Current Week: 10
2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  NQR season 5  030826  

We have been asked by quite a few ppl; When is NQR5 going to start etc. Is it going to start? And so on and so forth ;).

Well yes NQR5 will start, how soon we cannot tell you yet but in a very near future we will start taking signups from clans. More info regarding signups and this season's rules will be posted as soon as we have sorted out a few things.

Stay tuned folks.

// The NQR Crew

  NQR Season 4 Round Up!  030629  

Nations Quake Rank Season 4 Round up!

First of all congrats once again goes out to Slackers who won this season of NQR, CONGRATS GUYS! And an honoring GG to the great guys of clan MalFunction, don't be depressed guys, one of these seasons you _will_ win ;)). Hope to see the both of you back next season, if not..i'll personally hunt you all down ;). If you have not yet seen the demos of this thrilling Final we suggest you go to "Playoffs page" ASAP, and DL those demos, they'll be classics, if they aren't already?

Season nr 4 was a really nice one, lots of high-class kick-ass games, mixed with newbie kick-ass bore's ;). Eventhough you might be a "newbie" or a "elite" you have contributed to this season in a great great way. How you may ask dumbfounded? Well for 1 you have played the god given QUAKEWORLD ;), 2 you have played most of your matches, 3 you have whined in your best qw scene fashion that would make CS-players look like newbies ;). Hehe..No but really you all have been truly great this season, we hope you will put your trust in us for season 5 aswell. The NQR Crew hopes you have enjoyed your self playing in NQR as much as we enjoy admining/develop this league.

We saw that ppl really liked our new division system, where we tried to divide in the clans in divisions to get "all" clans to fight each other on fair terms (skill). In some division's we succeeded in this in some we did not, the reason why we did not manage to get all divisions "fair", was due to several reasons, wich i think most of you allready know. Since we are continously striving to "build" you a better league each season, and searching for a system that works good with QW(that's not easy!). The league constantly develops/changes, we have learned quite a bit since we started this league with NQR1 lol (long time ago hehe thank you Icce for making that decision =]). Yes you guessed right we have yet ANOTHER system otw for NQR5 hehe and as we usally say when introducing a new system "IT WILL KICK ASS", well that remains to be seen offcourse, but we really belive in this system. More detailed info about the new system will be realeased prior to the signups of NQR5. We have come to earn the respect of many of you players out there, wich we really value offcourse =). Ok i think that's enough of talk for now, lets check out some of the stats from NQR 4 shall we =]?

Player Stats
We only counted the players who had 5 or more played maps into this stats.

Division 1
A pretty tight division regarding frags, Paradoks takes home the victory in Div1 though GGs.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Paradoks | 23 | 1446 | 62.9 |
2. Hib | 28 | 1604 | 57.3 |
3. Skyfire(Mcke) | 13 | 714 | 54.9 |
4. Elec | 6 | 329 | 54.8 |
5. Goljat | 24 | 1312 | 54.7 |
6. Striker | 33 | 1750 | 53 |
7. Psp(Shiva) | 24 | 1271 | 53 |
8. Xalibur | 11 | 578 | 52.5 |
9. Gamer | 23 | 1189 | 51.7 |
10.Razor | 24 | 1239 | 51.6 |

Division 2
Mutilator 0wnag3? Well he clearly beats every one black and blue, GGs.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Mutilator | 12 | 846 | 70.5 |
2. Jerry | 8 | 425 | 53.1 |
3. Exile | 18 | 954 | 53 |
4. Rushing | 11 | 559 | 50.8 |
5. Foppa | 18 | 845 | 46.9 |
6. L | 6 | 273 | 45.5 |
7. Vore | 11 | 499 | 45.4 |
8. Focu | 8 | 360 | 45 |
9. Pkk | 13 | 563 | 43.3 |
10.Fah-Q | 11 | 462 | 42 |

