Current Week: 10
2003-06-16 noskill vs. HellFire 0-2 Division 1-2 Playoff details
2003-06-01 Frag Shack vs. Paranoids 0-2 Division 4-5 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Unidentified Quake Entity vs. Dybbuk 1-2 Division 3-4 Playoff details
2003-05-27 Clan Edge vs. Thangorodrim 0-2 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Thangorodrim vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-26 Clan Edge vs. OLW 2-0 Division 5-6 Playoff details
2003-05-25 Campbusters Team 2 vs. Dybbuk 2-0 Division 3-4 Playoff details
  Five more games Wednesday night  030313  

In division 1 Scandinavian super clan Slackers took their second victim in equal many fights. The NQR4 championship contenders took a smooth 2-0 victory vs the Finnish clan AntiQuad. AQ fought well on dm3, but gave away over 300 frags on e1m2, making it a little more painful to themselves than necessary, we suspect.

In division 3 the Norwegian clan FUDOH made their NQR debut vs the surprisingly strong EU clan Cobots, who made a good performance vs GTG in their first game. Was that a fluke? No it was not, Cobots showed strength again by taking it home 2-0 on dm2 and e1m2, whit strong and safe performances on both maps, leaving no chance for the Norwegians. We suspect the oldies from Norway to get in better shape after some games though, they got a lot more to give. Cobots is now alone at the top of the table, 1 point ahead of EarthQuake from Sweden.

Division 6 has now only one clan that have not got started with their NQR4 campaign, after 3 more games in the division tonight. Hell Patrol from Poland and OLW from Sweden both made their debuts facing each other off. OLW won it without any big problems, Hell Patrol could only put up some resistance at their map of choice; dm2. OLW chose e3m3 and that was a _very_ one sited game. 2-0 and 3 points to the Swedes. Finnish clan Thangorodrim managed to get 2 games played today, that is, if you want to call those games. French clan Mais Quad Bordel, who apparently has switched from CPMA to QW (correct us if we are wrong), and the Swede clan St?l-Kalle Klanen, both got messed up pretty bad by the team from the thousand lakes. I think someone may want to say MERDE to that one. Thangorodrim made it 2-0 in both games without breaking a sweat and are now at the top of the table with 9 points in 3 games with a +1926 frag balance...

...which brings us up to the next point. Yes, apparently this clan has been placed in the wrong division, but we can?t do anything about that now. Before the season started, about 60 % of the clans were not known very well, or not at all, to the general QW scene. This made it a hell of job for us admins in our research job to put all clans in the correct division. At the same time, so many clans where SOOO afraid of being placed in a wrong division, they rather wanted to be placed in a lower division, than a higher one, more fun to win than loose, as always. Some wishes and request was followed up, some not. Some whined and cried more than others, some did not :) So this was not easy, of course some ppl starts to be smart now, after we have started, after all our work with this. But we are sorry, nothing we can do about that now, in the end we are only humans as well (surprise!).

All we can say is that I think we all can live with these few ?unbalanced mistakes? that might pop up here and there. But to the teams that might meet a much more superior enemy; just relax, it is only a team or two, the rest should be ok. This will anyway be sorted out when the season has ended, because then the best clans in their respective divisions will move up to the next one, and vice versa.

Rome was not built in one day :)

  Tuesday night games  030312  

Division 2 eventually got started today, with the swedish clan Pumphagel who played the finns from Hyv?t, Pahat ja Rumat. And what a game it was, you can't really get a closer game than this. Pumphagel won the first map, dm2, with a _single_ frag, then HPR stroke back and won dm3 with a 29 frag margin. Then the decider on e1m2; 157-156 to the finns...gfg!

In division 1, finnish Clan Malfunction are now alone at the top of the table with 3 straight wins, they faced off against countrymen noskill and former clan mate and elite player Zhin. Noskill put up some resistance at dm2, but was outskilled on e1m2 where CMF gained over 300 frags.

Two new games in division 6 also got played today. Swedish clans Shadow Minions and fnu faced off and SM took it home 2-0. E1m2 went smooth for SM but they got a though fight at fnu's homemap e3m7, but they secured 3 points in the end with a 35 frag margin. The german Head hunters from hannover claimed top spot in the division by winning a close combat vs Speed Up from Sweden, this was both teams second game. hHh took the decider at the abandoned base to their advantage, with a narrow 13 frag margin, gg.

  Matchreporting and Screenshots  030311  

We still have some beginner problems in the start of the season, that we will now try to pick up on, so we will get as smooth season as possible. Lot of clans are reporting their matches with wrong screenshot formats. This makes matchreport approving proccess unnecessary long. This can easily be fixed if clans just use formats that we allow (reading rules suck, we know!)

JPG or GIF is allowed when reporting matches.

Not TGA or PCX or PNG.

We recommend GIF, because it takes less space but still keeps a high quality.

