill; they win it with over 50 frags. Then on decider, dm2, we get an incredible finish to this division; the Swedes wins it 152-147 ... omg! 5 frags from division glory for FS, they had to settle for third spot. Congrats goes out to the Swedish Super Cops for winning division 5 in a thrilling way!

This division has been really good all the way, and with that finish, maybe it was the best one. In addition to the top three teams, The Artists and Vet's showed top spot potential all the way and they all made it a really nice division to follow. Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland was the first clan in NQR4 to finish all games, very nice activity indeed from them. Hopefully Wigorf got some new ppl into qw with Feske Gobbah. The two UK clans WH and Bleed went a little inactive, lets hope they can do something about that next season. CD and EDGE did good seasons as well, even though Edge did not have margins on their side this time. HB apparently want to play in division 6 next season, lets see if we can fix that :)

In division 6, division runner ups Thangorodrim from Finland did their duty and beat fnu from Sweden 2-0. E3m6 was a walk in the park and they also beat fnu clearly on their home map, e3m7.
fnu played a couple of more games; they lost a close one to hannovers Head hunter from Germany 2-1, after loosing first map dm2 pretty clear and decider, e1m2, with only 14 frags. E3m7 went as expected though, even if ze Germanz did a good job there.
Then they played DvL from Portugal, a high ping game indeed, and DvL took dm2 home with over 100 frags. Then it was crunch time on e3m7, before decider. Decider was WO to fnu :-|
DvL played one more game when they faced Hell Patrol from Poland. Both maps were dm2, and both maps were won by the Pole's rather easy.
HP also faced Shadow Minions from Sweden. SM has showed that they can match the best teams in this division, on a good night, so it was a very strong performance by the Pole's to win this 2-0. Two close calls, dm2; 175-171 and e1m2; 180-154.
SM played one more game, vs countrymen osams. OS played well and left SM blank with 0 points. Clear victories on both e1m2 and e3m3.
OS played hHh as well and collected another 3 point'er. Both dm2 and dm3 was no match for the Swedes this time. A strong finish to the season for osams.
Division winners HOT from Sweden finished their rampage season with a 2on2 vs countrymen Speed Up. lol :) Dm2 and e1m2 it was, and 2-0 to HOT. So, HOT was the second team who did not loose a match in NQR4. Congrats to HOT for winning division 6!

This division was pretty one sited at the top, with HOT and {T} leading the way. OLW challenged them bravely but could not quite make it all the way. osams showed in the end where they belong: division 5. Hell Patrol made a very strong finish to the season and they have certainly improved during the season. SM, fnu and hHh also showed potential and they will improve rapidly if they keep up their activity. A big sportmannship thank you to SU, MQB, DvL and SKK for playing and playing despite heavy losses. We promise to make NQR5 a better place for you, fingers crossed :)

Late, late tonight, we will write a column that will reveal what will happen with NQR5; maps and point system, so stay tuned for more is on its way.


  NQR Game covered by !  030430  

Last night during Slackers Disorder game, crew did a really good job covering the match with live commentary and plenty of lag free observer spots for the viewers.

ParadokS wrote a nice wrap-up of the event, and gives us a little insight in whats to come in the future.

So head over to and read all about it - don't forget to download the amazing qwz/mp3 combo of the game+commentary !

  Playoffs and NQR5  030429  

Hopefully we will start the playoffs this week, clans still have Tuesday to finish their games.

And after an admin meeting sometime this week we will also give you info about NQR5. We now know the clans much better and this will for sure affect the promotion/relegation playoff.

The usual update will be updated after the last games have been played on Tuesday.

  Easter bunnies  030422  

Not everyone playes qw in the easter holidays (shock horror), but as many as 28 games were added to the played games list. Eight of those games were reported as WO's. According to the schedule, last week of play was the easter week, but we will let all teams get this seventh week to finish off all of their games. That means that all clans can keep on playing until Sunday. Sometime Sunday night / Monday morning we will stop reporting games, and we will pick up the last pieces Monday night. After that we sort out the "WO issue" and set up the playoffs. As you all know, all divisions got promotion/relegation playoffs, but since some clans obviously are placed in the wrong division, plus that division 2 only got 8 teams, we will have to make some adjustments to which teams that will be in those playoffs. It looks pretty clear to us that the top three teams in division 6 are placed wrong. In division 4 we got 6-7 idle teams etc. NQR5 should probably be much better now that we know the skill level of all clans, so we have to adjust the promotion/relegation playoffs to this new knowledge, there is no point having a promotion/relegation playoff if the outcome of that playoff does not affect the NQR5 division setup at all.