Division 3
Pretty close but Xantom walks home with the trophy, GGs.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Xantom | 19 | 1044 | 54.9 |
2. Hixen | 20 | 1048 | 52.4 |
3. Stalin | 26 | 1350 | 51.9 |
4. Phantasy | 18 | 889 | 49.4 |
5. Dakoth | 23 | 1113 | 48.3 |
6. UL | 23 | 1106 | 48.1 |
7. Ruffnux | 21 | 962 | 45.8 |
8. Grisling | 9 | 410 | 45.6 |
9. Dexter | 10 | 436 | 43.6 |
10.Strife | 21 | 906 | 43.1 |

Division 4
Boome goes (BOOM) victorious out from this fight with Fox and Dreey just a couple of points behind him, GGs.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Boome | 14 | 843 | 60.2 |
2. Fox | 19 | 1104 | 58.1 |
3. 2B-Dreeyfus | 12 | 696 | 58 |
4. Nielz | 13 | 656 | 50.4 |
5. Mily | 7 | 345 | 49.3 |
6. Jezper(Flepser)| 13 | 608 | 46.8 |
7. Tuna | 19 | 865 | 45.5 |
8. Yvez | 11 | 481 | 43.7 |
9. Vincent | 8 | 343 | 42.9 |
10.Ebloz | 5 | 214 | 42.8 |

Division 5
Splash takes the victory with flame on his heals, GGs.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Splash(Plasket)| 8 | 512 | 64 |
2. Flame | 9 | 553 | 61.4 |
3. Fred | 20 | 1159 | 58 |
4. Wigorf | 23 | 1321 | 57.4 |
5. Milamber | 25 | 1425 | 57 |
6. Radi | 20 | 1092 | 54.6 |
7. Infe | 20 | 1057 | 52.9 |
8. Maso | 20 | 1027 | 51.4 |
9. Billy | 22 | 1108 | 50.4 |
10.Speed | 25 | 1216 | 48 |

Division 6
Havz and Ztorm takes a walk in the park and frags while sleeping? Eventhough this was totally the wrong Div for them, we say GG's boys.

Name | Maps | T. Frags | Avg. Frags |
1. Havz | 16 | 1669 | 104.3 |
2. Ztorm | 21 | 2056 | 97.9 |
3. Gaya | 18 | 1172 | 65.1 |
4. Smore | 12 | 764 | 63.7 |
5. Terror | 17 | 1020 | 60 |
6. Maniac | 12 | 703 | 58.6 |
7. Samgorod | 17 | 995 | 58.5 |
8. Ebbe | 10 | 581 | 58.1 |
9. Lagge | 16 | 878 | 54.9 |
10.Eject | 14 | 764 | 54.6 |

Yes i know the stats look screwed ;), but anyway enjoy!

Wooha! It took awhile to do all that i can say ;), but i hope it was worth it (yes im a bit of statistic freak my self, stfu plz hehe). Top fragger overall divisions counting Total Frags is Ztorm with an amazing 2056 frags! Allthough Ztorm and Havz and their companions shouldn't have been in that Division they accomplished some nice stats. Thumbs up for 2 players in clan SKK Tjatte and Fnatte who where the only ones that got -(!) in their stats. At the end of the season they ended up with -1 in total frags =), we really hope to see you guys playing next season aswell, keep up the spirit guys. To all of you who are bashing your head towards the wall because you did not make it to Top10 in your division, well it's a whole new league next season =], maybe you will have that mad-skillz0r-dag-luckz0rez-finne-with-quad-br0est Skill then, don't you think? No..uh..ok well just play in next season ffs ;)! Ok lets head on to some more stats.

