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2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  QuakeWorld Trailer.  030319  

We are so used to pick on everyone east of germany. Highpingers, weird languages, too much vodka and gorbatjov. But any country holding QW lanparties sure got my respect =)

One of those countries is Russia, who held a great QW LAN party in Moscow that ended 12th. of Februray.

Zarub and Zlo made a very cool trailer of this QW LAN, with some nice effects, and quality. I can't wait to see the final version, showing off the best frags, moves and russian skill.

Hurry, and download this 17mb trailer from

  Tuesday night and 13 battles fought  030319  

Division 1 got two more games played Tuesday and the Dutch/EU team Firing Squad faced off with The Axemen from Norway. OEKS' home map, e1m5, was a good fight but the Norwegians took it with a 50 frag margin. FS then got a smooth victory on dm3, OEKS not managing to even get 100 frags. Then on decider map, dm2, FS taught OEKS how to play it and secured 2 points. Finnish clan AntiQuad and Aristocracy from Poland faced off, both looking for their first points this season. AQ showed strength on dm3 and made no doubt who was the better team on the day by winning dm2 too, with a clear margin, 3 points for AQ. Aristocracy needs to gain some points, or they will soon get some trouble getting up from that relegation spot.

In division 2 three more games got played, and what do you know, we got a couple of 2-0 results :) Strong Russian clan Bored With Life finally got active, and played two games this night. First they faced Finnish Hyvat, Pahat ja Rumat and left a clear message to everyone in this division that BWL will be though to beat this season, taking the first map, dm3, from the Finns with a clear margin. But HPR answered the challenge and won dm2 convincingly. Decider map, e1m2, was as tight as you would expect, and the Finns took it to their advantage with a 27 frag margin. A strong 2 point'er for HPR. Next up for the Russians was another Finnish clan; Fraggers United. We know Finnish clans are strong on dm2, but BWL proved that Russians knows the map as well, and won it with a very clear margin. Then on dm3, for some reason played 3on3, we all know BWL are good, and they secured 3 points, with a total of 4 points on the day. Swedish EnslaveD got their second game of the season done too, facing off with UK/EU pro clan Four Kings. Even though ED won this series 2-0, it was with a total +frags of 10! 110-107 on dm3 and 183-176 on e1m2. You have too feel a little sorry for 4K to not at least get a point in this one. The division 2 table shows just how thight this division will be.

Division 4 also saw three more games and finally Irish based Gauntlet and Swedish suicide commando started their NQR4 campaigns. Gauntlet met the Polish division leaders PsychoHaloons Crew. We knew GT was a good dm3 team, but that they would win dm3 easy, playing it 3on4, was kind of strong, to say the least. PHC then chose their home map, e3m2. GT showed strength and almost dodged it but was 18 frags too short. On the decider dm2 however, the lads from the green island proved to be the better team on the day, taking home 2 points in their debut game. PHC will probably stay high in the table all season if this division gets thight, their home map advantage should secure some important points for them. But having said that, the division 4 clans should get to know e3m2 pretty well, because the Swedish Beastie Boys also got that map as home map. And speaking of 2B, they fought the strong UK/EU clan numeric, and poor numeric, they defeniatly had very little e3m2 knowledge (ref: fucking lol of a 1st game. sigh map zz), and got beaten up pretty bad. But they stroke back on dm3, taking a good fight to their advantage and secured 2 points with a narrow 17 frag margin on the decider map, dm2, making it two wins in two games for them. Even though 2B now got three losses, they still got 2 points and all of their games have been tight ones. They need to convert those close games into victories to get higher up in the table. Swedish suicide commando finally got under way in NQR4 too, playing vs countrymen Splatt, who was looking for their first points in this game. They almost got it on the first map, but SC took e1m2 home in a close fight: 179-162. Splatt got vengance on dm2, winning it smoothly. Decider map, dm3, was another good fight, but SC were the stronger team on the day and got 2 points in their debut match.