To the games that got played then:

In division 1 Antiquad from Finland played vs countrymen Clan Malfunction and Swedish Campbusters. Vs CMF they lost 0-2 after having no chance on dm3 and dm2. Vs CB it was much tighter, but AQ lost this series 0-2 as well. CB won dm3 with 38 frags and dm2 with only 2 frags, margins not being on the Finns side. We should mention that Phil of CB played his two first maps of the season and he was a big reason for denying AQ any points in this game. CMF is at the top of the table having played all their games.
But both Slackers of Scandinavia and euro clan Firing Squad have yet to play the only unbeaten clan so far; disorder. These games will determine the 1-4 placing and by that also settle who will meet who in the semifinals.
Slackers got 6 points in two games when they played euro clans Miscellaneous Misfitz and Lockup. MM showed some resistance on dm2 but got crushed on dm3. Vs Lockup it was a 3on3 game, and both e3m1 and dm2 was a walk in the park for the nqr4 championship contenders.
MM and Lockup also faced each other, and Lockup won their home map e3m1 rather easy. Then on dm2 Lockup showed MM that they also can play dm2 and they secured 3 points.
Lockup even played two more games and they met two more euro clans; Hyphen and Firing Squad. Hyphen apparently did not like e3m1, but on e1m2 and dm3 they were too strong for Lockup though, and they won the battle 2-1. Vs FS Lockup did not manage to get any points as they lost it 2-0 after strong performances by FS on both e3m1 and dm2, Lockup was helpless vs the strong Firing Squad.

One game in division 2 got played as Swedish Hellfire took on Bored With Life from Russia. Mutilator played again for HF and the Swedes did not give the Russians any chance at all, taking home a comfortable 2-0 victory.

In division 3, Campbusters Team 2 from Sweden apparently got their asses in gear when they got four games played and by that they got all their games played this season, nice active comeback from CB2, gg dudes. They lost three of the games 0-2 and won the fourth game 2-1. But all those 0-2 losses were not big losses, so nice played by the Swedes even if they did not get that many points.
Vs countrymen Quake-o-holics they were outran though, loosing both e3m3 and e1m2. Nice to see SoD! play some qw again btw :)
Vs New Wave from Russia they lost another e3 map pretty hard; e3m7. Then back on e1m2 they played a nice game again but the Russians were too strong.
Vs Polish clan Ax3 they finally got a victory. Ax3 won first map, dm2, but CB2 then won two maps in a row, e1m2 and dm3, and collected their second victory of the season.
Vs FUDOH from Norway they got unlucky again, loosing e1m2 162-165. Then on e3m7, well, CB2 do not like e3 maps =)
The Norwegians played another Swede team; Maniacs. [0] played as usual good on e1m2, but ran into a brick wall at e3m7. Decider map, dm3, was a tight game, but the Norwegians could raise their hands \e/ and pick up 2 points.

Division 4 got a couple of games played and German clan Dybbuk collected 3 points after winning dm2 comfortably, second map they won on WO.
Gods of Hellfire from Belgium showed the Finnish division favorites Kala that they can play, but the Finns eventually won it 2-1. Dm3 was a good fight but Kala was a little stronger. On e1m2 GOH showed their skills and they won it with over 40 frags. On decider map, dm2, Kala proved why they are the best team in this division and they won it with over 100 frags.

