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2005-04-20 The Boss vs. extreme schizophrenia 2-0 4b details
2005-04-20 J?garna vs. ChoseN 2-1 5a details
2005-04-20 knockback vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
2005-04-19 Lambi vs. Team Toholampi 0-2 6a details
2005-04-18 Veni Vidi Vici vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Postal-Justice vs. The Pures 0-2 2 details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. sexy 1-2 3b details
2005-04-18 Apocalypse 2005 vs. luis clan 2-1 3b details
2005-04-18 Da Quaking Manjakks vs. Jokkmokk 1-2 4b details
2005-04-18 J?garna vs. bosams 2-0 5a details
   Division 1 & 2 playoffs, Fuh beta  050304  

We have finalised the structure of divisions 1 & 2.

2a and 2b have been merged to form one division of 15 teams.

Both divisions will use a 6-team playoff competition: for further details of how this will work please check the rules page.

The beta version of the new Fuhquake build is out. Get it, test it and report problems to us. The full version should be released by Monday.


//The crew

   EZquake & fixtures  050302  

Have you placed your second map vote yet? If not, login at the top of the page and vote for either E2M2 or Schloss ASAP. These clans still need to place their vote.

After extensive discussions amongst the NQR crew and a presentation from the ezquake team, the NQR crew has decided that EZQuake is now ready for inclusion in the league.

Therefore, the latest build (and only the latest) will be permitted for use during season 8.

A new public release will be forthcoming containing an updated ruleset and other modifications.

Edit: The divisions have now been finalised and the fixtures have been generated. Prepare for launch on Monday!

Latest news on Fuh: Beta by the weekend, official release by Monday. You can read about what will be allowed/disallowed in the new ruleset here.


   Map vote round 2  050302  

Due to the votes being so tight the first time around (the winning map got 31 votes, and the second-placed got 26), we have decided to go for a second round of voting. All non-division 1 clans can vote by logging in to their clan admin panel at the top of this page.

We will keep the voting open until the weekend or until enough clans have placed their vote as to be able to identify a clear winner.

These clans still need to place their vote.

Please also welcome the latest addition to the admin team, phrenic!


   Signups closed  050228  

Signups for NQR8 are now closed.

These teams need to add their playerlists ASAP. Please do so by logging in at the top of the page and going to the "Members" section.

All teams have until Wednesday evening ~23 CET to add to their playerlists, and then we will publish the fixtures. Once the fixtures are out, no divisional changes can or will be made, and all player additions will be subject to approval by the admin team.

An announcement will be forthcoming this week regarding the new fuhquake build and regarding ezquake. EDIT: You can read a little about the new fuh ruleset here.

I can also reveal that the map vote was very close between E2M2 and Schloss and due to the numbers involved we may have to have a second round of voting. More details to follow.

In other news, Firing Squad won their first ever NQR title last night by beating Slackers 2-1 in the final of NQR Invitational Classic Cup. Congratulations to FS and I hope that the NQR8 season is as exciting as yesterday's match proved to be.


   Playerlists  050223  

These teams need to add their playerlists ASAP. Please do so by logging in at the top of the page and going to the "Members" section.

EDIT: There's a bug with the login script which allows you to add players to a random list (it actually assigns Clan ID 0 so there's a list of random people in clan = 0). If you can see this list then you have logged in with the wrong password or aren't logged in properly! I will work on fixing this bug in the meantime.
EDIT2: The bug should now be fixed...
EDIT3: The edit clan info section is now fixed too, so you can now update clan email/URL/irc. Huzzah.


   Update  050221  

Signup for NQR8 here.

With another 7 full days of the signup window remaining, we have so far received a total of 68 signups. Last season we got over 100 (and finished the season with 87) so I'm confident we can reach at least 80 odd by the end of the week.

Division 1 clans have been offered a vote on whether they would prefer a TB3 only map pool and it looks very much as though they would. So you can look forward to TB3 only playoff (and divisional) games ? la NQR5.