And division 5 got three more games played as well. Swedish J?garna started to play NQR4 this evening, yet it was not a lucky one, The Artists with kurwa star Billy was much too strong this time and took home an easy 2-0 win on maps dm2 and dm3. The Swedes fought bravely on dm2 but was overpowered on dm3. The Artists are in top spot of the table with three games played with a perfect record, they seem to be hard to beat this season. The Super Cops from Sweden also made it three wins tonight, as they cuffed down their countrymen Civil Disobedience on a series of three maps. Arresting was easy on their home map e3m3, but there where no bars at e2m2 where CD showed strength. On the decider map, dm2, SSC proved that the law was stronger than the villains this time, taking it home with over a 150 frag margin. SSC looks pretty strong in this division, so watch out for those handcuffs. Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland was looking for their first points in their third game of the season, facing off the Hungarian/Czech team Paranoids. Paranoids where too strong though, taking home their second straight 2-0 victory. First map, dm3, went smooth for PARA, but they got a hard fight for the three point'er at dm2, but managed to win it with a margin of 22 frags only. PARA looks like promotion contenders in this division.

Four teams in division 6 was active this evening and Swedish Shadow Minions made another three point'er vs the cool French dudes; Mais Quad Bordel. SM got two smooth rides on dm3 and e1m2. We expect MQB to get a lot better, they just need practice, so keep up the enthusiasm :-) Swedish Speed Up was hoping for their first victory vs their countrymen St?l-Kalle Klanen, and they got it, without any problems at all. SKK put up a decent fight at dm2 though, but was outrunned at e1m2. SKK vs MQB should be a LIVE commented match if you ask me :)


  Second week started with 4 new games  030318  

In division 6 Finnish Thangorodrim amplifies their position at the top of the table with their fifth straight 2-0 win, by beating Hell Patrol from Poland. HP gave {T} a fairly good run for their money, but came up one number too short on both maps. Hell Patrol is still looking for their first point.

In division 4 however, Poland got some points when PsychoHaloons Crew managed to pull of a victory when they faced Russian clan aut Vincere aut Mori, as the Russians made their NQR4 debut. First map, e3m2, was an easy ride for PHC, but second map, dm3, was a close one; the Russians won it 109-106 and earned a point in their first NQR game. Decider map, e1m2, had some issues, PHC won it with a 42 frag margin, but apparently there was some connection/server problems for the Russian clan. At the moment the result stands, but we need to decide how to handle this issue, you can read the comments on the matchreport here.

Division 2 also got another game played Monday night, and surprise surprise, it was a three map battle :) Finnish Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat faced off with UK/EU pro clan Four Kings, and yet again it was a close one ladies and gentlemen. First the Finns took dm2 home with a 35 frag margin, then 4K took dm3 home with a 46 frag margin. Decider map e1m2 was close all the way, but 4K secured 2 points with a 184-171 win. Who will win division 2? Your guess is as good as ours!

The first major upset in division 1 went down Monday night when euro clan Hyphen beat the Scandinavian star players from Slackers. Hyphen is very good at dm3, so it might not have been a big surprise that they pulled off a victory on that map, even though it still was a little surprise. On dm2 everyone thought everything was back to "normal" when SR took that one home with over 200 frags. Decider map, e1m2, maybe SR's strongest map, was a big surprise though, as Hyphen played magnificently, making the frag difference to their advantage with almost 100 frags. Even SR admitted after the game that they had never met such a strong team on e1m2, now that says a lot about Hyphens performance on this map. Sure, Hyphen had a slight ping advantage, but when they win as convincingly as they did, you really can't say that affected the result. On the other hand, this result clearly shows that the quest for the four playoff spots might be an interesting fight after all, in contrast to what we believed before the season started.

On another note:

13 clans have yet to play a game in NQR4, and they really need to start playing this week, to avoid further delays. Further delays will just result in idling and finally it will most likely, in worst case, result in a idle-kick out of NQR4. Lets try to avoid that plz :/

These 13 clans are:

Lockup, Bored With Life, Justified Ancients of Menace, kalevala, Maniacs, Quadrangers, bodyjar, Gauntlet, suicide commando, Unidentified Quake Entity, J?garna, Nobles, DvL.