General League Stats

322 Played games, throughout the season.
92 of those games ended in a 2-1 result.
292 Demos was submitted.

Map Stats

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis
Times Played 202
Total Frags 64951
Avg. Frags / Play 321.5

Most Played By HOT - 14 times
Best Efficiency Kala, Paranoids, Swedish Super Cops, griffin's tappra gossar, HOT- 100%
Worst Efficiency New Wave, Bleed, Cobots, aut Vincere aut Mori, Beastie Boys, Mais Quad Bordel, Quake-o-holics, Aristocracy, Justified Ancients of Menace, suicide commando - 0%

Biggest Ownage Thangorodrim 436--144 Mais Quad Bordel @ DM2
Closest Game Kala 159-158 PsychoHaloons Crew @ DM2

Average Winning Margin 136.3 frags

DM3 - The Abandoned Base

Times Played 184
Total Frags 47989
Avg. Frags / Play 260.8

Most Played By Paranoids - 14 times
Best Efficiency aut Vincere aut Mori, suicide commando, HOT, OLW- 100%
Worst Efficiency DvL, Gods of Hellfire, Clan Edge, St?l-Kalle Klanen, Dybbuk, HellFire, Splatt, Speed Up, Aristocracy, Justified Ancients of Menace, Beastie Boys, Civil Disobedience - 0%

Biggest Ownage The Artists 311-12 J?garna @ DM3
Closest Game Quadrangers 127-126 Campbusters Team 2 @ DM3

Average Winning Margin 92.6 frags

E1M2 - Castle of the Damned

Times Played 136
Total Frags 44013
Avg. Frags / Play 323.6

Most Played By Campbusters Team 2, Shadow Minions - 10 times
Best Efficiency Thangorodrim, griffin's tappra gossar, War Hammer, Unidentified Quake Entity, EuthanasiA, PsychoHaloons Crew, Hell Patrol, HOT, The Fighting Foes, DvL- 100%
Worst Efficiency noskill, aut Vincere aut Mori, Lockup, Antiquad, !Miscellaneous Misfitz!, Beastie Boys, Dreadful Offensive Squirrels, Bored With Life, Cobots, St?l-Kalle Klanen, Ax3, Splatt, J?garna - 0%

Biggest Ownage HOT 323-19 Mais Quad Bordel @ E1M2
Closest Game Slackers 181-179 Clan Malfunction @ E1M2

Average Winning Margin 87.3 frags

E3M3 was played 25 times!
E2M7 was played 22 times!
E3M7 was played 22 times!
E3M1 was played 11 times!
E1M5 was played 9 times!
E3M2 was played 8 times!
E2M2 was played 6 times!
E3M6 was played 6 times!
E1M6 was played 1 time!

Final words

I think that about rounds everything up for Nations Quake Rank Season 4, it's been a pleasure as it is always, through better and through worse, have a very super duper great Summer all of you kick-ass quakers out there, we may be one of the smallest Scenes out there, but by god we are the BEST scene in all aspects, right ;)?! A BIG thank you goes out from the whole NQR Crew to all of you for making this to a kick-ass season. Hope to see you all back here when next season starts, and remember to check in on NQR-CMT league/site, if you have not yet signed up (yes you can sign up througout the whole season whenever you want) your clan then for the love of god do that now, you don't wanna fall behind all other clans now do you?


// The NQR Crew

  Relegation Games  030602  

Ppl have aproached us and asked for more time to finnish their relegation/playoff games. The old deadline was 31st of May ;). We will move the deadline a bit because the clans want to play and we want to see those games played, have fun guys and GL to u all.


We suggest you start to play your games now!

A season round up is to be expected soon aswell, stay tuned folks.

// the NQR Crew

  Summer Quaking - CMT  030525  

The website for the new season of the Custom Map Tournament is now ready, and we are accepting signups. Click here to visit the CMT homepage. Remember that CMT maps will be included in the next season of NQR, so this tournament should be good practise!

Back to NQR and no playoff games have been reported yet... if this continues we will have to assume that no one wants to play them.