If you are using Fuhquake GL you can actually set a variable that will make screenshot in JPG format by default, so you wont have to convert them after the game.

scr_sshot_type (tga,jpg,png) [default: tga]
tga = Tga screenshots
png = Png screenshots (sshots are much smaller than tga sschots but take much longer to write)
jpg = Jpg screenshots (screenshots are even smaller, but of less quality)

If you are simply getting default screenshots in TGA or PCX, there are great free programs, to convert these easy and fast.


Thank you for your attention.

  Monday is not a bad day for QW either  030311  

5 more games were played today and some very interesting ones as well.

In division 1 the swedish happy-nick-clan disorder added lots more frags to their statistics by demolishing AntiQuad from Finland, a pretty impressive performance considering AQ is not some clan you can play around with. Swedish Campbusters made an upset by taking dm3 away from euro clan Firing Squad and secured a point, good work from the swedes there. German/HT clan Hyphen, with the fantastic creative clan prefix: - , played their first game today but got stopped pretty hard by NQR4 champion contenders Clan Malfunction, even though they put up a struggle at e1m2. This made it two wins in a row for the finnish favourites, they are now at top spot, only denied by disorder's vast frag balance.

Finally division 4 also got under way with a couple of interesting games. The nice guys from Belgium, Gods Of Hellfire faced Numeric from UK/EU. Numeric showed strength by convincingly taking dm3 home, and if that was not enough, they denied GOH's well know e1m2 experience and took the series 2-0, well played #. The polish clan PsychoHaloons Crew faced off with Kala from Finland, and that was close one ladies and gentlemen. PHC won the first map, dm3, with only 17 frags, and the second map, dm2, was a nailbiter; 159-158 to the finns. 3rd map, e1m2, was somewhat weird, because one Kala player timed out only 3 minutes into the game, and never returned, so it was 3on4 rest of the game, strange that Kala did not break or something. Anyway, despite Kala's ping disadvantage in this game, and chosing to play 3on4 for 17 minutes in the last one, they almost pulled it off, loosing the decider 142-148. Pretty strong performance anyway by Kala even if they lost, considering their "problems" in that game.

Division 2 - hello? :)

  Sunday Bloody Sunday  030310  

The first Sunday in NQR4 proved to be an active one, something we are used to when it comes to NQR. The average of 6-7 games a day from previous NQR seasons does not seem to stop in NQR4; 8 games were played in the last 24 hours.

In division 1 Slackers and disorder picked up 3 expected points vs The Axemen and Campbusters, who already got 2 games played.

Division 3 is well under way with 5 games played already. EarthQuake have taken the command with 2 victories, and are looking strong with their e2m7 knowledge. The russian clan New Wave is playing from an Internet cafe in Moscow, with pretty bad connection it seems, in their last game tonight vs polish AX3 their ping/pl was like 80-90/0-12, thats pretty bad, so you got to give them some credit for not whining about it. New Wave looks much better than their connections allows them to be, but yet they will give every div. 3 clan a hard time, especially since their 3 first games has been vs potential top clans in their division.

Division 6 is also well under way. It looks as if the division got some potential div. 5 clans, and some really newbie clans, but that's probably unavoidable in this division it seems. The newbie clans should not be too scared though, since the difference in skill level among the clans don't seem to be that big, with a few exceptions though.

Division 2 and 4 have no played games yet, but we expect that to change during this week.

  First games played  030308  

NQR4 is alive, the first 4 games have been played, and it looks like it was 4 good games as well.

In division 6, ztorm,clox,ebbe,gaya where too hot for St?l-Kalle Klanen, making a comfortable 2-0 victory. HOT looks very confident in division 6, and looks to be one of the favourites for promotion. Even though SKK got beaten up pretty bad, they showed some potential on dm3 and the curve should go upwards from here :)

In division 5, the old'n'grey swedish Vet's took on the hungarian challenge Clan Edge. Even though dm3 looked pretty close, they made it clear on dm2 who was the best team on the day, taking it by over 100 frags. Both these teams looks like pretty strong contenders for a top spot in division 5.

In division 3, the central european clan Cobots, made a little upset, at least for quite a few ppl, by taking down griffin's tapra gossar 2-0. Both maps where very close, but margins was on Cobots side this time. And of coz we all want to know what will happen when Griffin becomes a LPB =)

In division 1, the migthy Finnish team Clan Malfunction made it clear to swedish Campbusters whom is the best team. The division favourites had a fairly comfortable ride, taking it 2-0. CB will probably grow stronger during the season though, with new recruits as Slabby and jOn in their lineup.

  Writing Matchreports  030306  

Note that there is a new way of writing matchreports this season. Rather than writing it when you submit the result, there is an extra link in the clanadmin menu saying "Write Match Report". This means both clans can have their say, and it can now also show who wrote the report. Use the previous box just to write a message to the admin - it wont be displayed on the site (if the admin does his job right :>). The match must be approved before you can write a report for it.

  New 4on4 servers.  030305  

Finally we got the new server installed at bredbandsbolaget.