In division 5, Paranoids from Hungary/Czech are one game closer to glory, as they stood up against the challenge from Feske Gobbah from Sweden. PARA stopped the FG star players and took home an important 3 point'er, after victories on dm3 and e1m2. A 2-0 victory over Frag Shack will secure PARA division victory, SSC can get equal many points as PARA if they beat FS and FG 2-0, but PARA beat SSC in their internal fight and will claim top spot if both teams are equal on points.
The Artists from Poland played two games, and they lost one and won one. Vs their countrymen; Dreadful Offensive Squirrels, they got 3 points after easy wins on dm3 and dm2.
They got a much tougher fight vs Vet's from Sweden. E1m2 went to the Swedes quite comfortably, but the Pole's stroke back on dm3, leaving dm2 as decider. Vet's played very well and did not leave The Artists a chance, a little surprise maybe, as kurwas usually are strong on this map.

Division 6 saw four games and Hell Patrol from Poland got their third 2-0 victory vs St?l-Kalle Klanen from Sweden. SKK gave the Pole's a good fight on e1m2 but could not manage to deliver the same resistance on dm2.
Then we saw a 3on3 game when Swedish fnu won 2-0 over the French dudes from Mais Quad Bordel. Both e1m2 and dm2 were easy points for the Swedes.
Clan HOT from Sweden played two games and their first victim was hannovers Head hunter from Germany. Both maps, dm2 and e1m2, will not go down in history as close calls.
Then the game we all had been waiting for, the game that would decide who would win division 6; HOT from Sweden vs Thangorodrim from Finland. {T} chose e3m6, but HOT showed strength and won the map 143-119. Dm2 also was a good game, but HOT once again showed that they are worthy the top spot in division 6, and they took that one home too. 2-0 vs their hardest rival for the division title is very strong indeed. If HOT does not walk on the biggest mine in qw history vs Speed Up, they are the division winners.


  Weekend and Monday night games!  030415  

In Division 6 we had a decisive game for the top spot when Swedish OLW and Thangorodrim from Finland clashed together. The winner of this game would indeed have a very good chance for that first spot, with only HOT standing in the way. First map was played on e3m6 (tactical choice?), and it was a close one with {T} taking it home with 21 frags. Then OLW played an impressive dm3 winning it with over 100 frags. On decider map, e1m2, one OLW player disconnected after 6 minutes, not coming back before it was only 1 minute remaining of the game. OLW never breaked or asked for break, they just played on, leaving {T} to take the advantage. That was a shame really, because OLW lost it 165-173 playing 3on4 for 13 minutes, and who knows what the outcome would have been if this had not happened. Not a good thing to happen in an important game such as this.
Hell Patrol from Poland got their second victory of the season when they played vs Swedish Speed Up. It was definitely a convincing victory as the Pole's won it 2-0, on dm2 and e1m2, both with solid margins.

Division 5 saw three games and The Artists from Poland got back on track when they beat the Swedish clan Civil Disobedience. The Pole's beat CD on their home grounds of e2m2, after CD apparently had some skin problems, the score 198-43 to The Artists perhaps seems a little "strange", and the problems CD had in the game might have something to do with it, who knows. After that it was dm3 time and The Artists took home 3 points, meaning they are back in the fight for a promotion-playoff spot.
Another team that might fight for a promotion-playoff spot is Swedish Feske Gobbah. They now got eight games played and have only lost two of them, so if they keep this up they got a chance for division 4. In their eight game they played the Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland and as usual FG won e1m2, with maso and wigorf leading the way. On dm2 though, not even maso or wigorf could escape the kurwa power of DOS, who won it with over 100 frags. But on decider map, dm3, FG showed no mercy and secured yet another 2 point'er. FG have still not played PARA and SSC, so they have to play even better to get the points they need for that third spot.
Vet's from Sweden started to win games again when they demolished their countrymen J?garna in two straight maps. Both dm2 and e1m2 were easy meat for the veteran's and HB needs to produce some wins in their last games to avoid relegation.

