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Current Week: 12

2008-05-09 Quakeklan.b vs. Lizards 3-0 RK-GF details
2008-05-08 KOFF vs. the Viper Squad 1-3 GC-GF details
2008-05-08 nafianna vs. Quakeklan 3-2 BC-GF details
2008-05-05 Suddendeath vs. Star Alliance 0-3 GC-LF details
2008-05-05 sega gubbar vs. Oblivion 3-0 SC-LF details
2008-05-05 nafianna.b vs. Comfortably Numb 3-1 RK-LF details
2008-05-04 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. Chosen 3-2 SC-GF details
2008-04-28 Bear Beer Balalaika vs. sega gubbar 3-1 SC-SF details
2008-04-28 nafianna vs. SmackThatAss 3-0 BC-SF details
2008-04-27 Suddendeath vs. KOFF 0-3 GC-SF details
   Rookie Grand Final tonight!  080509  

Tonight we will see the rookies battling it out at 21.00 CET, cams/qtv will be announced later on.

Quakeklan.b vs Lizards
- Fri., 9th of May
- 21:00 CET
- QTV: Soon
- Cams: Soon
- Flood cam: Soon
Commentators are needed!

Earn some virtual dollarz at goldrush!

How to get a smooth QTV


   The Grand Gold Cup Final!  080508  

In just over 3 hours, the Gold Cup finalists will meet each other in order to determine who will take home this season's biggest trophy!

the Viper Squad vs KOFF
- Thu., 8th of May
- 20:00 CET
- QTV: Suomicom
- Cams:
- Flood cam:
Commentary by: ParadokS @ ts.quakeworld.nu (Teamspeak)

How to get a smooth QTV

Scores so far:
DM3: 185 - 160 (tVS wins)
DM2: 237 - 130 (tVS wins)
E1M2: 256 - 211 (KOFF wins)
E1M2: 264 - 168 (tVS wins)

Congratulations tVS!

We suggest you head over to read a short interview with BlAze that was made by bps just a few hours ago and published at qwdrama. And don't forget to try and earn some virtual glory-cash at goldrush.

   Bronze Finals are over!  080508  

The NQR11 Bronze Cup finals were played today, and boy what a close game! Of course they scored such that they had to play 5 maps, and leave Kryddturken dehydrated from all that informative and nicely speculative commentating.

Maps were played in this order:
DM3 (156 - 149 to Quakeklan)
E1M2 (226 - 177 to Nafianna)
DM2 (157 - 152 to Nafianna)
DM3 (169 - 148 to Quakeklan)
DM3 (184 - 88 to Nafianna)

Congratulations to the victory Nafianna!

Comments from the clans:

"I don't think that any of the teams were on their best performance, for example we had some problems with lag and getting our lineup toghether because people couldn't play. However, we did the best we could with the situation and actually performed very well on a few maps. On the last dm3, things weren't going our way at all and Nafianna showed some really great tactics and teamplay there. Out of all Bronze clans, Nafianna performed the best and thus deserve this win, they are nice guys =) wp"
- fog

"We had pracs with CSN and Malice a while back and those games today were a lot tougher. We thought they'd be a little weaker without Apoc, but it was the opposite."
- Hotel

Demos and commentary can be found here.

//NQR Staff


   BuLaT interview  080502  

He might have been known to the Russian QuakeWorld community prior to 2006, but for many others, BuLaT is some Russian who appeared out of nowhere some time during the last Ownage duel tournament. And although BuLaT lives an estimated 3000 km away from any popular servers, he has made quite a name for himself by now, even though he virtually never plays with a ping lower than 65. His native language being Tatar, it is close to impossible to communicate with him. But we found a translator! See what BuLaT has to say about NQR and QuakeWorld in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The interview can be found here.

A big "thank you" goes out to Exile for translating everything.

Leave any feedback below this news post.