Finally, it can't have escaped your attention that the page has been changed a little. Thanks to budzior for his nice redesign of the previous template, and credit also to bps who made the logo which budzior adapted for his design.


   Rule changes  050217  

Signup for NQR8 here.

The admin team has had a meeting tonight and the following has been decided.

1) We have added something to the rules regarding minping:

If a fair server cannot be found, cmd minping can be set to bring the AVERAGE ping of the lower pinging team to the same as the opposition, upto a maxmimum value of 45 (unless agreed otherwise).

2) Ezquake:

The NQR admins have asked the EZquake team to make a presentation to them so we have more information before making a final decision. We will decide whether EZquake will be allowed in NQR8 between the time of signups closing and the league starting

3) Player transfers:

No player transfers will be allowed once the regular season has finished (catch-up week onwards).

Players can only transfer between clans during the first 3 weeks of the regular season. After the end of week 3, only players who have not played a map so far in that season can join another clan.

4) Added to the list of things considered as a cheat:

Movement scripts of ANY kind. This includes rocket jump scripts.

Automated teamsays, including automatic mega timer and "autotook" reporting.

Scripts that change a player's skin depending on their health/armour/weapon.

As mentioned before, the new build of fuhquake 0.31 should prevent most of these issues anyway.

5) New admins:

NQR is looking for 1 or 2 new admins to help keep our activity up. We are looking for people who are smart, have good knowledge of the scene and who speak good English. We are particularly after people with a strong knowledge of the lower divisions. If you think you fit the bill and are interested, apply on our forum here.

//The NQR Crew


   Some signup notes  050217  

At the minute we are placing all clans in the "a" conference. When signups close, we will seed the top 8 and bottom 4, as with last season, and randomise the rest of the teams. Seeds 1 3 5 & 7 will be placed in the "a" conference, and 2 4 6 & 8 in the "b" conference. Similar theory applies to the bottom seeds.

Remember that "a" and "b" conferences within the same division (e.g. 3a and 3b) are of equal skill.

We will be constantly changing and tweaking the divisional placements. Please do not PM admins asking to be moved unless we have made a GROSS error (like placed a team of new players in div 3, or a team of fakenicked Swede div 2 players in div 5). At the end of the signup process we will review the divisions and judge all teams based on the best possible team they can field from the roster signed-up. So if your starplayer is "inactive", do not add him to the roster.

We have received one suggestion for a new site so far (from bps of SD) and I think it's rather swish.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Think you can do better? Get in touch!

//The NQR Crew

   NQR8 is go  050215  

NQR8 is now open for signups.

Go here to signup. DO IT!

Signups are open until midnight on Monday 28th February (the end of Sunday night).

After much discussion in public and amongst the crew, we have decided that map pool will be as follows:

DM2, DM3, E1M2, CMT3 + 1

The 5th map will be decided by a map vote during signup. You can vote for ONE of the following maps:
E2M2, Grim, Schloss
These maps were chosen from their popularity in public discussion and the end of season map vote from NQR7.

The rules are not yet up to date but you can be sure that a new build of fuhquake 0.31 is on its way and should be available before signups close ("10-12 days" was official word from fuh on Sunday). This build will prevent the use of a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • Rocket-jump scripts (and all other movement scripts)
  • Automated team messages (including autotook)
  • Packet command during match play (to block use of the angelina/autotook exploit)

We the crew will meet this week to discuss whether or not we will be allowing the latest build of EZquake in NQR8.

The league will start on March 7th and will run for 7 weeks. The playoffs will be played in the month of May.

We had hoped to get a new site up for this season but unfortunately our designer went AWOL. As an alternative, we would like to redesign the logo and the colour scheme. For this we would like your ideas and suggestions as we aren't so artistically talented :)
So if you're a wizz with colours and graphics, download the stylesheet here and show us what you can do.

//The NQR Crew


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