Get your games played ppl :-)

  Cheaters Caught!  030317  

This has been a rough weekend not only for some players participating in NQR, but also for the admin crew. It is with sadness that we have come to the following conclusions:

1. baron_morte (riker) is kicked from this season. He is listed as member of disorder (division 1) with nick baron_morte (riker).

Reason: He was fakenicking for clan Urak as Pain-Man in a (division 6 game ) vs Thangorodrim.

2. goofy (aka killis, aka kzech) is kicked from this season. He is listed for clan SKK (division 6).

Reason: He was also faking for clan Urak as smokie, during same game vs Thangorodrim. Same time he was applying to join a third clan, while still playing fakenick games for Urak, and real games for SKK. Bad move. SKK will get a warning, but not kicked out, we advice SKK and all other clans to have "control" on their players.

3. Clan urak in division 6 is kicked from this sesason, and all games played vs them will be removed, and remaining games will of course not be played.

Reason: Allowing 2 outside players, to alias as members for official NQR games is simply not tolerated, they knew about it, and even after speaking to admins about the issue, they did not think it was bad to fakenick, concluding: "it is only div. 6". Bad attitude and bad sportsmanship, and lack of respect for the opponents in same division.

We don't enjoy playing policemen, and we would all love if clans and players just followed rules, and in generel behaved as rational humans. I know it can be tempting to join a div. 6 clan, if you want to kill some lesser skilled players, or simply just want to play more games. But aliassing as other members, or joining more clans at the same time, just is not the right way to do it.

If you are so anxious to play more games, go play some practice wars, or join another leauge. We are trying to run a leauge, but without some help, understanding and common sense from all the players participating, it can become quite a pain to run it.

Now that rocketz was caught pingflooding in CMT leauge (unless he proves otherwise), riker was caught faking, killis was caught playing for 2 clans AND wanted to join a 3rd, We have to admit its not looking good. Yes, its only a few players out of 700...that we have caught so far.

But lets state for a fact...CRIME DOSE NOT PAY.

It is not giving you any satisfaction. It is disrespectful for your fellow gamers, and its basicly a hassle for you as a player. And as admins of this leauge, we REALLY don't need or want this.

These extreme decisions was agreed on by the majority of the admins, after looking deep into the material handed to us. We investegated it, and the evidence was clear. So if you for some reason want to rant us down, or you dont trust us as admins, then all we can say: sorry for feeling that way.

So do us all a favour, and just play quake...the right way!

// the NQR Crew

  Adding players  030317  

If you want to add a player to your team that is already registered in another NQR4 team, then the player must be DELETED from the previous team before we confirm it. If this is a problem, contact NQR admins.

  Sunday night is QuakeWorld night  030317  

16 games were played Sunday and all divisions saw action on this holy night of QuakeWorld.

Division 1 saw four games played, and Polish Aristocracy started NQR4 with taking on euro clan Hyphen, who played their second game. Two X dm3 apparently suited Hyphen best, as they won both times, first one went quite easy and the second one was more of a fight, but still they won with a rather clear margin. Hyphen picks up their first points this season. Aristocracy then faced the Swedish Campbusters but the pain would not go away, CB won dm3 and dm2 with clear margins. CB looks pretty strong at the moment. Norwegian clan The Axemen and the euro clan Miscellaneous Misfitz faced off getting their second game of the season. As expected, the Norwegians did not get any big problems on their homemap, e1m5, but got beaten up bad on dm2. Decider map was needed and OEKS secured 2 points in a tight dm3 game. Two of the NQR4 championship contenders faced off this night; Finnish (?) Clan Malfunction vs Swedish disorder. Not surprisingly, CMF won dm3 and disorder won e1m2. So dm2 would seperate the teams, and the Swedes was the better team on the day and took home 2 well earned points. CMF still holds top spot in the division though, with more games played than the rest of the pack.

In division 2 we saw yet another three map game. The division got five games played and all games have been three map battles. DK/SWE clan Chopstick Ninjas made their NQR4 debut and pulled of a victory and two points vs the mighty Hellboys from Sweden. It should not be a surprise to no one that Hellfire lost dm3 (doh!), but as usual they are strong as ever on e1m2, so dm2 was yet again a decider map. CN managed to gain 20 more frags than Hellfire, so this surely looked like a close battle and a good game indeed.

