Current Week: 10
2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  A busy Monday night  030325  

In division 6 Swedish clans OLW and fnu faced each other, and OLW made it clear to the division favorites Thangorodrim and HOT that they want to mingle with the best. Both maps, e1m2 and dm3, were won with clear margins. For some reason fnu did not choose e3m7 this time.

In division 5 the UK based clan War Hammer played vs the Swedish Super Cops. War Hammer got a pretty tough arrest on e3m3, only gaining 26 frags. Dm3 was more of a fight but yet again the Super Cops showed strength and took home their second 3 point'er of the season. SSC now got four victories in four games and grabbed the top spot in the table with 10 points. But there is no rest for the wicked as three teams are trailing SSC, all with 9 points. This division will be hard to win.

In division 4 the strong UK based clan numeric (with the ownage webby) challenged the Polish PsychoHaloons Crew for the top spot in the table. numeric needed a 2-0 win to overtake the top spot and they got a good start by winning a close dm2 battle with 21 frags. Then they made twice as many frags as PHC on dm3 and got 3 well deserved points and top spot in the table.

Division 3 saw two more games and EarthQuake from Sweden will not make it easy for EuthanasiA as they got another 3 point'er when they gunned down Ax3 from Poland. EQ's home map went as it usually does and they made a strong dm2 performance too, leaving Ax3 with their third straight loss.
Griffins brave boys from Sweden finally won their first match when they faced off with their countrymen Quake-o-holics. GTG won their choice of map, dm2, with a clear margin. Then it was nerve time on e3m3 and QH made a great last attack in the last minute and took it home 94-90. But on decider map, e1m2, GTG was too strong for QH and they finally got their first victory.

Division 2 also got two games played this night and it was a good night for the UK. First off Justified Ancients of Menace took a strong 2-0 victory vs Second from Sweden. E2m7 was off course not a surprise, but JAMS performance on dm3 was a convincingly effort by the UK lads and they won it with a narrow 14 frag margin. JAMS first victory this season, Second are still looking for their first one.
The UK success did not stop here as the gaming royals from Four Kings played Fraggers United from Finland. 4K were as strong as always on dm3 and secured themselves their first 3 point'er of the season when they won e1m2 as well. The Finns put up a good fight on e1m2 but came up too short this time.

Finally in division 1 we had an exciting match between the Norwegian Axemen and noskill from Finland. NS could not do much on OEKS' home map, e1m5, as the Norwegians took it home pretty comfortably. On NS choice of map, dm3, we saw a real thrilling fight. Dying seconds of the map and score is 156-155, but one axeman is under attack and he gets bored with life: 155-155 and overtime! Axemen then gets the overtime penta, but can't do much with it. NS survives enemy penta, shows strength and takes the nailbiter home with 10 frags. Decider map, e1m2, and it is close all the way until the Norwegians (ok, two Swedes in this one) start to rack up some frags with 3 minutes left. The Axemen gets their second victory in this close call, but NS collects their first point of the season and will for sure get more points as the season goes forward.


  League News  030324  

Division 5 clan Nobles decided to drop from the league without yet playing a game. All their fixtures have been deleted. Hopefully you guys can make it back for next season.

Secondly, we have setup a "Community" column (look to the right). If there is an issue you want to talk about, just write an article and contact one of the NQR crew. We haven't given up on the idea of permanent column writers, but this is a good place to start.

  Sunday night and a dozen games of QuakeWorld  030324  

Sundays are the most active days in NQR and all divisions got games played tonight. Many close calls this evening and some of the teams have nearly played 50 % of their games, already. We are starting to believe that the clans will fulfil the quest of getting all their season games played, or at least close to it. So after two weeks of playing, 42 clans have played 3 games or more, and are keeping up with the schedule pretty good. 29 clans have played maximum 2 games, and they need to speed things up a little bit, or they will have trouble finishing off all games and loose valuable points. 4 clans have not played _any_ games yet, they are:

Lockup - bodyjar - nobles - DvL ...... hello, are you there? :-)

In division 1 we saw one game, the Scandinavians from Slackers met Swedish Campbusters. ]SR[ made no mistake and took it home safely on dm3 and dm2, with clear margins. It will be interesting to see how strong ]SR[ is this season, especially when they face off with the other favorites.

Division 2 got two games played and Swedish Hellfire gained top spot in the table again by battling down Fraggers United 2-0. Dm2 went smooth for the Swedes but they got a pretty hard fight on e1m2, even though the 3 point'er was never threatened.
In the second game we had a heavy prestigious matchup when UK clan Justified Ancients of Menace clashed off with UK/EU pro clan Four Kings. 4K started out as an UK clan in the early days and are still UK based, and both these two clans go way back and have played each other on several occasions. First map was JAMS' home map e2m7. 4K got close, but yet again they could not castigate JAMS on this map, but it was close; 146-131 to JAMS. 4K is very strong on dm3 and JAMS did put up a good performance, but could not prevent a 4K victory here. Random map was drawn to be dm2 and "the battle of Britain" came down to a narrow 9 frag margin, to 4K's advantage. GG both teams!