  NQR final - Slackers champions!  030521  

Last night a quite incredibly game were played between the two topclans Slackers and clan Malfunction. They fought hard in 5 rounds for the NQR-crown season 4. Clan Malfunction took the lead in this awesome combat by winning the first two maps (e1m2 and dm3), both with a small margin though. Some of us got a bit surprised by this strong opening from cMF, but Slackers came back on track the third map (dm2) and showed us all that they indeed were still alive. The fourth map (dm3) was pure ownage from Slackers, and it looks just like a transport area to the decider. Last map (e1m2) was a pretty even game right from the start until the nervous end. Can't remember such a thrilling end in a big final ever before. Words can't describe this heavy match and all it's turns and individual playerskills. The last round finally ended up with a 2 frag win for SR!! All of you out there who missed it, go download the demos immediatly and enjoy the show.

Congrats to Slackers who came out victorious in this NQR 4 final, and a big GG's to you guys in clan Malfunction.

// NQR Crew


 News and Prediction about Finals!  030517  

A really impressive news/prediction post has been made by the guys over at #Quakeworld. Pay them a visit and have a look at their impressive news/prediction post, details about every player can be found. Details of the teams past successes and such can aswell be found on the site.

Quote from site: "Tuesday the 20th of May we will witness the Nations Quake Rank season 4 finals between the 2 scandinavian clans Slackers and clan MalFunction. It will be a match of epic proportions in the year 2003. In this article we will walk you through the 2 clans previous achievements, player profiles and our match prediction." End Quote from site.

Nations Quake Rank 4 Final

Slackers vs clan MalFunction

Date/Time: Tuesday 20.00 CET.

More info regarding cams, and teamspeak comments will be posted here on the NQR site and at the #NQR channel on quakenet.

Relegation / Playoff
The Deadline is 31st of May, you can start playing your games right now. Have fun guys :), may the best clan win! If you have any question regarding this, contact an admin at #NQR.

// the NQR Crew

  NQR Semi-finals! SR vs FS & CMF vs DS  030513  

So finally it was time to see who was going to reach the Final of NQR 4. Slackers were faced vs Firing Squad and clan MalFunction was facing the swedes in Disorder. It was time for some great QW games, and some great QW action.

Slackers vs Firing Squad:

Firing Squad was ready to show the public that they are a clan to be reckoned with. While most of the ppl spectating was putting their money on Slackers to take this victory home. There were still some FS fans who hoped that FS would have one of theese days when everything works out just like you want. However this it was to be proved that FS did NOT have one of their better days. In fact i think the pressure was to much for the FS guys, they did some really nasty mistakes throughout the game, eventhough they showed great fighting spirit.So it was time for DM3 then, the start was pretty much 50/50, FS got penta,rl,lg and SR got RA,Quad,Ring,Sng. Blitz got telefragged by Paradoks and started to argue about the spawnmodel settings. However the game continued, and Slackers got a firm grip on the whole map, controling RA,Q,Ring area almost constantly. SR Controlled the map througout the game, loosing a few quads, but nothing that could swing the map to FS favor, a walk in the park for SR on DM3 (249-61). DM2 then, Razor got Quad, wich he was not to successful with though. After some furious fighting over Water-Q Area SR Got control and started to run some Quads down to Low Rl area, FS tried to defend against the quadified SR players as they smashed through their defences. However SR was able to secure Low Rl for a period and started to rack up pretty much frags. FS got it back a few times but could not do much against SR's irongrip on DM2(276-97). Many of the FS Fans had lost pretty much all hope when it was time for E1M2, the FS players thought they would atleast end NQR4 with a bang though and put up a much greater effort then during the other 2 maps. They actually did so good that they could've have gotten this map, however to many nervous players and guys wanting to do too much makes mistakes they normally don't do ;), this cost FS the victory on E1M2 and the chance for a place in the finals. Congratulations goes out to Slackers for making it to the NQR4 Finals, allthough FS got pretty trashed by SR in this game they have overall done a great season making it to the playoffs and finishing as #4 in Division 1, GG's guys we hope to see you back next season even stronger.

