Current Week: 10
2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  New CMT movie out  030225  

If you want to see funny things that can happen during our learningprocess on new maps, then go download THIS movie. The movie is made for fun, don't judge us too hard =)

  NQR4 Divisions setup - part 3  030224  

After the setup of the divisons, _many_ ppl started to MSG us on irc, to try and sort out their best interest for their clan. This is very good, it shows engagement and that very few clans seems to idle, or don't want to be idle. This also results in changes in the divisions setup, where clans are going from one division to another. Don't worry about this, it's just a part of the process to fit clans wishes and "polish" the divisions so that it gets as correct as possible. Changes will certaintly happen all the time, until we kickoff sometime next week, maybe even Monday or Tuesday.

  NQR4 Divisions setup - part 2  030224  

Ok, so the divisions are up. Changes still might happen, but at least this is a start. We will probably start sometime next week, so you can still add players without violating the 2 player rule, that will be activated when league starts (when fixtures are up).

Keep on commenting, we will take all thoughts into consideration.

  NQR4 Divisions setup  030223  

The signup has not closed yet (closes 24.00), but either way we want clans and players to get a chance to comment on the divisions setup, so here is your chance. If you don't want to share it with the mob, just MSG an admin at #nqr. This is just a preliminary setup, we need more confirmations from several clans, there are players switching teams, some clans are idling and some other issues needs to be sorted out before everything is 100%.

DIVISION 1 - 11 Teams

Clan Malfunction
Firing Squad
Hard Guns Crew
The Axemen

ToT is not added here because we don't know if they will participate, we DO NOT want idle clans. If disorder is allowed to play in division 1 with "fakenicks" are still not decided.

DIVISION 2 - 12 Teams

Bad Luck Troopers
Bored With Life
Chopstick Ninjas
Four Kings
Fraggers United
Justified Ancients of Menace
HellFire 2
Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat
Miscellaneous Misfitz !

Exile left MM and joined CN, that blew away MM's possible challenge for div. 1, and made CN a clear choice for div. 2. Hellfire only got one team in NQR4, so we don't know why they are called HF2. They have lost some key players, but we feel they are strong enough for div. 2. We are awaiting Pumphagel's final lineup (only 3 members) to be sure what div. to place them in.

DIVISION 3 - 12 Teams

Campbusters Team 2
griffin's tappra gossar
Radiant Nails

Second is idling, so they are placed in div. 3, we need more confirmation. EarthQuake is the new clan that was formed when Second Team B died. FUDOH is a new norwegian clan with former Game Over players. GTG lost mrlame to disorder.

DIVISION 4 - 13 Teams

Beastie Boys
Clan Edge
Gods of Hellfire
New Wave
PsychoHaloons Crew
suicide commando
The Fragging Pumpkins

Beastie Boys are HF-starplayers Dreeyfus and Madmax's IRL-n00b clan. New Wave is AMD-starplayer Glad's new clan.

DIVISION 5 - 13 Teams

Civil Disobedience
Dreadful Offensive Squirrels
Feske Gobbah
Frag Shack
Hell Patrol
The Artists
Unidentified Quake Entity
War Hammer

Hixen does comeback with one of the oldest clans around; EuthanasiaA \e/, some rookies will apparently play with him. Feske Gobbah is HF-starplayer Wigorf's new IRL-ultrarookie clan. Nobles are CPMA players who found out what's the best game around.

DIVISION 6 - 12 Teams

aut Vincere aut Mori
hannovers Head hunter
Mais Quad Bordel
Shadow Minions
Speed Up
Swedish Super Cops

aut Vincere aut Mori and OBST we don't have any info/research on, so they are placed here atm. J?garna are NetQuake players who converts to QuakeWorld, like Maniacs did some time ago. Swedish Super Cops are oldschool players who found QW on their harddrive. Here is something rare: DvL, they are from the Portuguese island Madeira, thats outside the westcoast of Africa! If anyone has some info about Spanish or French QW servers, PLZ let us know! Maybe french clan Mais Quad Bordel could help us out here? (viva la France!) :p

  An Update to the Rules  030217  

Please note the following:

"Your team needs to have a working homepage with updated info about all active clanmembers. Your team must also have a working and active Quakenet IRC channel."

There are quite a few teams that don't have a homepage and/or an IRC channel. Please fix this asap or risk being deleted from the league!

Finally, please can all clans login and add players to their playerlist.

  Welcome to NQR Season 4!  030211  

Greetings! NQR is back and raring to go for another season of frag-filled qw fun! Signups are now open and will remain open until midnight on Sunday 23rd February.

The format will be very similar to last season as we felt the skill-based divisions gave all clans an even playing field and it was fun for all involved. However, we do plan on having smaller divisions which will mean a slightly shorter season.

There have been some minor rule changes, notably and most importantly about clients, so read the rules before you signup. The maplist has also been reduced, as we removed the 2 most unplayed maps from last season.

Note that all signups will initially go into Division 1 until signups are closed and we can decide how many divisions to use. That's all for now, SIGNUP HERE!

PS: Regarding last seasons relegation games: whilst we will do our best to honour promotion/relegation issues from season 3, we reserve the right to put clans in divisions we see fit. Due to the fact that we changed amounts of clans in each division, this is the best way to do it from our pov. Hopefully we will stick with this system in future seasons, so that relegation games this season will have its rightfull importance in the long run.


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