In division 3, six teams was active this night, adding four more games to the division. The two legendary Swedish clans; Euthanasia and The Fighting Foes faced off and [E] took the series home 2-0. TFF's choice of map e2m7, did not help vs their very experienced adversary, so 3 new points to [E]. However, TFF got the chance to avenge this loss vs Ax3 from Poland, and they did just that. Ax3 is a strong Polish side in this division, but on this day they apparently had some troubles and lost it 0-2, surprisingly loosing dm2 with a big margin. Another Swedish team also got two games played today, the clan we all love; the QH-LAN clan Quake-o-holics. First they faced off the Norwegian challenge; FUDOH, and it was a very thight game. In the quest for points, the Norwegian old-timers made a tactical map choice; e3m7, and that gave them their first point. Then QH took home e1m2 with only a 12 frag margin. Decider map dm2 went down with a narrow 6 frag margin, and the Norwegians took it home, earning them 2 points. Go check out the matchreport to find out what went down in this very exciting decider. QH's second game this night was vs the very strong euro clan Cobots, who has already showed strength and honour in their two previous games earning them a top spot in the table. Cobots took dm2 home in a good fight and then it was QH's time to do a tactical map choice; e3m3. That went smooth for the Swedes and now it was all up to dm3 to seperate the teams, and QH showed that they will be a clan to reckon with in this division, beating Cobots on dm3 with a 25 frag margin. So two games and 3 points earned for QH this Sunday night.

Division 4 got a game played too, when German team Dybbuk made their NQR4 debut vs the Beastie Boys from Sweden. 2B's home map, e3m2, was a close one, but Dybbuk took it 107-100. 2B would not give up without a fight though and made it hard for the Germans on dm2, but they had to lay down their swords with a 30 frag margin. 3 points and a nice NQR4 start for the Germans.

Division 5 also had six active teams this night, and two of the contenders to win this division clashed off in a Swedish showdown; Vet's vs Swedish Super Cops. The super cops arrested Vet's, on their home grounds of e3m3, but Vet's managed to escape on dm3 with a narrow 13 frag margin. On dm2 however, Vet's got behind bars again with a clear marging of 99 frags, so 2 well earned points for the super cops from Sweden this night. SSC could not make the top of the table though, as The Artists from Poland made the NQR4 debut for star player Wigorf and his IRL clan Feske Gobbah an unpleasant one. FG fought well on e1m2 but was a couple of numbers too short on dm3, 3 points to The Artists, who now roam at the top of the table. Talking about clashes and showdowns, the euro clan Frag Shack and the UK clan War Hammer faced off in a 3 map battle. It looks like there is some "evil blood" amongst these two clans so I guess this was the game to win for both sides :) First map went to WH who nailed down dm3 with a 28 frag margin. Second map went to FS who won convincingly on dm2. Frag Shack did not say no thank you to take revenge on dm3, and that's just what they did on the decisive map, with a comfortable margin as well.

Division 6 got another three games played as well and Finnish Thangorodrim showed the German Head hunters from Hannover how to play dm2 and dm3, winning it 2-0 by clear margins on both maps. So {T} confirms their top spot in the table, but they also got a lot more games played than the rest. Swedish clan Shadow Minions made another victory to their stats as they had a smooth ride on two maps, e1m2 and dm3, vs their countrymen Speed Up. They even won dm3 playing 3on4 with no problems at all. Speed Up is still looking for their first victory. Two other Swedish clans faced off as well when fnu played St?l-Kalle Klanen, and fnu got their first victory winning both maps with vast margins. SKK are still looking for a point with three games already played.


  Saturday night is all right for fighting  030316  

In division 1 the euro clans Firing Squad and Miscellaneous Misfitz faced off, and FS got a rather smooth ride to 3 points. MM fought best on dm2 as they did not stand a chance on dm3. The four favorites in division 1 have now made a little gap to the other teams, and we wonder who will deny any of those teams a playoff spot.