Stats from Slackers vs Firing Squad:

DM3: 249-61 (SR)
FS got penta,rl,lg and SR got RA,Quad,Ring,Sng so start went 50%-50%, but blitz had a bad day and he got telefragged by paradoks, but no rl for us. Blitz was pretty confused about this situtation and it looks like his whole round wen't pretty bad of this telefrag spawn mode. Our game was really chaotic, goljat gave 2-3 free rl to enemy and they killed hib many times at YA with those rl. Slackers got 14quad + 3 penta and i think that is pretty much for us, usually we get something like 6-8 :). - by Slackers

DM2: 276-97 (SR)
Razor got the high rl, quad and hib got the low rl, but razor quad run was pretty bad and he finished that to his death at 2xYA, he was pretty greedy to get some free frags, but gamer made a nice ambush to quad?low. FS weakness is absolutely starts on dm2,dm3, because you just can't waste starts against top clans, but with more warmup sure they would own us at start. - by Slackers

E1M2: 214-175 (SR)
Gamer got the first rl, but fs owned him by their shotgun skills. I think we played like Disorder: even FS controlled YA area, but still we made frags at ga/100h/rl area and game was all the time 10frags leading for us. Check that stats picture and they never leaded the game :). We made 25frags in the last three minutes. Good Game -Goljat - by Slackers

clan MalFunction vs Disorder:

And on monday night it was time for the game that everyone had been waiting for, CMF wanting to regain their lost honor and respect. They wanted to show Disorder who was the boss, Disorder on the other hand was ready to take on the hungry finnish lions once again, and eager to show that last time was not a one time fluke win. Great tention buildup before the game, a great deal of ppl got a bit surprised that Disorder decided to let Dag sit on the bench throughout this game. Probably because they wanted to let the players with the most games together play, vs the strong tp team like CMF. DM3 then, was a battle for control swinging back and forth, but DS got the upperhand, and started to gain quite a few frags with their boosted quadified players. Hunting down outgunned CMF players. CMF got back into the game in the last minutes and a great manhunt was launched from the CMF players, hunting down any DS players in their grasp. DS played smart though, luring the CMF Q to water and discharging him, auch. The CMF players ran like crazy around the map, in a race against the fat lady herself, but time was not on their side this time and DS took the victory on DM3(136-146). Time for the classic E1M2 then, great battles fought througout the whole map, Striker being the composer on this map led his team to victory. Disorder tried hard to get back into the game, and get control of the map, but they were often denied by CMF. Some really nice battles around Quad area and YA area. But CMF got the bigger straw at this map(172-140). The manly men's map ;)? However the time had come for DM2 to make an entrence into this Semi-final game. Disorder took quite early command of this map, and they managed to hold on to vital positions, while they ran the quad nicely, smashing through CMF last line of defence, slime fragged like crazy and lead his team to a rather convincing victory on DM2. At this point many ppl and even the commentators thought that DM3, would favor Disorder, but CMF would not let down their fans tonight, they fought like their was no tomorrow, they knew they had to win this map to keep the Semi-final alive, and to keep their chance to reach the Finals alive. However Disorder had no intentions on giving in easy to CMF. They fought hard to gain control, wich they eventually lost to CMF. Clan MalFunction used their superiority in armor and guns leading them to victory, outgunned and out-tooled Disorder players fell an easy prey for the hungry finnish lions. However Disorder got renewed strenght and managed to get back into the game the last few minutes left of the game, CMF realised there was no idea to pick fights with the bloodthirsty and fraghungry Disorder players, so they did the next best thing and ran for it. Quite a reverse of the first DM3, this time it was DS who was the hunters and CMF beeing the prey. The fat lady beat DS though, and CMF managed to get a crucial victory(146-129). OMG, could this be a better night for QW?! Two teams going at eachother like crazy, and all 5 maps needed to get a winner, HOOOAA! The TIE-BREAKER would be once again DM2, the tentions was skyhigh, and the nerves must've been outside the players at this time. A hard fight for control in the beginning, players owning with skilled frags, players doing hysterically funny mistakes and all this combined in a great QW Mix :). It seemed that CMF would get a clear victory on DM2, they out-tooled the DS players in almost every fight, DS played smart though and they fought fiercly to defend their last line of defence (Low RL). CMF Broke through a few times but DS managed to recover. DS launched several attacks vs Quad area, and at the last minutes they were able to regain control of the vital Quad-Water-Telly Area, and they started to rack up frags fast. They gap decreasing by every second, and i'm thinking "omg are they going to turn this?!", but what happens? Well Slime decides that he has done his part in this game and idles through the rest of the game =/, with him playing activly they might have had pulled this one off. Congratulations to clan MalFunction for achiving this great victory and gain a spot in the NQR4 Finals. Credits goes out to Disorder who gave CMF a real hard fight. Great season guys, hope to see u back next season.