Five games in division 3 got played and these last days results means that as much as six teams are actually fighting for promotion. [E], the team that still got the advantage, have to play QH and GTG before they can claim that first spot, and those games will not be a walk in the park for the division leaders. All Cobots' games are set to WO, meaning that all teams get 3 points vs them, it is not fair that the three teams that played Cobots does not get 3 points, but the rest does. This means that GTG now only have one loss, the same as [E], and they can actually win the division if they keep on winning. To the games:
The Fighting Foes from Sweden are looking strong these days and they got their chance to prove their top spot challenge vs another top clan when they met countrymen EarthQuake. TFF did a tactical map choice and chose e3m1, that was a smart move and EQ was doomed on that map. But on dm2 EQ stroke back and won it comfortably. And when they did the same on decider map, dm3, they got their well deserved 2 points and stood up against the challenge from TFF. Still EQ needs to win against countrymen Maniacs in their last game to secure a chance for promotion.
TFF faught another Swedish team as well; Campbusters Team 2, whom after a period of idling got a couple of new members to their squad and started to play again. Vs TFF they came up short and TFF won it 2-0 after comfortable wins on e1m2 and e2m7. 3 points to TFF and they are now in third spot, but they need to beat countrymen Quadrangers to still have a possibility for promotion, that will not be easy.
CB2 played Maniacs too, and this time it was a much tighter battle, but yet again they could not manage to gain any points as [0] won it 2-0 after good games on dm3 and e1m2, [0] were too strong this time. [0] have lost three games but got four 2-0 wins, and still got a shot at promotion, if they manage to keep this up. It will be tough though, having yet to play teams as EQ and GTG.
CB2's third game was vs the top clan EuthanasiA, and again CB2 did a good performance, but yet again it was a 0-2 loss. CB2 did a nice job on dm3, but [E] managed to win the game with 33 frags. On e1m2 it was over a 100 frag difference though, and [E] are not giving away their top spot just yet.
Because [E] got another 3 points, when they took down the Norwegian clan FUDOH. Dm3 went as expected, with Hixen roaming the map. On e3m7 however, we got a real nailbiter of a game, it was close all the way. Stalin showed his enormous skill on this map but this time it was in vain, as [E] won it with only 3 frags. Close one! A big showdown is coming up when [E] have to face GTG, and if [E] wins that one, they are the division winners, unless they stumble vs QH and their contenders win all their games in hand.

In division 2 Chopstick Ninjas continues on their way to glory by getting another 3 point'er, this time vs UK clan Justified Ancients of Menace. The former FF players were too strong on dm3 and when they even won on JAMS' homemap, e2m7, it was a well deserved 3 points indeed. Two games to go now for CN and it will be interesting to see if they can make it without loosing a single game. 4K and HPR should do their best to prevent that :-)

Finally in division 1 we saw four more games. The euro clan Miscellaneous Misfitz got two of them played, and vs the Finnish clan Antiquad they finally got a victory. Dm3 was a tough fight but MM were victorious by 28 frags. On dm2 everything seemed to go MM's way and they took a strong win there as well. 3 points to MM.
MM's second game was vs a much stronger Finnish side; Clan Malfunction. CMF won dm3 easy but got a hard battle on dm2, MM are pretty strong on that map. But the heroic effort from MM did not pay off, and CMF took it with 21 frags. Another 3 points to CMF.
CMF also played another game, this time vs another, but stronger euro clan; Firing Squad. CMF looks very good on dm3 these days and they outran FS by over 100 frags. FS got back into the game by winning dm2, after playing some 4on3 due to some lagg on CMF's part. Decider map, DM4!, was won by reppie, as he beated siv. No further comments on that one, lol!
The third euro clan in action was Hyphen, who faced Campbusters from Sweden. CB won a very close dm3, taking it home with only 7 frags. Maybe if HangTime had played with fov 240, Hyphen could have won this one :) On the next map CB showed dm2 powah and they won it with over 100 frags. 3 points to the Swedes.


  New 2on2 league, EDL European Dope League.  030413  

Laxr informed us about a new 2on2 league that's about to start if they get enough teams that sign up. Head on to their homepage and sign up your team today! And to be honest isn't it a 2on2 league that has been missing in this community for awhile now? The founder is Canius, NQR Crew wish you guys GL with the league.

// the NQR Crew

  Four games Friday  030412  

In division 3 Maniacs from Sweden played vs Russian team New Wave. NW's choice of map, e3m7, was a rather close one, but [0] played very well and secured victory by grabbing last pent. On [0]'s home ground, e1m2, there was no doubt though as they were too strong for the Russians. 3 points to Maniacs. New Wave are still looking for their first victory after seven played games.