It will be a dedicated 4on4 server, which atm is running 4 4on4 ports.


Depending on the use of the servers, I can start up more QW ports there, but I think this should be suffiecient.


  NQR4 Kickoff  030305  

The time has arrived! The fixtures are now up - you can start playing and reporting games!

There is a slight problem with the division 5 and division 6 fixtures, some teams have 3 games in one week and 1 game in another. I will fix this tomorrow as I am too tired to think at the moment :)

Please stay aware of your schedule - remember you cant report games that are more than a week late! Also remember that any player additions you make from now on will count towards your 2-player limit.

Week 1 is slightly longer than a week, we have given you until Monday 17th March. Have fun, and good luck!

  :: NQR kickoff. almost ready :: Big news update ::  030303  

About clients, we will also like to remind you, that the ONLY 2 sollutions allowed, is FuhQuake with a valid security module and Mqwcl 0.96 (both clients can ofcourse use local/public Qizmos, but these will not be allowed to use for client verification).

FuhQuake need to have '-ruleset smackdown' on cmdline. Here is some info about how to use it:

The smackdown ruleset differs from the default ruleset in the following ways.

*) The variables tp_triggers, tp_msgtriggers, cl_trueLightning, cl_clock, r_aliasstats are disabled.
*) If a server has no maxfps serverinfo key, then up to 77 fps is allowed instead of the default 72 fps limit.
*) When pressing tab to bring up the scoreboard, the seconds drawn in the clock are only accurate to 10 seconds (seconds may be removed completely in the future).

Example on fuhquake cmdline: 'fuhquake.exe -dinput -ruleset smackdown +cl_confirmquit 0'

We are currently working on a more secure, simpler system for NQR5. That will make the whole security issue, something to think and deal less with, so that you can concentrate more on team tactics, and showing up for games *HINT HINT*.

Just to make it clear for everyone, why we choose NOT to allow Qizmo+qwcl combination.

Qizmo verifies the QWCL client, and checks if it is a genuine client. If you use an aimbot client or modified in any way, the qizmo wont start with the client, and you will get a QIZMO AND QWCL STARTED SEPERATLY on f_version.
The problem with this is that you need a minimum of 2 players using qwcl+qizmo on the server, to compare and verify that they have genuine versions of qizmo+qwcl. Seeing as MQWCL and FuhQuake are soo popular, almost noone still uses Qizmo. Having only one player with qizmo+qwcl on a server, would mean that you wouldn't be able to check for cheats, in a proper way.

The most optimal sollution is to have all using just one client. Simply because its more secure, its easier to check for cheats and correct versions, and easier to update for people. Cause there is only one standard. Having 2 clients in play at one time is troubled enough, as you have to deal with 2 kind of verrifications. But having 3 is too much. It will become chaotic, when having to check for cheats.

FuhQuake was introduced to NQR this season because of its enourmus acceptance and developing. But working towards a safer and simpler QuakeWorld scene in scandinavia for both players and clans, aswel as events and online tournaments/leauges, I would personally advice people outthere to prepare for a singularity in the QW client issue.

In an enviroment where the (background)scene is run by voulenteers and gamers in generel, we have to rely partly on good client/server development, and a

great deal of fairplay mentality from both players, clans and ourselfs.

I hope this gave some sort of understanding why we choose not to allow Qizmo+QWCL. If you still have questions or suggestions about this issue, please post a comment.


On request by some clans, we decided to re-add 2 maps from NQR season 3 map pool. It regards 'The Gloom Keep' (E1M5) and 'The Haunted Halls' (E3M7).
So to make sure all clans are aware of possible maps, your opponents might choose, take a good look at the final map list for NQR season 4.

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis
DM3 - The Abandoned Base
E1M2 - Castle of the Damned
E1M5 - The Gloom Keep
E1M6 - The Door to Chthon
E2M2 - The Ogre Citadel
E2M7 - The Underearth
E3M1 - Termination Central
E3M2 - The Vaults of Zin
E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror
E3M6 - Chambers of Torment
E3M7 - The Haunted Halls

I am currently awaiting the finalization of the new QW server @ bredbandsbolaget. This will be a dedicated 4on4 server, which means that bredbandsbolaget will have increased QW server capacity, and hopefully enough at this point to cover the need for this season. More news on that as soon as its running.

We are aware that the serverlist is not updated, but we got another thing in store for you. A new QW server lister/browser, has been developed by Zalon, and if you want a sneak preview, you can take a look here. You can click on a server to check further status, or copy ip with the icon to the far left. There will be a link to 'dump' the current serverlist to a list you can use for Mqwcl.
While we are getting that on NQR page, I strongly advice using to find your favourite clan server.

At the moment we are just waiting for our webcoder to initiate the fixtures, so you can all begin your games.
During next few weeks we will try and eliminate bugs on the page, and needed updates.

All there is left to say is good luck to all you brave quakers outthere :)
May the best clans win!

// ParadokS


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