   The Finals / looking for commentators *updated*  080428  

Unfortunately the teams are sucking pretty hard at scheduling their games, so most dates and times are provisional - They may change at any time. However, these are the times and dates the teams are aiming to play on:

Gold Cup

The Grand Final
the Viper Squad 3-1 KOFF
Played: Thu., 8th of May, 20:00 CET
Commentary by: ParadokS

Game for third place
Star Alliance 3-0 Suddendeath
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 21:00 CET
Commentary by: phil

Silver Cup

The Grand Final
Chosen 2-3 Bear Beer Balalaika
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 20:00 CET
Commentary by: Pektopah & Smerz

Game for third place
Sega Gubbar 3-0 Oblivion
Played: Sun., 4th of May, 21:00 CET

Bronze Cup
The Grand Final
Nafianna 3-2 Quakeklan
Played: Wed., 7th of May, 21:00 CET
Commentary by: Kryddturken

Game for third place
Smack that Ass _-_ Naim
Provisionally scheduled for: ??., ?th of May, ??:?? CET
Commentary by: ???


The Grand Final
Quakeklan.b 3-0 Lizards
Played: Fri., 9th of May, 21:00 CET

Game for third place
Nafianna.b 3-1 Comfortably Numb
Played: Mon., 5th of May, 21:00 CET

If you feel like helping us out by doing commentary for any of the games, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make the arrangements and preparations.

//NQR staff

   Interview with Overdose and votary  080426  

There was much debate about Suddendeath being placed in Gold Cup prior to season-start. But not only did Suddendeath do better than the people that complained had expected; they also did better than the NQR staff had expected. Having finished the group stages on 3rd place and dethroning Slackers during group stages as well as in the Quarter-Final of the Gold Cup playoffs, Suddendeath now find themselves just 1 day away from a Semi Final versus KOFF.
Two guys that contributed to Suddendeath's success in 2008 were Votary and Overdose. Who? Yeah, that's what we wanted to know as well.

The interview can be found here, but we kindly ask you to leave any feedback below this news post as comments have been deactivated for columns and interviews.

Thanks again to Votary and Overdose for replying on such short notice.


   And then there were four!  080422  

With the exception of two games that received an extended deadline (until 23:59 tonight), the Quarter Finals have all been played.

This leaves the following semis to be played:

Gold Cup

the Viper Squad 3-0 Star Alliance
KOFF 3-0 Suddendeath

Silver Cup

Oblivion 2-3 Chosen
Bear Beer Balalaika 3-1 Sega Gubbar

Bronze Cup

Smack that Ass 0-3 Nafianna
Naim 1-3 Quakeklan


Quakeklan.b 3-2 Nafianna.b
Comfortably Numb 1-3 Lizards

Please keep in mind that the NQR crew has decided that NQR11 will have a traditional "Losers Final" again, so all of the remaining teams still have 2 games left to be played. Some time in between the Semi Finals and the Grand Final, the two losing semi-finalists from all of the 4 tiers will face each other to determine who will be 3rd and 4th. Also, keep in mind that from now on, all games will be "Best of five". Few things are more annoying than a mid-game delay because clans have no idea about the rules concerning the tossing of maps, so we urge and beg you to have another read through the rules before playing your games.

As for tonight, we have a real monster game coming up. The seemingly unstoppable Viper Squad will face Star Alliance. With a fresh victory over Fragomatic, we can be sure that Star Alliance are not exactly short of enthusiasm. But will that be enough to put an end to Hurricane Milton's path of destruction? We shall see about that tonight, 22nd of April, at 21:00, so don't miss out on this one. Also, don't forget to place your bet at qwdrama's goldrush.

Last but not least, we have some uplifting news concerning the seemingly dead QuakeWorld scene. While the clans Oblivion and Mean Machine were most likely unaware of this, they played the 166th game of NQR11 on sunday. 166th game? So what? We'll tell you "so what?": It made NQR11 the most active QuakeWorld tournament since 2005.
It might just seem like another cheap excuse to get wasted, but let's all have a few beers on this one tonight. How about at 21:00, when we all sit back and watch BlAze chill at SNG and Reppie move us dizzy.

Yours truly,
//NQR staff

P.S.: Feed us with feedback!

   Playoffs - who will face who in the semis?  080418  

After discussing the matter back and forth we have decided to go with the following system for Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers:

The winner of the quarterfinal between the clans ending 1st and 8th will face the winner of the quarterfinal between the clans ending 4th and 5th.

The winner of the quarterfinal between the clans ending 2nd and 7th will face the winner of the quarterfinal between the clans ending 3rd and 6th.