Division 5 saw two games and Swedish Civil Disobedience moved into a promotion-playoff spot when they gunned down Hungarian Clan Edge. Both maps were tough fights but CD was the better clan on the day, winning both e2m2 and dm2. Edge have to produce some wins in their last games to avoid that last spot.
A prestigious Swedish battle took place when Vet's and Feske Gobbah played each other. As usual, Wigorf and Maso was too strong on e1m2, but Vet's played a very nice dm3 and won it with 4 frags! On decider map, dm2, Vet's totally demolished FG and by doing so they are contenders for a promotion-playoff spot again.

In division 6 Hell Patrol from Poland faced off with hannovers Head hunter from Germany. Previous results showed that hHh had to be favorites to win this one, as HP had not won a single game yet. But the Pole's played very well and won the first map, dm3, with over 50 frags. Then on dm2 we saw a very very close game, and HP secured their first victory of the season, winning it 152-151!


  Wedensday and Thursday night games  030411  

Two games in division 1 got played and the euro clans Firing Squad and Hyphen played each other in an important game. If Hyphen wanted playoffs, this was the game to win for them to get that chance, but FS responded brilliantly and won the series 2-0 after solid play on dm3 and e1m2, leaving no doubt that they are going to the playoffs.
It was clash of the titans time when Finnish Clan Malfunction faced off with Slackers from scandinavia. SR won dm3 after impressive play by Hib, who got first penta, second rl, and did not die for 8 minutes securing RA and running quads. Then on e1m2, CMF impressively stroke back in a game that produced a monster score: 253-211 ... no f***ing CS game! On decider map, dm2, CMF secured a nice victory and 2 points after a very good first 15 minutes, when SR took over the map in the end it was too late. A very good game indeed.

Division 3 saw four games played and one WO when Swedish Fighting Foes claimed WO vs euro clan Cobots who are idle. But the Foes got two games played as well and first off they played countrymen Maniacs. [0] were unsually weak in this match and TFF took home 3 points, winning booth e2m7 and e1m2 rather easy.
Then TFF played another Swede clan, Quake-o-holics, and finally QH broke down on e3m3, loosing it with 15 frags. QH faught well on TFF's home map, e2m7, but had to lay down their swords in the end. So, a very nice two days for the Foes, taking 9 points in three games. They are now at second place in the table and things are looking good, but they still have to face EarthQuake and Quadrangers before they can claim a promotion-playoff spot.
Another team moving up strongly is griffin's tappra gossar. The brave boys from Sweden faced countrymen Quadrangers, who after a good start also have lost a game. This was a very tight three-map game and QRNG took the first point after winning dm3 151-136. Then GTG had their revenge on dm2; 145-128. On decider map, e1m2, GTG showed the top teams in the division that they want to fight for promotion spots and got 2 points by winning it 147-111. TFF's and GTG's wins blew this division wide open, now there are five teams fighting for those top spots, all have lost two games each, except EuthanasiA, who have only one loss. If they can use this to their advantage is yet to be seen though.
In the last game Polish clan Ax3 met Norwegian clan FUDOH. The oldskoolers from Norway did not get any competition on e3m7 this time as Stalin gained a blitzering 109 frags. The Norwegians are also strong on dm2, but apparently Ax3 are back in shape on dm2 as they won that one with over 120 frags. Impressive. Decider map, dm3, was a thriller. After 20 minutes of play the score was 115-115, and the game ended as a draw! gg settings :) Then both clans agreed on a five minute game to settle it, kind of an anticlimax after such a good game. The luck was with the Pole's this time and they got their 2 points.

Division 4 got one game played and promotion contenders from Holland; Unidentified Quake Entity, played vs the pride of Belgium; Gods of Hellfire. The game was played 3on3 and UQE seemed to master that better than GOH as they won it safely 2-0 after wins on dm2 and e1m2.