Stats from clan MalFunction vs Disorder:

DM3: 131-146 (DS)

E1M2: 172-140 (CMF)

DM2: 123-236 (DS)

DM3: 146-129 (CMF)

DM2: 163-132 (CMF)

Nations Quake Rank 4 Finals

clan MalFunctions vs Slackers

Date / Time:Tuesday 20.00 CET.

Deadline for Finals is 25th of May 24.00 CET.

Relegations games: We know that many of you are waiting for information regarding the relegation games, belive me we have been working hard to make them happen, many issues have cause problems for us. But the relegation games will be played! Basicly the only thing left is to get fixtures up on the page, once that is made we will announce the deadline for the relegation games. The reason for the delay is because of Idle clans / clan drop outs / clans kicked. Idle divisions...etc etc etc. The fixtures should be up any day now ;), thank you for your patience.

Finally the NQR Crew would like thank the crew for the coverage of the semi-final of clan MalFunction vs Disorder, you do a good job as allways, many thanks goes out to you guys. Just a little pointer, from the NQR Crew to Sassa, stay of the drugs dude (He didn't know when it was the last map lol hehe).

// the NQR Crew

  NQR Playoffs!  030505  

Lets get ready to rumble =)!

clan MalFunction VS Disorder:
Clan MalFunction will go head to head with Disorder, and i bet you all that this will be one hell uva game. I surely belive that CMF hunger for revenge after loosing a tight group game vs DS (1-2), and will do all in their might to restore their lost glory. Allthough DS lost Mrlame to Hyphen, they are boosted by the presence of Dag, and they should be able to put up a really good fight vs the classic clan MalFunction, really hard though to pick a winner in this game. It can go either way.

Slackers VS Firing Squad:
To our next Semifinal game Slackers vs Firing Squad.
This game might be easier to predict if one go by the result's from the group games. FS have shown that they are a top clan to be reckoned with and anything can happen during playoffs. SR has shown some shaky moments loosing to Hyphen in a group game. The strenght on paper should put SR as winners you would think, but as always the clans reaching playoffs seem to give it 110% so you never know what the outcome might be. This game will most likely be a kickass game aswell, don't expect anything less from these teams.

All games will be best of 5 maps.

Deadline Semi's: 12th Of May 24.00 CET.

CMF vs DS: 12th of May 21.00 CET.
SR vs FS: 10th. of May 22.30 CET

Stay tuned we will post info about when the games will be played, and will be working close with crew to try and organize this is in the best fashion available.

// the NQR Crew


  CMT maps  030504  

The NQR-crew have read and talked alot about communitys reaction to this 5 cmt maps addition. It seemes like 5 maps is too much at once according to the posts. Therefore we are going to reduce it to 3 cmt's. Which one's that will be implemented is up to you to decide in a poll after cmt#2. Link has left the NQR crew to persue other endeavours, best of luck to him.

// Icce

  NQR5 map pool and point system  030501  

The NQR admin crew have now agreed upon almost everything about NQR5. The feedback that the community gave about the map issue and point system, have been taking into consideration. Here is what we decided on and an explanation on why we made these decisions.


dm2 - dm3 - e1m2 - cmt1 - cmt2 - cmt3 - cmt4 - cmt5


When clans sign up for NQR5, they will have to vote for one out of two possible point systems.