As for the Rookie tier the clan who won the group will face the winner of the qualifing game between clan 4 and clan 5 and the runner up of the group will face the winner of the qualifying game between clan 3 and clan 6. NafiannaB will therefore meet QuakeklanB or Coitus. Lizards will meet Storviks Hjältar or Confortably Numb.

Good luck and have fun!

// The NQR Staff

   Bronze Cup: Quarter final prediction  080417  

There is now a "Bronze Cup: Quarter Final Prediction" up, written by fog. You can read it by clicking HERE. Please keep in mind that commenting has been disabled for the columns, so if you want to give us/him some feedback (which, by the way, we would very much appreciate), please reply to THIS news post.

Have fun.

//NQR staff

   HOWTO: Validate yourself  080417  

To avoid any stressed situations that can occur when people have no idea what a ruleset is and they are 20 minutes overdue for playing, with an admin trying to help them fix all problems, here is how you make sure that you are valid for playing.
Before you start, connect to a server of choice, or just type /map dm4, whatever you choose as long as you are on a map and can move around.
Then proceed to make sure that you pass these 3 tests.

Version validation
Check what client version you are using by typing: f_version

For nQuake/ezQuake users:
The correct response is: ezQuake 1.8.3 stable (build 2160)
If you get a different response, follow these step:
1a (for versions 1.8, 1.8.x or 1.9). Download the ezQuake 1.8.3 executable (Win32).
1b (for versions older than 1.8). Download the ezQuake 1.8.3 full release (Win32 Linux32 Mac OS X FreeBSD).
2. Extract the archive to your Quake folder.
3. Start Quake again.

For FuhQuake users:
The correct response is: FuhQuake 0.31 (build 675)
If you get a different response, follow these steps:
1. Quit Quake.
2. Download FuhQuake 0.31 build 675 (Win32)
3. Extract the archive to your Quake-folder.
4. Start Quake again.

For FTE users:
The correct response is: FTEQuake v3343
If you get a different response, follow these steps:
1. Download FTE 3343 (Win32 Linux32 Linux64 MorphOS).
2. Extract the archive to your Quake-folder.
3. Start Quake again.

Models and sounds validation
Check if you have any modified models/sounds by typing: f_modified

For nQuake/ezQuake/FuhQuake/mQWCL users:
The correct response is: all models ok
If you get a response like "armor.mdl backpack.mdl grenade.mdl armor1.wav itembk2.wav & more..." it means that you have modified models/sounds. To fix this you can try the following things:
1. Go to your Quake-folder and go into the id1-folder.
2. Make sure that the only .pak-files you have are pak0.pak and pak1.pak.
3. Rename any other .pak-files so they end in .bak.
4. If you have a progs-folder here, rename it to progs.bak.
5. If you have a sounds-folder here, rename it to sounds.bak
6. Go up one step to your Quake-folder and go into the qw-folder.
7. Rename any .pak-files so they end in .bak.
8. See a progs-folder here? Rename it to progs.bak.
9. Same thing for any sounds-folder you might have.
10. You may restart Quake between each file or folder that you rename to track down where the problem lies, and only rename that particular file/folder.

For FTE users:
By using ruleset nqr it will autovalidate models for you the next time you connect.

Ruleset validation
Check your ruleset by typing: f_ruleset

For nQuake/ezQuake users:
The correct response is: ezQuake Ruleset: smackdown [rj scripts blocked]
If you get a response like ruleset: default you need to follow these steps:
1. Disconnect from the server.
2. Type: ruleset smackdown
3. Type: allow_scripts 0
4. Reconnect to the server.
5. You may cfg_save these settings so they apply for the future too.

For FuhQuake/mQWCL users:
The correct response is: FuhQuake Ruleset: smackdown [rj scripts blocked]
If you get a different response, follow these steps:
1. Quit Quake.
2. Add these flags to your commandline: -norjscripts -ruleset smackdown
3. Start Quake and reconnect to the server.

For FTE users:
The correct response is: Ruleset: nqr
If you get a different response, follow these steps:
1. Disconnect from the server.
2. Type: ruleset nqr
3. Reconnect to the server.

Any questions will be answered on IRC or this comment section.
//NQR staff


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