Four games in division 5 and a couple of WO's. Old'n'grey Vet's from Sweden claimed WO vs UK clan War Hammer and Swedish Civil Disobedience did the same vs Bleed, also from UK. To the games then:
The Artists from Poland had to prove their promotion challenge when they played vs two of their toughest rivals for the crown. First they played the Super Cops from Sweden and first map, dm3, was a close one. The Swedes claimed victory with a 14 frag margin. That was too bad for the Pole's who now had to play the cops at the police station; e3m3. That went as expected, in a big way, and 3 points to SSC.
Then The Artists played the division leaders Paranoids from Czech/Hungary, and nothing but a win would do after the loss vs SSC. It started good for the Pole's as they took a close one at dm3 home with 11 frags. But PARA stroke back, hard, on dm2 and the teams agreed on dm3 as decider map. PARA crushed the top spot hope for The Artists as they secured 2 points, very easy indeed, and by that they managed to still keep SSC away from that top spot (even if the table displays it wrong). The Artists still got a good chance for a promotion-playoff spot though, as Irish Frag Shack still have to face PARA and SSC.
Swedish clan J?garna got two more games added, but vs countrymen Feske Gobbah they got ran over by Wigorf and Maso. They played a good game on dm2 but lost it by over 50 frags in the end. In the castle of the damned they got totally lost though and FG could collect 3 points.
Vs the Dreadful Offensive Squirrles from Poland it was a little better, but they never got to play their home map as DOS gave away WO on that map. On the two other maps, dm2 and dm3, DOS were too strong and the Pole's secured their third victory of the season.

In division 6 osams from Sweden had two very good days, as they got three games played and collected 9 points. VS countrymen St?l-Kalle Klanen they did as expected and got 3 points. SKK showed potential on e1m2 though but osams was too strong.
VS French clan Mais Quad Bordel it was an even easier ride to 3 points, taking e1m2 and dm3 home without breaking a sweat.
VS countrymen Speed Up they probably expected a tougher fight, but osams played really well and e1m2 and e3m3 went as easy as the two previous games did. So a good jump up the table for osams even if they cant reach a promotion-playoff spot.
MQB got a second game played as well when they faced clan HOT from Sweden. It's clear that these two teams dont belong in the same division as the division favorites HOT won dm2 and e1m2 with ownage results. HOT passed Thangorodrim in the table, by frag difference, and are chasing division leaders OLW from Sweden.
Because OLW won the _very_ important game vs countrymen Shadow Minions, took the top of the table and at the same time erased SM's chances for promotion. It was a very close battle indeed and OLW won the first map dm3. SM got revenge on e1m2 after a strong performance and it was going to be decided on dm2. And what nailbiter of a decider map this was, concidering the importance of this match. In the end OLW could raise their hands \e/ as they won it 158-148. A really good game by both teams.


  Cmt1 and Cmt5 remade  030410  

Both maps have been remade on the feedback we got from the CMT league. Remember to keep an old version of these maps for demo purposes, if that is desired. Maps will be up on servers asap.




  Five games on Tuesday  030409  

Division 6 got a game played when Swedish division favorites HOT played vs Hell Patrol from Poland. It went as expected, two times easy for the Swedes on dm2. Things are looking tight in the top of the division and it will be a thrilling finish for sure.

Division 5 saw a couple of games and the prestigious matchup between the east european clans Paranoids and Clan Edge, from Hungary and Czech, took place this night. PARA won it with 2-0 after good games on dm2 and dm3.
Irish Frag Shack and Swedish Feske Gobbah faced off in a thrilling three-map game. FS won dm3 convincingly, and FG did the same on e1m2. Decider map, dm2, was a real close game, but the Swedes took it home with only 13 frags.

In division 3 Swedish Maniacs took on Ax3 from Poland. [0] won it safely on dm3, but dm2 was a much tougher story. The Pole's faught bravely to earn themselves a point in this match but the Swedes brought home the 3 point'er with a 12 frag margin...close one.

In division 1 the euro clan Lockup got their third game played in equal many days, if they keep this pace up they will actually get all their games in hand played before the season ends. This time Lockup faced Swedish Campbusters, and for the third time they chose e3m1 as homemap. That went very well vs CB, a safe map victory and Lockup got their first point of the season. CB took revenge on dm2 and decider map was picked out as dm3. After another 20 minutes of play, Lockup got the victory with only 3 frags...130-127! Lockup's first victory and points this season.


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