Alternative 1; the 3-2-1-0 point system

3 points for 2-0
2 points for 2-1
1 point for 1-2
0 points for 0-2.

Random maps; dm2, dm3 and e1m2.

Alternative 2; the 3-1-0 point system

3 points for 2-0
3 points for 2-1
1 point for 1-2
0 points for 0-2.

Random maps; all 8 maps.


NQR5 will start after the summer break; late August / early September. The goal is to arrange NQR5 and NQR6 before Xmas.


We will cut the divisions down to 10 teams per division, like we originally wanted for NQR4. Because of all the clans that signed up for NQR4, and our little knowledge about them, we were not 100% about their skill level, so we extended the divisions a little, we taught that would be for the best. With only 9 games to play, we get a lot of advantages; teams will get shorter seasons, hopefully this means less WO's and in our "unstable" clan scene, it is better with shorter seasons. The promotion / relegation system will also be better with shorter seasons.


The NQR crew will start a signup ASAP for a CMT league #2. This league will start when the NQR4 championship playoff is over, or when we get it set up. It should not take longer than 14 days maximum. Every team that signs up will be placed in the same division, just as the NQR2 ladder system. Every clan can play whomever clan they like, and they can play that clan as many times as they like. You get 1 point per map you win, no mapbalance, no fragbalance. In other words, you dont loose anything if you loose 0-2. The league will start sometime in May, and end just before NQR5 starts, in late August. There is no limit to how many games you can play.

This means the following:

- You got a league to play in all summer, if you want.

- Play whenever you like, vs anyone you like, how many times you like.

- You get the chance to learn the CMT maps, before NQR5 starts.

This league serves one important purpose: learning the CMT maps in a league that dont set any "strict" boundaries, you are pretty free to do whatever you want. And if you want to take it dead serious and win the league, you have to be active because activity wins more points.

You now get almost 4 months to learn the CMT maps. If you dont want to take this chance to learn the CMT maps, then all we can say is; sorry, we cant do much more than this to help you out.


Lets do some history; smackdown introduced e2m2 and e3m7. Now, in 2003, NQR4, e2m2 was played 6 times, sorry smackdown admins, but e2m2 did not make it. The maps e2m7, e3m3 and e3m7 were the most played exmx maps: 22, 25 and 22 times. The big 3 were played 195, 178 and 130 times. So you can fairly say: no exmx map has made it to the mainstream of QW'ers.

Sure, some of those maps are good for 4on4, but no exmx map got played 100 times, not even 50, not even 30. So what do we do, do we keep on making arguments to ppl who never want to play them anyway?

But some clans like it, because they know them, and play them as home map, so they want them to be in NQR4. This is where the dilemma comes inn: we want a smaller map pool, so what exmx maps do we choose? If some exmx maps get left out, some clans will be treaten unfairly, they dont get there home map.

Sure, you can say that e2m7, e3m3 and e3m7 were the most played maps, but hey, you call 25 times much? It is not like those maps are superior in any way to the other maps, they were just played a little more. If a exmx map had been played over 50 times, then you could say that here is a map that is more special than others; it is good for 4on4 and it does get played by the mainstream. But this does not happen.

So the admins argued on what exmx maps we should have inn, just like the crowd does. And just like the crowd, we cant agree. This is the dilemma with the exmx maps. The admins love the exmx maps, we think they are fun to play and good for 4on4, but the only fair thing to do, towards all players, is to let them all inn, or dont have them at all. So then it was simple, Link sacrified e1m5, Icce sacrified e2m2, etc, we did this because we saw another solution; it was time to bring in the CMT maps to NQR. They are made for 4on4 and have already been proven very good to play on by the elite and by the teams that are not elite. So then why keep dwelling on with the exmx arguments and discussions? Why not look forward? So we did just that, and on top of that, we gave you 4 months and a league to learn the CMT maps. Your choice.

We stand united by our decisions, now you can be happy...or cry.


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