In division 3 five more games was added to the played games list, and division favorites from Sweden, Euthanasia, got two more victories this night, but had to fight hard for it. First up they played their countrymen EarthQuake and took the first map, dm3, with just 10 frags. Then EQ showed that it is not only JAMS who can play e2m7 and they beat the strong first line up that [E] has, and secured a point with only 13 frags. On decider map, dm2, the division favorites got too strong though and took it home with a fairly clear margin. EQ really showed potential in this game and will for sure be fighting for those top spots in this division.
Then [E] faced off with the strong Polish clan Ax3, and Ax3 took dm3 home with a surprisingly clear margin. Then on the second map, dm2, Ax3 got a good start and had the chance to inflict the first loss of the season upon [E], but the Swedes showed good moral and turned the tables around taking home the second map with a 100 frag margin. I think the Pole's will be irritated with that mapdefeat, because on the decider map, e1m2, [E] showed no mercy and took home the second 2 point'er of the evening.
Another well known Swede clan, The Fighting Foes, also played two games tonight, and first off they met countrymen griffin's tappra gossar (which means: griffin's brave men). GTG took their choice of map, dm2, home with a clear margin, securing them their first point of the season. Then TFF's home map, e2m7, went to TFF with a fairly clear margin. Decider map, dm3, was another close third-map call, it went to overtime (!) at 110-110, and TFF got the fifth penta, that probably made the difference as they secured 2 point's winning it with only a 10 frag margin. Bravely fought by GTG, but they came up short. With a little luck/margin on their side, they could have been at the other end of the table, as their first match vs Cobots also were close calls. NQR4 is surely a game of margin's.
Then TFF faced off with their neighbours from Norway; FUDOH. The Norwegians put up a really nostalgic lineup this night, only thing missing here was color 4 and team GO :-) The point-securing-map for the Norwegians, e3m7, did not fail, but it did not fail for the Swedes either, as they won their home map in The Underearth, with a clear margin. Decider map, dm2, was a real nailbiter, but the routined oldskoolers from Norway took this exciting decider home with 8 frags. TFF is probably happy with earning 3 points this evening with all the close calls they where involved in, it could have gone either way.
Swedish Quadrangers finally decided to play NQR4 too, and matched up with countrymen Campbusters Team 2. CB2 were looking for their first points this season, but was unlucky on the first map, dm3...they lost it...with a single frag! On the second map, e1m2, ruffnux of QRNG showed no mercy at all and destroyed all hopes for CB2. 3 points and a nice first appearance for the Quadrangers.

In division 4 the Swedish clan suicide commando and Dutch clan Unidentified Quake Entity both played their second game of the season, facing each other. UQE took home a nice 2-0 victory, winning both dm2 and e1m2 with over a 100 frag margin. Quite surprising as SC should be a fairly good division 4 clan, strong performance by the Dutch team.

Division 5 saw two more games and euro clan Frag Shack showed the other teams that they want to fight for top spots in the division as they gunned down the strong Swedish clan; Vet's. FS took dm3 home after a tough fight, and the Vet's won, as expected, e1m2 with a clear margin. On decider map, dm2, FS showed just how good they are and left no doubt what they will be fighting for this season; for a promotion spot. Vet's are still up there though, they have gained points in every game so far.
Clan Edge from Hungary faced off with Swedish IRL clan Feske Gobbah (who ever came up with that name?!). EDGE showed how well they master dm2 and secured a point with over 200 frags. Newly recruited player from Hellfire, Maso, stepped inn for FG in the second and third map, leaving the Hungarians not a big chance to win this one. And that's just what happend; FG took home e1m2 and dm3 with clear margins. FG collected their first victory of the season and are looking _much_ stronger with this new lineup.

In division 6, Swedish clan OLW put on their promotion challenge as they beat up countrymen Speed Up without breaking a sweat. Both maps, dm3 and e1m2, were won with over 200 frags.


  A couple of games Saturday night  030323  

In division 2, the "division of death", UK clan Justified Ancients of Menace finally got active in NQR4, and faced the strong Russian challenge; Bored With Life. And we saw yet another close 2-1 game. BWL took the first map home, dm3, with a narrow 17 frag margin, and they also put up a tough resistance on JAMS familiar home map; e2m7. But JAMS won that one and dm2 was the decider. The Russians proved yet again how strong they are and secured 2 points for the evening. All ten clans in the divison got points in their first match, and there are no teams that looks much stronger or weaker than any of the other teams, this is without a doubt the most exciting and uncertain division in NQR4.

Division 4 also saw a game this night and Finnish Kala faced off with Dybbuk from Germany. Kala won it 2-0 after having pretty good control on both maps, e1m2 and dm2. Both map victories was with a comfortable +/- 100 frags. Kala looks strong in this division.

  Three more games Friday night  030322  

Division 6 saw another game when Swedish clans osams and OLW played. OLW won the first map, e3m3. osams lost control over the map after one of their players had to reboot. On dm2 there was no doubt though, and OLW took home 3 points for the evening, their second 2-0 win in equal many games.