Division 5 got two games played on Saturday and two new teams started their NQR4 participation. UK team Bleed took on The Artists from Poland, and the Polish crew won first map, dm3, without breaking a sweat. Dm2 was a tighter fight, but Bleed did not manage to get a point this evening. Hungarian Clan Edge and Dreadful Offensive Squirrels of Poland both played their second game, facing each other on dm2 and e1m2. Clan Edge was too strong on dm2 but got a tougher round on e1m2, winning it with a 49 frag margin, taking home their first points of the season. DOS is still looking for that first point.

  A couple of games Friday night  030315  

Division 2 had yet another 2-1 game, when Fraggers United of Finland took on Second from Sweden. For some reason the game was played 3 vs 3, so the fragcount was rather low. Dm2 went to Second, maybe a little surprise, FragUnit are pretty strong on that map. But they got revenge on dm3, with a narrow margin of 13 frags. FU made it clear on e1m2 who was the best team on the day, taking e1m2 with a clear margin. Let's hope we don't get too many 3on3's, 4on4 is definitely more fun :)

In division 6, the strong Finns Thangorodrim finally met the wall vs the Swedish clan Urak. {T} had a perfect record, 9 points, and an awesome +1926 in frag difference. This was Urak's second game, and with loosing 1-2 to Osams in the first one, then this might be seen on as a little upset. Urak made a strong performance on dm2, but got backlash on dm3. On the decider map, e1m2, Urak made it 28 frags to their difference, denying the Finns their fourth victory in a row. {T} is still at the top of the table though, with 10 points and an enormous fragbalance.

Some stats so far:

- 1/10 of the games have been played.
- Division 6 is the most active one: 11 games played.
- Thangorodrim (div. 6) has played 4 games already.
- 24 of the 73 clans has yet to play a game.
- Dm2 is the most played map so far: 31 times.
- Average number of games played each day is 3,7.

  Eight new games Thursday night  030314  

Division 6 got one more game played tonight, when the Swedish clans HOT and Shadow Minions faced off. The only resistance SM could offer was at their homemap, but in reality they never stood a chance, something that was clearly confirmed on HOT's choice of map. 3 points to the hot clan.

Division 5 was the most active one tonight, and the UK based team War Hammer played two out of the three games that got played in the division. First one was vs Swedish Civil Disobedience, and WH won it 2-0. They had no problems with dm3, but got a much tougher challenge on e1m2, getting away with a narrow 11 frag margin. Their second game was vs the Hungarian/Czech clan Paranoids, whom proved to be too strong for WH. The central european clan took it 2-0, with a clear margin on dm3, but dm2 was thougher, even if the margin was over 50 frags. In the last game the Swedish Super Cops took on the Dreadful Offensive Squirrels from Poland. The copper's showed strength on dm2 and made it an easy 2-0 by finishing it off on their homemap e3m3.

In division 4, Finnish Kala managed to play with a full squad in all of their 60 minutes this time, and that secured a strong victory vs the Beastie Boys from Sweden. Apparently the Finns was not very familiar with 2B's home map; e3m2, but on the classics dm2 and e1m2 they where too strong for 2B and star player Dreeyfus. PsychoHaloons Crew from Poland took their second victory vs Swedish Splatt, by strong performances on dm2 and dm3, securing 3 points and top spot in the table, the Polish dudes looks strong at the moment.

Three more clans in division 2 also got under way in NQR4 tonight, and by the looks of it, division 2 will be one tight and exciting division, the close series between HPR and PH on Tuesday showed us that, and tonight famous Swedes Hellfire played two games and had to struggle in both games, but managed to pull the longest straw on both occasions, taking home 4 points for the evening with two 2-1 wins. Obviously the Swedes has some trouble on dm3, as they gave away dm3 to both UK based Four Kings and the euro clan Enslaved, both securing 1 point because of it. Four Kings lost e1m2 with only 4 frags, and that's how close they were from a 2-0 victory and 3 points, instead of a 1-2 loss. That's how the margins are going to be in division 2 this season, we can't wait for more division 2 games...

  Interview  030314  

While you guys have been slacking, we have prepared this seasons first interview. We grabbed a hold of Slurpas from clan St?l-kalle, and asked him some questions. We'll try and keep this section active throughout the season.
Head over to see the interview with Slurpa under interviews section.


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