Division 5 got two games played tonight and Swedish Civil Disobedience took their first 3 point'er and their second victory when they won vs Dreadful Offensive Squirrles from Poland. Both maps, dm2 and dm3 were smooth rides for the Swedes. DOS played two games tonight and they faced euro clan Frag Shack in their second battle. First map was a close one, but FS took dm2 with a 23 frag margin. Then on dm3 DOS got in trouble again and FS took it with out any problems. FS now got two victories in two games and are looking strong. DOS got five games played and have five losses, they need to start getting points to avoid that relegation spot. We suspect that DOS had worse ping than their opponents this night though, so that might had some influence on the results.

  Interview with HangTime added.  030321  

Sassa was so kind to make an interview with the wellknown brittish quaker HangTime.

HangTime explains who Hyphen is, and why they have gotten soo much attention lately. Combined with views and comments on NQR, and last years QW movies, this is an interesting interview for the broad audience.

  Thursday night games  030321  

In division 6 the two bottom teams faced off in a prestigious matchup; both teams were looking for their first points this season and the smell of victory was inevitable. Swedish St?l-Kalle Klanen and the French dudes from Mais Quad Bordel faced off in a three map series. MQB took dm3 home with just over 20 frags, then SKK responded by winning dm2 with an even narrower margin; 123-112. It was all up to the decider map, e1m2, and the Frenchmen were the better team this time. The Swedes still got a point though and moved away from last spot.

In division 5 the Hungarian/Czech team Paranoids played two games this night, both vs Swedish clans. First off they played top clan Vet's, and they made a strong performance taking it home 2-1. Vet's was as expected the better team on e1m2, but did not stand a chance on dm3 and dm2. This made it three wins in three games for PARA, and now they faced Civil Disobedience, who hade three games and three losses. Nevertheless, you cant just reserve victories in this game, and CD got their first victory this season, taking it home 2-1. Dm3 went to the central europeans, but on CD's home map, e2m2, they lost on WO, apparently they had some connection problems. Decider map was e1m2, and yet again PARA got in trouble on that map, and CD secured 2 points in a pretty close decider.

One game in division 4 this night and finally Dutch clan Unidentified Quake Entity got under way in NQR4 too, vs Swedish Splatt. Splatt was looking for their first victory, but UQE showed no mercy and got off to a flying start in NQR4, winning the series 2-0. Strong performances on dm3 and dm2 secured 3 points for the flying Dutchmen.

In division 3 Swedish Maniacs also got their NQR4 campaign rolling, when they faced off vs their strong countrymen EuthanasiA. [0] are quite good on e1m2, but [E] showed why they look like division favorites at the moment, clinching home the map 168-151. Dm3 was a completely different story and [E] took home yet another 3 point'er, their third in a row, and they confirmed their top spot in the table. Sassa's men will hopefully grow stronger as the season persists.

Finally in division 1 we had an interesting game when euro clan Hyphen played the division top clan from Sweden; disorder. Could Hyphen make another upset? No, they could not, disorder cruised home another 3 point'er on the maps dm3 and dm2. Hyphen put up some struggle at dm3 but did not stand a chance on dm2. It will be interesting to see what the other top clans can do with disorder when they get all their games in hand played.

NB! Seven clans have still not played any games. These clans really need to start playing this weekend! They are:

Lockup, Justified Ancients of Menace, Quadrangers, bodyjar, Nobles, Dvl, osams.

  Kalevala Dropped  030321  

Finnish Division 2 clan Kalevala informed us that they wouldn't be able to complete their fixtures, and so have been removed from the league. Hope to see you guys back in future seasons of NQR!

  "Only" three games played Wedensday night  030320  

In division 6 Swedish clan HOT got their third 2-0 victory vs countrymen OLW. First map, e3m3, was not exactly a contest, but dm2 was more of a fight. Still easy 3 points to HOT. At the moment it looks like HOT is the only clan that can challenge Finnish Thangorodrim in the race for top spot in the division

Division 5 also saw action tonight and the old'n'grey Swedes from Vet's faced off with countrymen Civil Disobedience. CD's home map, e2m2, was a fairly close match, but the routine of the Vet's prevailed. At dm3 there was no doubt though and Vet's earned themselves 3 points. Vet's looks very much like promotion contenders in this division, but it will be a hard fight, by the looks of it there are like 6-7 teams that got potential for top spots in the division.

In division 1 Swedish new-nick-clan disorder confirmed their top spot in the table by taking down The Axemen from Norway. First map was OEKS' home map, e1m5, and it was a close one, the Norwegians seems pretty hard to beat on this map though and disorder could not do it either, but they got very close, only loosing it by a narrow 12 frag margin. On dm3 disorder had cruise control on, and gained almost 300 frags. Decider was dm2, and disorder clinched it home with a clear margin. disorder have now played five games and got five victories, they are still looking strong.

  Do you want columns on NQR page?  030319  

If there are ppl who are interested to write columns or you just want to have columns in general at the page, speak your word in the comments.


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